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    Pressure Ports - Step on a Pressure Plate, Warp
    Version: 1.3

    Since i started working with java some days ago and announced this to my server users it didn't took long till the first requests came. One was simple enough for my skills and sounded funny (and it is, oh lol!), so i started working on the idea.

    It is simple: You step on a pressure plate and get teleported somewhere. Due to the mass of pressure plates on my server i decided to add a required block (lapis) under it. So here is how you set up the PressurePlate:

    Place a Lapis-BLock​
    Place a Stone Pressure Plate on it​
    Walk somewhere, enter /ppset​

    Now everybody can step on your awesome PressurePort and get ported to somewhere else :D

    For everyone who doesn't get the text, dubstein made a short but cool explanation video:

    (Thanks bro!)
    Please ignore the "kid", i am 23 years old. :D

    Let's you create an automatic Warp system without using portals or commands for your users.

    PressurePorts v 1.3
    Source Code is a mess at the moment, maybe i will make it public for later versions.

    Things to know (open)

    Config File:
    The config file is generated automaticly when running the plugin the first time. If you have any problems create a file called config.yml in the PressurePorts-Dir and fill it with the following text:

        PlateType: STONE_PLATE
        BlockType: LAPIS_BLOCK
        Player: true
        Mobs: true
        Minecarts: true
            Break: true
            Create: true
            Use: false
    Short explanation of the settings:
    PlateType MUST be STONE_PLATE or WOOD_PLATE, everything else will be overridden with STONE_PLATE by the plugin.
    BlockType MUST be a placeable block, everything else will be overridden with LAPIS_BLOCK by the plugin.

    Legal BlockTypes (open)

    You CAN NOT use Block-IDs as a BlockType. So using 42 for Iron Blocks for example will reset the config to LAPIS_BLOCK. Here is a list of what can be used as BlockType:


    The ShowErrors decide wether or not there will be an error message shown if the user doesn't have the permission. I suggest to take the standard-settings, so your users can still use PressurePorts as regular Pressure Plates without being annoyd.

    Permission Nodes:
    I am now using the modern technology "permissions". Every player in the ops.txt can still perform every action, everybody else can be edited using the following permission nodes:

    PressurePort.Use - Wether or not the player might use PressurePorts.
    PressurePort.Break - The user can Break PressurePorts.
    PressurePort.Build - The user can build and set PressurePorts.
    Since this is my first work with permissions and i felt a little bit lost during the process there might be bugs. I tested everthing that came to my mind and it all worked, but maybe you find something that shouldn't happen. Please excuse and report those bugs!

    Version 1.3
    • Fixed a bug where PlateType: WOOD_PLATE would be treated as illegal config.
    • Fixed a bug where entering anything than a legit Material would crash the plugin
    • Fixed a bug where not using Permissions would crash the plugin.
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed a bug when that crashed the plugin when creating the config-file
    • Added support to warp mobs :D
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug where people with PressurePort.Build couldn't use the command.
    • Fixed a bug where placing an illegal material in the config crashed the plugin.
    Version 1.05
    • Added configuration file
    • Added permission support
    • Added Multiworld support
    Version 1.0
    • Release, yeah!
    To come:
    • different store format
    • use exisiting warps from various warp-plugins as target
    • iConomy-Support (working on this)
    • Warp Minecarts & Mobs.
    • your suggestion here
    Known Problems:

    • When creating some plates in row, where you get ported from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on you might get kicked because of flying.
    • Sometimes, when warping away, the plate stays pressed. For me, this seems to be lagrelated, but i'm not sure.
    Support me:
    I am looking for the storeage-files for the following warp-plugins:
    • Warpz0r
    • Essentials Warp
    If you use one of them, please upload the file somewhere and message me or write in the thread. Also, if i'm missing some important warp-plugins, feel free to tell me!

    (BIG thanks to my awesome mate 4treyu who wasn't annoyed by my ton of java-related questions :D and to Leonlas for the idea)
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    Just tried the plugin, and i am very pleased. I haven't had any problems yet, and the setting up is very simple.

    Making a config file would be great dude, keep up the good work :)
    Now time to build a warping station :D Thanks!
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    i will try this plugin as son i can! the information aboute it loks realy good :)
    have you watch any tutorial aboute java/bukkit? i would love to learn how to make plugins/ work with java
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    well, i think i have some talent for understanding programming languages. I thaught myself PHP long years ago and got all basic stuff that most languages have in common from this time. Later i used JASS as a built-in-tool for the Warcraft 3 World Editor, which is just a scripting language. A user hacked the editor or something and implemented Object Orientation for JASS, where i learned the basics of OOP.
    If you know the basics learning a programming language is just like learning a new language with similar grammer and similar words. Like, for example, dutch and german (ironicly i suck at learning languages :D).

    I worked with Adamki11s tutorial. He spams it at almost every thread at the Development-Forums, so it's hard to aviod :D I don't think it is as good as he wants it to be, primarily due to formatting problems, but it gives a look at the basics of bukkit. The rest was trial and error and the Bukkit- and Java-API.
    I think it's the wrong way to just look at a tutorial and copy the code. All you learn from this is how to copy text ;) I prefer to set an own goal and try to get my way there at all costs. Ofc i copied some code to, but just single lines instead of whole text-blocks.

