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    I'm assuming that this does not have some kind of build protect? Would be awesome if, even in peaceful building mode, every player could only harvest their own blocks instead of running around stealing other people's resources providing no real challenge ^^
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    Yes there is no build protection. You could change the island distance and use a plugin to protect a area. Another idea that I have is, change the island distance to 10000, 20000 or what you want, then every player is very far away...
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    Ah well... I'd still like to encourage people to work together :p Just not go the easy way and steal people's islands :D

    Anyways... awesome plugin :) I'll see if I can find anything equivalent to bananaprotect to auto-protect islands :)
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    Are you going to add more features?

    You should add the ability for ops to remove players islands, and have a way of telling who's island it is.

    Also, Co-Op would be great!
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    I could add two commands, 1 to remove a player from the players list and 1 to find out the owner of a island, but only in the near of the bedrock (+3, -3 blocks). And I can not remove a island, for this I need to know every block a player placed...
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    Hmm.. Seems redundant. Could you maybe add Co-op? :p
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    What do you mean with Co-Op? For the 2 commands, I will add permissions and if a player who is not OP, have the permission then he can use the commands.
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    Like /Coop add [playername] and then it will add a player to anothers island, which they can then do... /home [PlayerNameWhoAddedThem]

    /Coop Remove [playername] to remove them

    /Coop list - to see who you have CoOp'd

    And stuff like that.

    Another good implementation would be to only allow building within a certain radius of the bedrock on your spawn, this way it will stop griefers and it will stop people building to far.

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    Great Plugin, it works. but I get this Console-errors if I Join the World

    Multiverse and LimitedCreative:

    Only the errors, no ingame-problems.
    cb #2063
    mv #522

    Some Ideas/requests:
    - Maximum Isles per Player
    - No for Ops/Admin, or better per permissions.
    - Permission.node to completely disallow all commands, especially joining. (for guests)
    - The Coop is a good Idea.
    - A levelgenerator, so we can add the world to multiverse; so we could set the weather, difficulty, Mobs etc...
    - If we had some features from above, it would be possible to create a portal to join instead of a command.

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    Just 1 rb in title
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    Ty very much ;) , I will try to upload tomorrow a new version, that include more permissions for skyblock to build (on the SpawnTower), for commands, fixes and new features. Example with the protected area, inviting people to his islands.
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    Thanks alot <3 will people keep they're islands?

    Oh and, When people make a newisland. They keep everything they had. A way to remove this would be great!

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    Ok I think the reason is that the setting allowContent is true, can you check if you have set it to true?
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    Yeah it is, but I want that to be enabled as I have a spawn point in a different world with shops :)
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    Hm ok, sorry I have no idea at the moment what I can do there...
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    You can just make it so when people do /skyblock newisland they lose all items in they're inventory?
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    Nothing happens when i do /skyblock start!!!!
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    do /skyblock join' first.
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    Heyho Seadragon91

    my users love this plugin, super awsome fun wit PVP ;)
    A shot from a fresh round:

    But the LimitedCreative and MV errors are massively spamming the console, 38mb server.log in 20 minutes.
    So I tested to import the World with multiverse, it works, no errors anymore and I have the
    options to customize some settings....

    Problem: In the Distance, the worldgen is generating the world, ugly....
    So I think we need a Levelgenerator, so we could do /mv import SkyBlockMultiplayer normal -g SkyBlockMultiplayer.

    It solves many problems/conflicts, I think.

    - Shorter Worldname: SkyBlock
    - Only track Players which are in the Skyblock world, not on the whole Server! (or only did start)
    - Option for /skyblock lock, to lock the "session", so new users can't join the "match" if the map is resetted, or a mod do a /skyblock unlock.
    - In combination: Config-Option for min and max users to start and play
    - Option for Autoreset the Map, if a user wins and all users left the skyblock word (with message)

    Great in combination with mcDocs for /skyblockgoals with a list of the goals/rules.
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    Hello Jobsti!

    Thanks you very much for your suggestions. I will look into the problems with multiverse. The world name could be changed manually, I had an option already developed, but didn't use it in the end. Tracking only players who used /skyblock join is also possible and could be removed from the tracking after death (in pvp) or left. The problems with the remaining original world in the distance was unfortunately introduced in bukkit 1.2, and I have no idea yet to suppress it - although relogin with the client helped in my case. For the suggestion of a level generator, I first have to take a look at multiverse.

    The other feature request are also promising.
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    Soooo. LimitedCreative is solved.
    Developer has uploaded a dev build after my ticket, it works now, only the mv erros are remaining.

    Whats about a Wgen, which only generates air?

    And a little "bug":
    Spawn is protcted, but the upper slabs on the top are brakeable. (I thinks, it's because the HalfSlabUtilities plugin, but no Problem, I could set a WG-region)
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    I could'nt release the plugin yesterday, because I saw lots of unexpected problems :confused:. I have fix them and I will release it tomorrow at the evening.
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    Overridde?! There is a WorldCreator class that accepts World generator plugins...
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    I notice in the In game help there is not a /skyblock join entry
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    When I have tools in my inventory and open a chase, then they get repaired!?
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    What do you mean? I have no code that repair tools... :confused:
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    Would love to see this developed further :).
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    No one needs a Chest/tool which repair the tools in skyblock.
    If you want, disable item durability or install mcmmo and put a Ironblock in the Chest ;)

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