[INACTIVE][FUN] TownySpout v0.4.1 -- Bringing Spout to Towny [SPOUT] [1060]

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    TownySpout - Bringing Spout to Towny:

    This plugin is now inactive. There is another Towny-like plugin in development that I am switching to develop for. If anyone wishes to continue this project they are more than welcome to!

    Version: v0.4.1

    Note: For the next two weeks I am coaching a local high school marching band. These are 13 hour days and my availability will be very, very limited.

    Note2: One week of band camp done! I did the best I could to get some of the bug fixes out of the way and update to Towny 0.75.1 and Spout 1.0.5.

    This plugin brings the advanced functionality of Spout to Towny. Current features are limited to some fluff for the Spout client mod (town anthems, capes, etc) as well as a rich UI for the complicated Towny command interface.

    Towny needs additional code for custom events in order for TownySpout to work. Until my work on this is "finished" you are REQUIRED to use A CUSTOM version of Towny. Unfortunately the Towny developers are using SVN instead of git, so trivial pull requests are not possible. My version of towny also uses Register as well as MySQL.

    Current TownySpout Features:
    • Changes overhead titles to include nation and town names
    • Mayors and assistants can set town anthems that are played when a person enters a town. This applies to town texture packs as well.
    • Town capes for all members of a town.
    • Town texturepacks to create a unified look to the town.
    • Permission GUI for town mayors and assistants to adjust town permissions.
    • National anthems, capes, textures
    • Resident anthems and capes
    Planned Features:
    • GUI to replace all Towny commands
    Screenshot of current interface.


    Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

    Report Experimental Towny Bugs here. Please do not report bugs to the other towny developers. They don't like me.

    Report TownySpout bugs and feature requests here.

    Update Experimental Towny
    SQL support is temporally discontinued. Before updating please run Towny 0.74.e3 with load-database=bukkit and save-database=flatfile. Then update to 0.75.1.ex.

    Update TownySpout
    From 0.2: Townyspout no longer requires mysql. It does require you to update experimental towny. You will need to drop the townyspout_towns table when upgrading. My apologies for the inconvenience, next time I will make the upgrade path smoother.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download Experimental Towny (0.75.1.e1) (Source). Follow these instructions. Stop the server once completed.
    2. Download and Install Spout and SpoutClient.
    3. Download TownySpout (Source). No configuration needed.
    • /townyadminx set <music/cape/texture> name url -- Adds music, cape, or texture pack to the database for towns to use. The name is the name town mayors will use, url is the publicly accessible url to that item.
    • /townyadminx wildset <music/cape/texture> name -- Adds music, cape, or texture pack for non town members.
    • /townx set music [name] -- Sets town anthem to the song name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx set cape [name] -- Sets town cape to the cape name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx set texture [name] -- Sets town texture pack to the texture name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx -- Access the GUI
    • /nationx set <music/cape/texture> [name] -- See townx, applies to towns
    • /residentx set <music/cape> [name] -- See townx, applies to personal plots
    Towny Event API
    Pseudo documentation

    Known Bugs
    Experimental Towny
    • There is currently no support for custom titles, surnames, and disabling player and creature stomping. As soon as I find a sane way to update the database I will add those features in.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Updated to Spout 1.0.5
    • Reformatted Town GUI to improve readability. Some loss of functionality (the pvp/fire/mob buttons).
    • Tested on Towny 0.75.1.e1, but should continue to work with 0.74.e3
    Version 0.4
    • Added music/cape/texture for wild and non-town members
    • Added music/cape/texture for nations
    • Added music/cape for personal residences
    • Music/cape/textures are applied top down. Personal residences override town settings, and residence and town settings override national ones.
    • Requires Towny 0.74 Experimental Build 2
    Version 0.3
    • Added permission gui for towns
    • Dropped mysql requirement.
    Version 0.2
    • Added file nodes instead of arbitrary urls and commands to add them
    • Added town cape support
    • Added town texturepack support
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    Thanks, however I wont be able to fix it until until this weekend. I will take a pull request for it though!
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    I have downloaded the latest everything and when i log in it still says my player wasnt updated properly during login and then disables townyspout. This happened with the last version but i thought it was supposed to be fixed with the newer version. what do i do?
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    Can you post the exact error message, and I will look into it this weekend
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    I cant see anything in gui
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    thanks, here it is.
    13:55:53 [SEVERE] Player: owenfitz2 was not properly updated during login!
    edit: also this message appears when ever i right click. don't know what that has to do with anything but just thought it might help. also if you need my list of plugins i can post it too.
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    Ben Penhalagan

    I am using the Spoutcraft client, and am typing this:

    townyadminx set cape Skycrypt http://www.minecraft.net/cloak/mojang.png
    then this:

    townx set cape Skycrypt
    and then look at the cape and its not there. no errors occur.
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    I'm hoping this was directed towards me ;) - getting my server prepped for 1.8 with spout and all the new fun stuff that comes with it, and iconomy has never been friendly to me so I would love to have it solved.

    By the way nice work with the gui, been playing around with it, much easier than commands.(set the prices to 0.0 so it didn't try to charge me)
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    How do I import my towny 0.75.1 datas ? When I launch custom version etc, it erase all my towns from files, in the towny directory. (Well, they still exist but they don't have any chunck any more, not even the main one.)
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    downloaded to my pc.. and via wget.. both result in this error when tryign to enable it. any ideas?

