[INACTIVE][FUN] Snowballz v1.6 - Giving snowballs meaning! [617]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Nohup, Feb 24, 2011.

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    @Plasma - Permissions support has been added :)
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    Can you give it a chance to do damage? So it won't always hit you for 0.5 hearth? (Or give 0.5 heart damage after 3 hits or so?)
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    Tested against the new RB and all is well. Carry on :)
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    Tested with CB493 on my server. It works all right, but I noticed two little problems with WorldGuard's protected areas :

    - If a zone is protected snow still appear on the top of a block if a player throw it a snowball, even if this player is not allowed to build in this area.

    - This player is not able to remove the snow but he can destroy it, and the snow is restored like any other block. When he does it drops a snowball before the snow is restored, therefore he's able to destroy it again and obtains ohter snowballs again and again. It only happens when the player destroys snow with his hand, there is no problem when he does it with a shovel.

    For the time being, I removed 'snowballz.aremadebyhand' and snowballz.changeblocks permissions to all players except moderators and admins, so it doesn't cause troubles anymore. But I really would like my players to be able to use snow and ice all by themselves.

    Except these two little problems, everything is fine. And snowballs fights are awesome with this plugin.
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    @Travis_Hironak - I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with that with this one, but folks and their ideas of exploitation I tell ya! I have uploaded a new jar and the snowball creation piece should now be taken care of, but I have my doubts about the frosting of the blocks. This is being fired by onPlayerItem which is not a standard block manipulation event. I have a feeling that since I am outside the norm here that WorldGuard isn't going to catch it. I could hack into it by destroying the block and remaking it if I have to, just seems like busy work on the server. Let me know if it works for you.
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    I'll try it very soon and will tell you if it works. Thank you.

    Edit :
    The snowball drop between the destruction of the snow and its restoration is fixed. As for the frosting of the blocks, a player unable to build in a protected zone can't frost a block which is within his selection range (4 blocks), but it still works if the block is between the selection range and the snowball range (I let 10 blocks). I didn't try it but it should be all right if I reduce the snowball range to 4 blocks (however it's very short).
    Thank's a lot for your update.
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    Posted this in the WorldGuard thread regarding problems with your plugin - I imagine many people are having problems with this on their servers, hopefully you can provide a fix! Quote from WorldGuard thread:

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    @Kahl, that's on me really. I can disable it in the same way that I did the snowball making change. I just need to raise my priority higher than theirs and cancel the damage if the event itself is cancelled. The block one was a bit different, but for the damage I am following the standard onEntityDamage.

    Version 1.5 is out there now to account for this.
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    When u destroy snow block (4 snowballs in one) with ur hand u dont seem to get any snowballs... is this a bug?
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    hmm, I just did hand on the snow-covered block, I am not affecting the snowblock break as I figured minecraft had that covered...
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    Well congrats on the new title (not so new anymore)!

    Here's a bump so everyone must use your plugins!
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    Updated to latest Bukkit version
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    Amazing! this looks like so much fun! I tried to install it, but I'm at a loss as to how... I'm still new with bukkit... could you help clarify how it's done? The file I got was a zip file with a yml file named plugin inside...

    Here's what I tried.
    Placing the zip file inside the plugin folder.
    Renaming the zip file to .jar file and placing it into the plugin folder
    Extracting the file to a folder named Snowballz and placing it into the plugin folder.
    Renaming the Plugin.yml file to Plugin.jar file and placing it into the plugin folder.....

    I'm outta ideas!
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    the file in the link is a jar file, all you have to do is save that to your plugins folder and restart your server.
  15. Hi @Nohup - I've been using your plugin for a while now - great fun - unfortunately, I've just found that above bukkit #560, it breaks ...... and chance of an update please ? (I'm sure its v. 1.5 installed, even though it says 1.4)
    ..... anyway, many thanks if you can assist .......

    error :

    22:22:40 [SEVERE] PLAYER_ITEM loading Snowballz v1.4 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PLAYER_ITEM
    at com.nohupgaming.minecraft.Snowballz.onEnable(Snowballz.java:51)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:118)
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    Same problem as Soryo has
    I dont get any .jar file :(

    What shall I do?
  17. I'm not sure why some files download as a zip when they should be a jar - I downloaded this & got snowballz.zip file - I renamed it to snowballz.jar, put it in my plugins and it worked. You don't edit any names inside the zip - just leave it as it is.
    Not sure if I can upload the file here to see if you can get it in jar format, but I'll try ....... however, the above link works fine doing what I just described .......

    ;)It wouldn't let me upload a .jar, so I put the jar file inside the zip ....... hope that makes sense ? ...... anyway, best I can do .....
    Just open the zip file & drag the jar into your plugins folder .........
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    Okay, I put an INTERIM jar out there, but keep in mind that anything past 556 is NOT a recommended build. I used 566 and it seems to have oddities with it in that all the snowballz functionality works but the snowball itself doesn't seem to actually throw...

    Download here
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    @SH4D0WS1N - See the post above yours. It is a separate link for those using the non-recommended build.
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    mike hickmon

    how do u put this plugin in ???
  22. If you ended up with a zip file instead of a jar file, just rename the file from snowballz.zip to snowballs.jar and then put this file in your plugins as normal.
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    mike hickmon

    thank uu
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    hmm, wonder why it is coming down as a zip for some folks, I am assuming it is security settings since jars are seen as executable
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    mike hickmon

    its doesnt do anything to fire?
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    Like regular fire on blocks? No
  27. It is .........
    It'll mainly affect IE8+ users & WinXP / 7, since its switched to do this as default.
    Doesn't happen to every site you try downloading from, just those that IE doesn't consider 'safe' - I'd go into it more, but it wouldn't help the problem.
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    how do you change the settings though? I couldn't figure out how to install this for the longest time.... I got around it when I installed google chrome which for some reason bypasses that setting.
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    It may just be me, but it seems broken for MC 1.4. I've got the latest (617) bukkit, but I'll keep checking for an update. Planning on using this mod in an adventure map.
  30. An update for 1.4 would be great :)

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