    And thanks for the replies, if you have any more ideas for the to-do-list feel free to ask ;)
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    ok thanks i will lock at some tutorials and so :)
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    Tfs Halo

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    Wasn't aware of this, hopefully i offend nobody with this release.
    But there are some differences:
    - you just need the pressureplate and can create the surronding by your likings without any config
    - you don't need two of them, you can port from PressurePort to a giant flower flowergrassland.
    - no signs. I personally hate signs with commands or instructions for a plugin on them

    If this is a problem, then i will surely remove my thread, but maybe it's good to let people choose between a complex and a simple solution?
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    Sounds good, although its unclear if this allows multiple teleports? You place the pressure pad and then type to set the teleport. Then when you place the next one will it not connect to the previous one you placed??
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    Nice! Suggestions.
    1) Add the option for signs. You could have a sign based selector, like stargate does. That would be cool
    2) If possible, it would be cool if you added the option to use existing essentials warps. Dunno if you can, they would let you etc.
    3) Maybe the option to have someone at the pad be able to recall you to the pad you TP'd from with a button or something.
    Good idea though!
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    This is awesome and has made my life a lot easier, now I don't have to build minecart tracks everywhere!
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    No. They don't get connected, you don't need a new plate as a target. You just place the plate and then set your target anywhere. Then you can create your next plate with a new target.

    1: No. Never. I hate signs for plugin purposes. Sorry.
    2: Sounds nice, i will take this onto the todo-list, but with low priority.
    3: I don't really understand this, can you explain it again?

    Edit: Oh lol, i am a "plugin developer" now. Nice :D At the moment i'm a little bit lost with permissions, but that will definitly be the next thing to come.
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    Having a bit of trouble...whenever I try to /ppset the chat just says in white /ppset .....doesnt actually set anything
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    this..is..the..best..teleport plugin ever made.

    Just one problem.... when i step on the pressure plate i'm getting logged out and the reason is:
    ''You moved too quickly. Hacking? :(''

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    Uhm, this is wierd. Some more infos would be cool: CraftBukkit version, other plugins, server log, etc.

    Well, i have this problem, too. For me, this just happens when jumping on the plate or use any warp method on the plugin. For example, creating a myWarp-warp on the PressurePort kicks me as well as using kFeatherTeleport on a PressurePort as well as putting two or more PressurePorts in a row. I think the only REAL solution to this is turning the implemented antifly-check of and rely on solutions like the NoCheat-Plugin, which doesn't instantly kick.
    I tried to add a little waiting time before teleporting, but it just feels laggy and uncool, so the method mentioned above is maybe the best you can do against this. I dislike Notchs way to instantly kick people, because sometimes even falling or jumping in a lag-related chunk-hole counts as "hacking", too. So, turn your fly-check off (in your server.properties, set allow-flight to false) and install the plugin NoCheat, it does a better job.
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    It fixed itself after about an hour...idk
  16. If you gave it permissions support and a way to set an iconomy price to use it i would love you so much.
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    does this work with minecarts?
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    Needs multiworld support (multiverse plugin) .
    Doesnt work between worlds, i tryed it and it tp'd me within the same world.
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    Aw signs are great. Meh, your choice.

    I mean like there is a button which sits near the pressure plate. You then hop on and teleport off on your merry way. However, back at the teleport pad, if someone presses the button, then you are recalled to the TP pad. Obviously it would some form of permissions. Hope that clarified.

    Its an awesome plugin as well. Nice work.
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    Only other customization I could think of that hasn't been stated would be an option to select the type of block you want the plate to work on, admins could terrorize players by replacing their plates on different surfaces leading to... fun. :p Other than that it works for me and it's simple and light, I like it.
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    Multiworld & Config done, but i'm still messing with permissions. Due to some admin-work on my server i won't be able to do anything today, i guess, so expect the update tonight or tomorrow.

    Since i never used iconomy i have no experience with this, but i will add it to the todo-list.

    Will be added, maybe even for other entities.
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    Looks awesome!

    Really need the multi world!
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    Update! Permissions, Multi World, Config File.

    I made this just a "half" version, because there might be a bug. On my server i can't edit the config file if it's generated via the plugin and not per hand. I'm not sure if this is caused by the plugin itself or by my hoster, so some feedback towards this would be nice. Depending on the results there might be a small update soon.

    For the next update i want to implement the option to set the destination to the warps of some warp-plugins. Here i need your help: I don't want to isntall every existing Warp-Plugin on my server, so it would be useful if you could tell me your warp-thing and upload the storeage-file for me. I am aware of:

    Essentials Warp
    myWarp (using this, no storeage-file needed)

    Depending on the required work there might be one or two warp-plugin-hooks added per version, from now on.

    EDIT: Sadly, your old PressurePorts will no longer work, because of the addition of the world name to the file. Sorrey!
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    Awesome Plugin
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    Link is for 1.0 version:
    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling PressurePort v1.0 (Is it up to date?): Name is null
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Name is null
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    Great plugin, you might want to change that video on the OP. That guy calls you 'kid' then proceeds to call java applications java-scripts (raged hard when i heard this). Javascript != Java. !!!
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    I like the video :D
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    I have this exact same problem! It say's "Registered Pressureport" When I make a port, but then I can't set the location as described above. I am using Craftbukkit build 766. And in the server log, it says "Pressure port activated!" like it should with no errors.
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    well mine didnt even have registered pressure port.... restart your server and it should work

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