[INACTIVE][FUN] TownySpout v0.4.1 -- Bringing Spout to Towny [SPOUT] [1060]

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    TownySpout - Bringing Spout to Towny:

    This plugin is now inactive. There is another Towny-like plugin in development that I am switching to develop for. If anyone wishes to continue this project they are more than welcome to!

    Version: v0.4.1

    Note: For the next two weeks I am coaching a local high school marching band. These are 13 hour days and my availability will be very, very limited.

    Note2: One week of band camp done! I did the best I could to get some of the bug fixes out of the way and update to Towny 0.75.1 and Spout 1.0.5.

    This plugin brings the advanced functionality of Spout to Towny. Current features are limited to some fluff for the Spout client mod (town anthems, capes, etc) as well as a rich UI for the complicated Towny command interface.

    Towny needs additional code for custom events in order for TownySpout to work. Until my work on this is "finished" you are REQUIRED to use A CUSTOM version of Towny. Unfortunately the Towny developers are using SVN instead of git, so trivial pull requests are not possible. My version of towny also uses Register as well as MySQL.

    Current TownySpout Features:
    • Changes overhead titles to include nation and town names
    • Mayors and assistants can set town anthems that are played when a person enters a town. This applies to town texture packs as well.
    • Town capes for all members of a town.
    • Town texturepacks to create a unified look to the town.
    • Permission GUI for town mayors and assistants to adjust town permissions.
    • National anthems, capes, textures
    • Resident anthems and capes
    Planned Features:
    • GUI to replace all Towny commands
    Screenshot of current interface.


    Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

    Report Experimental Towny Bugs here. Please do not report bugs to the other towny developers. They don't like me.

    Report TownySpout bugs and feature requests here.

    Update Experimental Towny
    SQL support is temporally discontinued. Before updating please run Towny 0.74.e3 with load-database=bukkit and save-database=flatfile. Then update to 0.75.1.ex.

    Update TownySpout
    From 0.2: Townyspout no longer requires mysql. It does require you to update experimental towny. You will need to drop the townyspout_towns table when upgrading. My apologies for the inconvenience, next time I will make the upgrade path smoother.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download Experimental Towny (0.75.1.e1) (Source). Follow these instructions. Stop the server once completed.
    2. Download and Install Spout and SpoutClient.
    3. Download TownySpout (Source). No configuration needed.
    • /townyadminx set <music/cape/texture> name url -- Adds music, cape, or texture pack to the database for towns to use. The name is the name town mayors will use, url is the publicly accessible url to that item.
    • /townyadminx wildset <music/cape/texture> name -- Adds music, cape, or texture pack for non town members.
    • /townx set music [name] -- Sets town anthem to the song name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx set cape [name] -- Sets town cape to the cape name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx set texture [name] -- Sets town texture pack to the texture name, as defined by the configuration. Leave name blank to remove.
    • /townx -- Access the GUI
    • /nationx set <music/cape/texture> [name] -- See townx, applies to towns
    • /residentx set <music/cape> [name] -- See townx, applies to personal plots
    Towny Event API
    Pseudo documentation

    Known Bugs
    Experimental Towny
    • There is currently no support for custom titles, surnames, and disabling player and creature stomping. As soon as I find a sane way to update the database I will add those features in.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Updated to Spout 1.0.5
    • Reformatted Town GUI to improve readability. Some loss of functionality (the pvp/fire/mob buttons).
    • Tested on Towny 0.75.1.e1, but should continue to work with 0.74.e3
    Version 0.4
    • Added music/cape/texture for wild and non-town members
    • Added music/cape/texture for nations
    • Added music/cape for personal residences
    • Music/cape/textures are applied top down. Personal residences override town settings, and residence and town settings override national ones.
    • Requires Towny 0.74 Experimental Build 2
    Version 0.3
    • Added permission gui for towns
    • Dropped mysql requirement.
    Version 0.2
    • Added file nodes instead of arbitrary urls and commands to add them
    • Added town cape support
    • Added town texturepack support
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    Sounds complex, I like it
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    Hmm, i like the idea of this, i'm going to look into something for factions. GJ!
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    This will be so cool!
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    All I really want is the overhead names of town members. Could that be done as a very simple standalone plugin that wouldnt require me to modify my towny? That would be absolutely amazing.
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    It is. I encourage you to take a look at my source, specifically the TownyPlayerListener.java and AppearanceManager.java and take a crack at making your own. I'll offer what help I can.
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    I didnt see anything different in TownyPlayerListener.java. I'm incredibly new to java, I've modified one plugin to fix a tiny glitch and compiled a few things.
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    TownySpoutPlayerListener mostly just catches the login event, AppearenceManager is where I pull the needed info from Towny and set it in the overhead title.
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    Can you provide a link? I'm looking over the github but I cant seem to find it.

