[INACTIVE][GEN] General 2.2.11 (Chernobyl) -- A plugin for general commands [860]

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    I fully recommend that you use Celtic Minstrel's General and cease to use this version.

    Celtic Minstrel's General (and Bukkit) now support command aliasing in a form that makes this version of General redundant. I am working on a final release which will attempt to upgrade existing 2.x users to the new version, but it will be faster to switch yourself (and potentially easier as well) rather than wait for this to be available.

    When switching, you should be aware that your existing configurations will not have an effect. You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the new config options available, as well as making sure that you copy in the new config files.

    If you have localized your items.db, you will need to transfer this to the new format.

    Sorry for the slow movement on this, I have been moving, on vacation, and then starting a new job and it has left my days quite full for some time now.

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    General 2.2.11 [Chernobyl] (Requires CraftBukkit 818-860+ & Permissions 2.x or 3)
    Zip File (Contains items.db, general.help, general.motd, config.yml)​

    This fork of General provides basic commands while allowing other plugins to override them automatically. If another plugin registers a command, General will not use it. This allows you to replace only specific features with a different plugin simply by adding the other plugin as well. General will notify you at start-up when it gives a command to another plugin.

    General is a fork of Nijikokun's original General plugin, without which, this plugin would never have been possible.

    1. /afk | away (message) -- Set you AFK or set your AFK status.
    2. /playerlist | online | who (player) -- List players or info about a player.
    3. /spawn -- Return to spawn.
    4. /setspawn -- Change spawn to current location.
    5. /time help -- Provides more info about changing the time.
    6. /tp | teleport -- Teleport players or to a player. Type /tp for more info.
    7. /tphere | s (player) -- Teleports a player to you.
    8. /i | give | item [item ID | name in items.db] (amount) -- Gives an item by name or ID#.
    9. /msg | tell [player] [message] -- Send a message to another online user.
    10. /compass -- Direction reading.
    11. /getpos -- Detailed location information.
    12. /motd -- Re-display the MOTD.
    13. /reloaditems | rlidb -- Reload items.db.
    14. /help | ? (page) -- Prints help file.
    Permission Nodes:
    1. general.items: Controls /i, /give, /item

    2. general.spawn: Controls ability to use /spawn

    3. general.spawn.set: Controls ability to use /setspawn

    4. general.teleport: Controls ability to use /tp, /teleport

    5. general.teleport.here: Controls ability to use /tphere, /summon

    6. general.teleport.to: Controls ability to use /tp * [destination]

    7. general.teleport.silent: Prevents notifications when teleporting.

    8. general.time: Controls ability to use /time

    9. general.player-info: Controls ability to use /playerlist, /online, /who

    10. general.reloaditems: Controls ability to use /reloaditems, /rlidb

    Functions Available:
    +dname | +d​
    Player display name.​
    +name | +n​
    Player name.​
    +location | +l​
    Player location.​
    +health | +h​
    Player health.​
    Player iConomy balance.​
    Player IP address.​
    # of online users.​
    Color Codes (Put either '&' or 'ยง' in front of the color code):
    0: Black​

    1: Dark Blue​

    2: Dark Green​

    3: Teal​

    4: Dark Red​

    5: Purple​

    6: Gold​

    7: Light Grey​

    8: Dark Gray​

    9: Light Blue​

    a: Light Green​

    b: Turquoise​

    c: Light Red​

    d: Pink​

    e: Yellow​

    f: White​

    Config Files:
    items.db -- Goes in the root directory with your server.properties. On most setups, this will be the same folder as the CraftBukkit jar. If you are using MineOS, this is the 'one' 'two' or 'three' folder. A template for this file, and the other config files, is available in the ".zip" download.​

    general.help -- Contains general's help information.​

    general.motd -- Contains the Message of the Day. Leave blank for no message.​

    config.yml -- Allows you to change playerlist settings.​

    Change Log:

    Change Log:

    Version 2.2.11
    - Proper isCancelled checks.​

    Version 2.2.10
    - Fixed case-sensitivity issue with dynamic commands​

    Version 2.2.9
    - Built against Permissions 3​

    - Added support for 1.6 items​

    Version 2.2.8
    - iConomy 5 support.​

    Version 2.2.7
    - Added silence support to primary teleport case.​

    Version 2.2.6
    - Added general.teleport.silent Permission node.​

    Version 2.2.5
    - Updated items.db in zip file​
    - Added sapling variants​
    - Added TP messages​
    - Added check for command aliases that conflict with General​

    Version 2.2.4
    - Updated for 594+​
    - Added dependency to plugin.yml​
    - Fixed command checking for plugins loading before General.​

    - Fixed Permissions loading​
    - Changed iConomy loading method​

    Version 2.2.3
    - Changed Permissions loading method.​
    - Added 'general.teleport.to' permission node.​
    - Fixed error when using /who for an offline or nonexistent player.​
    - Updated example items.db to demonstrate 'damage' attributes, as mentioned (and implemented?) by Celtic Minstrel.​

    Version 2.2.2
    - Properly cancelled events that actually happen.​

    Version 2.2.1
    - Changed the way General checks other plugins for commands.​

    Version 2.2
    - Code Refactoring​
    - Uses new method to set spawn​
    - Eliminates direct access to CraftBukkit​

    - Fixed loop when permissions not present.​
    - Other small fixes and optimizations that I don't remember​
    - Old code cleanup​
    - Actually uploaded to github

    Version 2.1.2
    - Actually fixed iConomy (4.0) support.​
    - Fixed MOTD not appearing from some version​

    - Added support for 454+​
    - No longer throws NPE if config isn't present​

    - Fixed setspawn​
    - Fixed iConomy 3.0 iirc.​

    Version 2.1.1
    - Added Permissions 2.1 support.​

    Version - By Tatsu-Kan
    - Added Beta 1.3 items.​

    - First release of "Unofficial General"​
    - Built for build 432+​

    Version 2.1 and Earlier are by Nijikokun with contributions from Celtic Minstrel, verrier, OniTux, and others? Celtic Minstrel has also created a fork of General. I will use it myself and stop updating this once Bukkit provides any interface for overriding other plugins. One method of achieving this is currently a low priority issue for the Bukkit team.

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    I've been busy and hadn't had time to test with 860, but as far as I can tell, yes.

    I am only able to reproduce this by messing up my Permissions.
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    yes, it was, all fixed now, any chance of disabling the message to the player when you tp to them?
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    Give out the 'general.teleport.silent' node. Anyone who has this node will teleport silently.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    With General 3.4.1, I have introduced dynamic registration for the command aliases. It appears to work, though I haven't tested it extensively, and at present it does still reserve one nice name for each command. So, if you want, we could finally merge the two branches fairly soon, probably with 3.4.2 or 3.4.3.
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    thank you so much sir :D
  7. How do i allow /who but disallow /who [name]
    Don't want people to be able to see coords =/
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    So how do I know which version of General is right for me?
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    Any chance you could add the ability to clear your inventory?
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    today, all of the sudden, people with general.teleport.silent could no longer tp, until I gave them just general.telepot, no erros in the console, it was really strange.
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    When I try to spawn items, its says no such command or somthing.... HALP! Im using all of /i /item /give.
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    I really love this plugin, and the command overlapping is neccisary to me, so I can't switch to Celtic Minstrels version, all I ask is that I could have an updated items.db, because everything else still works fine.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    My version does let other plugins steal the commands now, if that's what you're worried about. It also lets you choose the command names if you're so inclined.
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    While I highly doubt that items.db is the only thing that requires updating, it is a plain text file which you can open with your favorite text editor.

    That said, I encourage you to use Celtic Minstrel's version.

    I've been meaning to try to cleanly migrate users via a final version, but I've gotten busy to the point where updating TimeShift needs to take precedence over migrating General. Migrating permissions was already looking nearly impossible and has only been further complicated since then.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    There is code in my version to migrate an items.db or general.kits file, but I think it's assuming a slightly different items.db format than this version used, so it might not work.

    Also, I'm removing that code for version 4.0.
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    Oh great, I'll switch over right away :D

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