[INACTIVE][GEN] Compass v1.0 [68] (with inter plugin communication)

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    Download https://s3.amazonaws.com/beefcraft/Compass.rar

    Compass for Bukkit

    This is a HIGH priority replacement for the /compass command.

    Default action is to tell players which of the 4 cardinal directions they
    are facing: "Facing North"

    Commands usable by all players:

    Tells you what direction you are facing "Facing North"
    Will also tell you how many degrees to turn to face other targets
    set by other plugins. "Facing North, 23 degrees left to TeamRed" or
    "Facing South, 60 degrees right to TheBeefiest"

    Inter Plugin Communication:

    This is the main purpose of this plugin, to allow other plugins
    to give headings to users. The heading target can be a fixed
    location, or another player.

    Add the Compass.jar file as a dependency to your plugin project.

    import com.beefiest.bukkit.compass.Compass;
    Define a variable to handle the communication:

    public Compass compassplugin = null;
    Obtain a reference to the plugin:

    compassplugin = (Compass)getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("Compass");
    Use of a "password" is necessary incase multiple plugins are giving targets to users
    simultaneously. Anything can be used, its not really for security, just to differentiate
    simultaneous plugin access.

    Use the following functions:

    To clear any targets for a player use:

     public String ClearCompass(String password, String player)
    public String ClearCompass(String password, Player player)
    To Set a location target for a player use:

    public String AimCompass(String password, String player, Location to, String description)
    public String AimCompass(String password, Player player, Location to, String description)
    To Set another player as a target for a player use:
    public String AimCompass(String password, String player, String toplayer)
    public String AimCompass(String password, Player player, Player toplayer)
    Returns "Success" or "Failed: player not found"

    To UnSet another player as a target for a player:

    public String RemovePlayer(String password, String player, String toplayer)
    public String RemovePlayer(String password, Player player, Player toplayer)
    To UnSet a location for a player:

    public String RemoveLocation(String password, String player, Location loc)
    public String RemoveLocation(String password, Player player, Location loc)
    To Clear all your own targets for all players use:
    public String ClearCompass(String password)
    Always Returns "Success"

    There is no limit to the number of targets a player can be directed to, however
    for simplicity sake it is best to keep it to one target at a time.
    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 1:02 AM ---

    I was really hoping we could get more plugins structured like this. With other plugin developers in mind and using inter-plugin commuication. Also very small strictly limited functionality per plugin.

    Also check out Nodren's http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/findme-fun-with-your-compass.1341/ for a slightly different compass plugin!
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    Rather not... why not just have this as a client mod or a plugin?
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    What are you refering to Kainzo? This is a plugin.
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    I'll re-state it. There are client mods that can already do this. Better yet - in PVP i dont want others to know where I am. So i'd rather not have something like this implemented.

    Good concept otherwise
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    Client mods that do this would be called CHEATS.

    This is a plugin, that will foster any multiplayer game modes that wish to tell people where to go.

    This doesn't automaticly point to anyone or anything. Another plugin will have to set all the directions per player.

    For instance:
    A quest plugin could use this to show players where to go next.
    A team based pvp mode could show a general location of the other team without giving away individual locations
    A capture the flag, could tell you where the enemy flag is.

    Also this is only giving you a heading, not telling you exactly where to go or how far to go. ( i may add this functionality if it gets requested)
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    Can anyone try out adding functionality for this into their own plugin? I would like some feedback on the design please.
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    Coordinates and distance sounds more like the GPS plugin i remember seeing on hmod. If that developer doesnt port it, that should be simple enough to make a separate plugin for. I may consider it if they don't get around to doing it themselves.
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    I love the compass idea, actually i was looking for a plugin that adds ingame coordinates in the top reight corner.
    could you add this?
    I will try this plugin later that day, great work so far :)
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    Putting information in the corner of the screen would be a client mod, which is also how cheating is done in minecraft, i have no interest in supporting or learning that.

    If it is server side, than it can be for a legitimate game mode that just wants to give you information. If clients can do it anytime they want, then that is called cheating.
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