[INACTIVE][FUN] TextCraft v1.5 "Sontaran" (Easy text creation) [BROKEN, update coming soon]

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    TextCraft is a plugin that allows you to make big text over your house without all the jumping around.;)

    Select the starting point (lower left corner) by right clicking with a diamond.
    Then type for example:
    This will create "TEXTCRAFT" in "big" iron letters, starting from your selected point in the direction you have chosen (n stands for North). The last parameter sets the size of the text. Check out the download button below to see the difference between the two current standard sizes, 1 & 2. (If the last one isn't set, it will just assume you want size 1.)
    Installation instructions can be found in the Readme.txt file.

    The commands in short:

    This command creates regular horizontal text.

    This one makes vertical text instead. Use the same parameters as /tc.

    Undoes your last TextCraft action.

    Latest version: 1.5 Sontaran
    Updated: 28/1-2011


    Download here​

    CREDITS to Toi for:
    permission, properties & TargetBlock classes.​

    Let me know if you have found a bug, have feature suggestions, or if you just liked it. :)
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    Cool. Can it be destroyed by smashing it?
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    Well, yes. Obviously...
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    nice :)
    used it on hmod already
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    Ooh, neat.
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    i get errors saying i didnt select a block type. "you didnt choose block type" for a test. i used /tcv 66 1 1 NOW I AM GETTING ERROR "the character was not found
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    It should be /command text direction blockID size

    "/tc Minecraft n 42 1" will get you the word Minecraft facing north out of iron blocks size 1
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    oh. okay. i figured out my problem. i put the text folder in the plugins folder. instead of just in the dir.
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    Would be Nice if it has a permissions sytem

    But untill then im going to use this + world edit to Make some nice text for the wall in noobland.

    Edit nothing happens when i right click at all and the commands just show up as unknown command in console Uh fail
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    Are you sure you have put everything in it's right place? Do you get any errors when starting the server?
    Might be some other plugin that doesn't work well with TextCraft. (Should give you some errors, if that's the case)
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    Why is it that 89 glowstone is in the allowed list but cannot be used?

    I tried adding more blocks to the allowed list but they do not work.
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    Just getting a bunch of errors now that say the letters can't be found. I put the folder in the plugins folder instead and now the plugin is completely unresponsive to commands.
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    That's odd, works for me. Did you restart your server when you changed the allowed blocks? Glowstone should work, i just tried it.
    The TextCraft folder should be in the same folder as craftbukkit, not the plugins folder. Maybe you didn't enter the command correctly?
    Hmm, maybe. I'll look into it.
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    Nah I figured it out
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    +1 For permission support, it's a bit annoying to deal with multiple different permission systems, and this would be great for it.
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    please add lay down text!! T.T
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    I'll wait until a permissions system has been built into bukkit. (might already be one, things happen fast here, have no time to check right now...)
    I've been meaning to do that, could happen this weekend.
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    Really useful plugin. Nice job.
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    New version out! 1.5 "Sontaran"!
    New features: Select your starting point from far-far-away! (Thanks Toi!)

    That's it. Another update will (probably) come later this weekend. It will, hopefully, include "lay down text".
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    Good to see you :) I'm glad you made vertical text like I suggested ^^
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    Good to see you too! Thanks for the idea. [​IMG]
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    The Plugin doesn't work for me.
    It sais :
    "[INFO] TextCraft v1.5 Sontaran running!"
    but when i try to build something:
    "[INFO] Lite issued server command: tc textcraft n 42 1
    [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help."

    What is the problem?
    I think i'm using the latest version of Craftbukkit.
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    Have you added yourself to the "TextCraft.perms" file?
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    yes, i did

    but that should not be the problem when the console sais that the command is unknown.
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    I don't know what the problem could be then... (btw, the console would say that if you hadn't added yourself to the permissions file)
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    I've just updated to the latest craftbukkit version. It doesn't work.
    I don't know what the problem could be, either.
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    I was running 151 and no success in getting it to work. I also downgraded to 135 and no luck.

    EDIT 1:
    I am in the permissions file.
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    The permissions file is case-sensitive... That's the only thing i can think of.​
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    Yes, that's it. I wrote my name in small letters.
    It works now, although i don't know why it gave me the error "unkown command".

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