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    IMPORTANT MESSAGE! I and kmccmk9 have teamed up and will work on plugins together, he will be working on HelpMeAdvanced, that needs this plugin to work.

    HelpMe - Allows a player to request help.
    Version: v1.5

    When a player request help, the server broadcast a message that the player needs some help.
    Players that got permssion node "helpme.helper" gets a message when a user that needs help performs /helpme command

    • A player can request help
    • Helpers get a message when a player executes command
    Download HelpMe
    Source Code

    • /helpme - requests help
    Changelog (open)

    v1.0 First Release
    v1.1 Removed unsued lines of code
    v1.2 Added the "helper" class
    v1.3 Changed some of the outprint
    v1.4 Removed the "CraftWorld" outprint the "helper" gets
    v1.5 Added the console see when a playere executes /helpme command

    • Add /helpme list, it will list all players that haven't got help.
    • Add /gohelp [Name], this will teleport you to the player, and will remove the name of that player from /helpme list
    • When player does /helpme, he gets added to a list
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    sounds good, will add this to my server and test later :)
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    Looks nice! Like Received ;)
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    seems pretty usefull, but again, you could just ask for it in the chat
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    Thanks for you respond.
    In the upcoming updates, the player who executes the /helpme command gets registred.
    And when "Helpers" log on, they get a message that that player needs help
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    It would be nice, if there were a command for players who want to help like /gohelp. Then they've got teleported to the player who needs help.
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    I am currently working on that, trying to add a feature that the "helpers" can type /nhelp and get a list of all the have used /helpme command.
    And the /gohelp will go and help players that have requested help trough /helpme command, is the player is offline, he will get a message when he logs on, and if the player is online, the "helper" can help him
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    i wish the list ... But an other idea:
    When a player need help he type "/help" in the Chat so he will put in i list with a number.
    An Op type ="/helplist" in to the chat an the a list of all requests like so:
    1 - seem2810 - 29.5. 15:05 (German Format)
    2- Tech - 30.5. 16:00

    an than the op type: /gohelp 1/2/... so he Go to the Request user.
    and i wish a other option:
    all 5 Minutes come a message when a user dont got help like this:
    seem postet at 5 o' clock a helpme and than all 5 Minutes the op's get a message: the were open Helpme's
    and when a op type /gohelp NUMBER so the helpme was deleted.
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    Please search for HelpMeAdvanced, this is only the basics of it.

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