[INACTIVE][FUN] Wiredamage v0.5 - Get damage from powerd wire [766]

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    Wiredamge - Get damage from powered redstone wire:
    Version: v0.5

    You only need to copy wiredamage.jar in your plugin folder

    Bukkit Plugin WireDamage Test

    • Players get damage if they walk on a powered redstone wire and power rails

    Version 0.5
    • Rails now only give damage when powered
    • Fix Pressure Plate Bug
    Version 0.4
    • Added dmgwithdiaboots
    Version 0.3
    • Enable damage on powerrail
    • Added damageonsneaking
    • Added dmgwithleatherboots
    • Added dmgwithotherboots
    Version 0.2
    • Now you can change the damage
    • You can activate and deactivate damage on sneaking
    Version 0.1
    • Release
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    what is a powered wire+
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    powered redstone dust :p
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    he mean redstone wire
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    The main idea is really good but you can also improve it :

    1. Add configuration file : In the config file operators will be able to set the amount of damage recieved by stepping on the powered redstone wire.
    2. Add a kill chance : Players may die by just stepping on the redstone wire, the chance will be low and configurable if you will choose to make a configuration file.

    these are my ideas, consider adding them and your plugin will be really awsome (it is now, but it will be better)
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    add an enabled powerrail while not sitting in a minecart :p
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    Version 0.2 online
    • Now you can change the damage
    • You can activate and deactivate damage on sneaking
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    Looks nice. Never touch an uninsulated wire!
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    Thanks for the update, i'm going to test it right now. It's truly looks awsome.
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    Ouch!...Ouch!....Ouch! I mean... Nice idea! ;)
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    Maybe reduce/remove damage when equiped (leather) boots?
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    Version 0.3 online!
    You are now able to setup damage for sneaking,leather boots and other boots(gold,iron).
    Also you get now damage on powerrails.
    Now you get damage once each block.

    Version 0.4 online!
    Added dmgwithdiaboots

    damage: 2
    damageonsneaking: 0
    damagewithleatherboots: 1
    damagewithdiaboots: 3
    damagewithotherboots: 4

    Player gets 2 damage if he walks without any boots.
    Player gets 0 damage if he sneaks
    Player gets 1 damage if he use leather boots
    Player gets 3 damge if he use diamond boots
    Player gets 4 damage if he use iron/gold boots

    Sneaking players only get the sneaking damage value.

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    Nice work, going to try some redstone traps...
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    Looks cool will have a play around with this :)
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    this is an awesome plugin! gives more realism and danger into the game, Keep it up!

    got a bug report (if it even is a bug) when i try to walk on a pressure plate it works like a wire, i get damage.
    is this normal or is it a bug?
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    great plugin but its allready been done in a better way... but great plugin anyway!
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    This would be awesome if it damaged mobs. :)
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    Damaged mobs would be a lot of server load.
    Maybe i will relase a new version with it the next days.
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    Buttons & pressure plates cause damage. Damage is taken not dealt, which means breaks through God Mode.
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    Version 0.5 online!
    Rails now only give damage when powered
    Fix Pressure Plate Bug
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    It really needs to do damage to mobs. Please add this feature.

    Otherwise great job, works great. Its handy on my castle entrance when players are coming across my bridge. Heh heh heh.

    Edit. Also, getting damage through switches is odd.
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    Yeah, it still damages you (plates and switches and probably buttons). Even through God Mode.
  24. Great idea! I agree with above poster about fixing lever/switch damage issue aswell as making it hurt mobs. Also if the damage could be electrical that would be awesome.
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    Are you doing, like powered block hurt you? because if I'm AROUND a wire or a torch but not on the same block, it still hurts me. Could you make it so it only hurts if you STEP on the block with the wire and not around? and also, have a config for rail-hurt=true/false and wire-hurt=true/false and red-torch-hurt=true/false?
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    hem, is the dev still here?
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    Can you add damage to all entities? monsters, animals etc.
    Please add dates to changelog/downlad link, thanks!
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    very nice video, does it do damage with iron boots? cause iron conducts electricity.
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