    EDIT: Derp, wrong github. Found it!
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    I like the idea of this myself but as for use on my server i think ill give it a wide birth untill it is a little more developed cant risk server errors lol
    Keep up the good work though look forward to more from this
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    Updated Experimental towny to fix a couple bugs I found.

    TownySpout is now at 0.2. Added town capes and texture packs. Music, capes, and textures are now set by preconfigured nodes to prevent porn anthems and penile capes (unless you want that sort of thing). These nodes are set by a towny admin using /townyadminx set <music/cape/texture> <name> <url>. Town mayors then set their town fluff with the node name.

    TownyAdminPlayer: /townyadminx set music zelda http://minecraft.croxis.net/music/2.ogg
    TownyMayor: /townx set music zelda
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    Evan Melvin

    Not sure if it's possible (I know it's possible to modify what a map displays0, but if Spout would allow you to implement an overlay on a map showing towns as a specific color, that would be awesome.

    Also, pop-ups when you enter and leave towns would be cool too.
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    Map is a very good idea. I think the pop up entering or leaving town is a bit excessive however.
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    Evan Melvin

    I think anything optional that would eliminate lots of chat spam would be nice.
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    I like the idea of having a real map show where the factions near you are :p
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    user A use default texturepack.
    town B use other texturepack.
    A go into B, changed his texturepack.
    then if A leave the B, texturepack returned to default?

    and can you make op(or admin) only version?
    I mean permission supported version
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    Texture pack stays as it was until it switches again. I will have to see if Spout has a way to determine the default so it can set it back.
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    It's a long shot, but would like to ask anyways (Factions plugin) is quite similiar to Towny, any chance we could see some support for Faction(s)?

    Cheers buddy!
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    This would be a much cleaner title:
    [FUN/SPOUT] TownySpout v0.2 - Bringing Spout to Towny [1000]
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    Ok maybe I'm not the swiftest when it comes to sql... But I can't find out how to change the bukkit.yml to mysql. I've tried searching for ways to do this, but have found nothing. Only howto's for plugins. What is the database driver and url I'm suppose to use. Otherwise this sounds like a great addon to my server, thanks in advance.
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    I'm actually going to change the requirement that towny doesn't have to use mysql. Right now I am trying to figure out the gui api. Hang on to the 0.3 release :)
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  22. Yeah the MySQL requirement is a bit harsh, however adding additional functionality on top of Towny is great.
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    Not that I'm switching to spout any time soon since I'm running modloaders, but just wondering is the texture pack loaded from the server or does the client need to grab em themselves. Is quite a bit intriguing to have seperate texture packs per town. That and spout'll probably gain a stronger following here than modloader, will see.
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    The SpoutCraft client is separate install from the other mods. My understanding is that if you want to use your modloader stuff, just use the normal launcher.

    SpoutCraft autodownloads the texture packs.
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    Could you make the music loop? Its annoying when the music stops while you still are in a town. Oh, and could you make it so that admins can choose which music that plays in the Wilderness areas?Thanks in advance.
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    I think quite the opposite, hearing the same song over and over again would drive me up the wall. Unless it was Requiem which is over an hour.

    I do plan on adding a node for music/cape/texture for the wilderness, nations, and residences. Right now I am working on something a little more important and exciting :)
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    Well, as I use calming songs that are made for looping on my server, having the ability for it to loop would be great. Good to know that you are plan to work on wilderness stuff, I love this as it is the best towny version I have used! Oh and, if you dont want to hear the song, turn off music :p Oh, and have you added this to Craftbukkituptodate yet?
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    That is a fair point. I just added it to the feature request page here. I'm not sure if Spout supports music looping or not. I don't recall seeing it in the api but it might be there.

    I have not added this to craftbukkituptodate yet as I consider the plugin still volatile, I may need to ask for users to reset databases (I plan on doing this for 0.3). After that I will add it.

    What I am currently working on. Yes, it already works, except for button labels updating.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Looking good croxis, its the commandless towny thing, right?
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    Yup, a lot of work to go on it obviously, make it look nice, add the rest of the commands, some info.

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