    >plugman load TownySpout
    23:57:14 [INFO] File exists but is not a plugin file.
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    could not load townyspout.jar

    what do i do?? is it conflicting with another plugin?
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    You know, this is the kind of stuff that is really irritating. Just because you don't know how to use a VCS (in this case, SVN), you decide, hey, let's just fork the whole thing.

    You like git so much? Here, I'll solve your problem.


    $ git svn clone path/to/svn
    // hack hack hack
    $ git commit -a -m "My first commit, yay!"
    // hack hack hack
    $ git commit -a -m "More changes.."
    // N is the number of commits you made
    // ie git format-patch HEAD~2
    $ git format-patch HEAD~N
    $ zip mypatchset *.patch
    Yay, I can use git!
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    sorry, i missed that section. thanks for helping me, i appreciate it. sorry i ticked u off:(
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    a little question didnt towny always have shortened commands like /t create etc... i have shortcuts to my keyboard with all those commands added but now i cant use any of them because you removed the short commands in ur custom version of towny
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    I'm finding it increasingly difficult to assign music to my town, due to the fact that URL legnth makes Spout put it on a new line, making me SAY the song instead of putting it into the command.


    I type:
    /townyadminx set music Luxaton [Linkgoeshere]
    It comes up:
    /townyadminx set music Luxaton

    So it goes into the chat then:
    Format is: /townyadminx set type name url
    [||||||||||] <Mayor NeonJ> [Linkgoeshere]

    EDIT: What happened to blocking monster spawns? Creepers are now getting in my towns. D: Please fix!
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    I have tried for days now to claim chunks in my skylands, but everytime I restart the server the the chunks get unclaimed. Please help me.
    EDIT: You should really check out what phrstbrn wrote at this could help alot. Then you jsut need to do the twonyspout stuff and not both.
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    Funny thing, I found that keeping the 'name' short seems to work. I was getting this problem a lot even with my pretty short url. So i changed my 'name' to 4 letter abbreviations. Haven't had that problem since.

    Sorry to double post but.. I seem to be having a problem with the '/townyadminx wildset'. I get no response at all from this. No errors or invalid commands, just nothing. Also, is there a way to just make the texture change to default when in the wild at least instead of keeping the texture of the last place you were? Thanks for this awesome plugin and I hope I hear back soon!

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    I'm back! Band Camp is over, I have funny tan lines! I hope to get back to the codings tomorrow.

    I believe you need to relog for it to work.

    You don't import. The code is identical for this. I'll take another gander at it tomorrow.

    Oh I know how to use svn, and how messy openttd modding became because of it. My issue is not vcs specific, but more of their development practices. Do you want to wait a month for the needed towny patch to be added? I thought so. I'm not going to be held hostage by their development practices.

    I did not change this code.

    You can also add it manually to plugins/TownySpout/config.yml in this format:

        zelda: http://myurl.net/music/2.ogg
        oceania: http://myurl.net/music/1.ogg
        sc2k: http://myrl.net/music/sc2k.mid
        modern: http://myurl.net/textures/moderncraftalpha5mowed.zip
        space: http://myurl.croxis.net/textures/vbtp1-deepspace.zip
        dolphin: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25207615/Capes-Dropbox/Dolphin%20Cape.png
        nyan: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25207615/Capes-Dropbox/Nyan%20Cat%20Cape.png
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    I'm wondering what other audio formats does it accept? It appears it doesn't use .mp3. I am going to try a couple others but I'd love a list of what it takes. Thanks.
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    I've submitted patches to Towny, and it took me less than a day to get them applied.
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    Spout supports wav, ogg, midi.

    And I submitted a patch that was never accepted or rejected, just sitting in limbo, your point? A parallel fork is how it is going to be for now. If you don't like it, go elsewhere because it is now going to fall on deaf ears.
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    croxis, I am having issues setting music for the wilderness, what is the command?

    Oh and one more thing, every chunk I claim in worlds other than the main world resets after a restart. I use the latest version of both your towny and townyspout with cb rev 1060. I really need your help. I have even tried a clean install.
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    /townyadminx set wildset music nodename

    I'm having the multiworld bug issue on my server as well. I'm comparing code right now.
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    Hey @croxis you cant use wormhole extreme world manager with towny anymore..I had to switch to MV to fix my multiworld issues

    (-i tried to talk to you about in on the irc two nights back, but you said you were busy)
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    @fatmarley, is it experimental towny or is it a problem with vanilla towny?
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    Hey im having a problem when i try townx it gives me an internal command issue please help thanks
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    Working with new Towny 0.76.0?
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    When I put in this command for the wildset I get:
    (ex: /townyadminx set wildset music zelda)
    'Type must be music, cape, or texture, or wildset'
    When I put in the command you have listed in the info I get no response at all.
    (ex: /townyadminx wildset music zelda)
    Can you please help with this problem, I would like to set my wild texture so It changes when you leave a town. Right now whenever you enter a town you keep that texture until you enter a new town.
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    76 already?! OI!
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    Problem :(

    [PLAYER_COMMAND] Kjelleren: /town new e
    [PLAYER_COMMAND] Kjelleren: /t new kjell kjelleren
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    Could you please fix the multiworld bug soon? I really need it for my new tutorial town.

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