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    You can use Multiverse with Multiverse Inventories to switch your inv between worlds.
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    Hello ryvix!!! it doesnt work what wrong? i have download the multiverse core and multiverse inventories
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      skyblock: Используйте "/skyblock help" для получения дополнительной информации.
      stopping: Остановка SkyBlock...
      playersInSb: В SkyBlock есть игроки. SkyBlock не может быть отключен!
      isNowOffline: SkyBlock в настоящее время офлайн.
      isOffline: SkyBlock офлайн.
      errorOccured: Произошла ошибка.
      starting: Запуск SkyBlock...
      isNowOnline: SkyBlock теперь онлайн.
      mustBeOffline: SkyBlock должен быть отключен, прежде чем сбросить это.
      reseting: Перезапуск SkyBlock...
      isNowReseted: SkyBlock был сброшен.
      configReloaded: Конфигурация была перезагружена.
      languageReloaded: Язык был перезагружен.
      languageChanged: Язык был изменен.
      languageNotChanged: Язык не был изменен.
      languageFileNotExists: Языковой файл не обнаружен.
      notAuthorized: Вы не авторизованы!
      statusOffline: Офлайн.
      statusOnline: Онлайн.
      numberOfIslands: 'Номер острова: '
      numberOfPlayers: 'Номер игрока: '
        join: §6/skyblock join§7 - Присоединиться к SkyBlock
        start: §6/skyblock start§7 - получить остров
        leave: §6/skyblock leave§7 - покинуть SkyBlock
        tower: §6/skyblock tower§7 - переместиться в башню
        newIsland: §6/skyblock newIsland §a[player]§7 - дать себе или другому игроку новый остров
        setOffline: §6/skyblock set offline§7 - отключить SkyBlock
        setOnline: §6/skyblock set online§7 - включить SkyBlock
        towerReCreate: §6/skyblock tower recreate§7 - пересоздать башню
        setLanguage: §6/skyblock set language §c<language>§7 - сменить язык
        setGameMode: §6/skyblock set gamemode §c<option>§7 - <build> или <pvp>
        setClosed: §6/skyblock set closed§7 - закрыть SkyBlock для подключения игроков
        setOpened: §6/skyblock set opened§7 - открыть SkyBlock, чтобы позволить игрокам присоединиться
        setOwner: §6/skyblock setOwner §c<island number> <player>§7 - сменить владельца острова
        reset: §6/skyblock reset§7 - сбросить SkyBlock
        reloadConfig: §6/skyblock reload config§7 - перезагрузить конфигурацию
        reloadLanguage: §6/skyblock reload language§7 - перезагрузить язык
        status: §6/skyblock status§7 - показать статус
        home: §6/skyblock home§7 - переместиться обратно на остров
        homeAdd: §6/skyblock home add §c<player>§7 - добавить игрока в список ваших друзей
        homeRemove: §6/skyblock home remove §c<player>§7 - удалить игрока из списка ваших друзей
        homeJoin: §6/skyblock home join §c<player>§7 - переместиться на остров друга
        homeList: §6/skyblock home list§7 - показать всех друзей из вашего списка
        homeSet: §6/skyblock home set§7 - изменить точку спавна
      wrongArgs: Неправильные или недопустимые аргументы
      welcome1: 'Добро пожаловать в мир SkyBlock! На данный момент здесь '
      welcome2: ' островов и  '
      welcome3: ' игроков. Используйте "/skyblock start", чтобы получить собственный остров.'
      welcomeBack: 'С возвращением '
      welcomeBroadcast1: 'Игрок '
      welcomeBroadcast2: ' присоединился к игре.'
      toNewPlayer: Не поддавайтесь и не делайте обсидиан :-).
      showIslandNumber: 'Вы находитесь на острове номер '
      leftSkyblock: Вы покинули SkyBlock.
      wrongPlayerName: Игрок с таким именем не существует.
      newIslandPlayer1: 'Игрок '
      newIslandPlayer2: ' получил новый остров.'
      gotNewIsland1: 'Игрок '
      gotNewIsland2: ' дал вам новый остров.'
      sign1Line1: Добро пожаловать в
      sign1Line2: SkyBlock-
      sign1Line3: Multiplayer
      sign2Line1: Для получения
      sign2Line2: дополнительной информации используйте
      sign2Line3: /skyblock help
      sign2Line4: Удачи!
      playerDied1: 'Один из игроков погиб. Осталось '
      playerDied2: ' игроков.'
      playerWinBroadcast1: 'Игрок '
      playerWinBroadcast2: ' выиграл игру. Поздравляем!'
      betterSpecify: Игрок с таким именем уже существует.
      gameModeChanged: Игровой режим был изменен.
      friendRemoved: Друг удален
      friendAdded: Друг добавлен
      notFriendFromYou: Невозможно, вас нет в списке друзей игрока!
      playerAddedYou: ' добавил вас в свой список друзей.'
      isNowClosed: SkyBlock сейчас закрыт.
      isNowOpened: SkyBlock теперь открыт.
      isClosed: SkyBlock закрыт.
      areaBorders: Защищенная зона или граница территории.
      onlyInBuildMode: Это работает только в режиме строительства!
      backOnTower: Вы будете возвращены в башню.
      spawnTowerReCreated: Башня была пересоздана.
      noMoreLivesAndIslands: Игра окончена!!!. Больше нет жизней и остров покинут!
      invalidIslandNumber: Неверный номер острова!
      changedOwnerTo: 'Владелец острова в настоящее время -  '
      spawnLocationChanged: Ваша точка спавна изменена.
      changeOfHomeLocationOnlyInOwnArea: Вы можете изменить свою точку спавна только в вашем регионе.
      noIslandTeleportImpossible: У вас нет острова, вы не можете переместиться к вашему другу.
      areaOfSpawnTower: Зона спавна.
      onlyOnTower: Эта команда работает только в башне.
      onlyOutsideOfSb: Эта команда работает только за пределами SkyBlock.
      onlyInsideOfSb: Эта команда работает только на территории SkyBlock.
    Thanks for the great plugin. I have translated language file into Russian for you. Good luck. [diamond]

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    I am guessing you probably just have to set it up properly. They have a big wiki for it that you might want to read and see how to use it properly.
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    My players can't seem to place blocks near their island. He was making a platform for mobs when it was damaged. So he tried to place the blocks but it disappears after he places. His inventory block also did not decrease. No error or anything displayed in chat. What's wrong?
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    Sorry for the random question, but is there a way to set it up so that the plugin allows transport to the nether?
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    Chances are there is a bug and they lost ownership of their island. You could always try setting them the owner of it but I have a feeling this wouldn't work. I was trying to fix a similar bug but haven't gotten it figured out yet.

    Not unless you were to modify the code I don't think. I don't even know if plugins or if you had a nether portal there would allow you to go to a nether of another world.
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    I get this glitch when I reload the server how can it be fixed


    Ya I did that also it is really Anoying

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    How Can I make that my users dont lost their items when they teleport to tower?? i made a shop on tower, my users buy items and when they teleport to their island they're loosing them
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    I am from Slovakia :) So I decided to translate the plugin. Thi is Slovak language. Could you give it to the choice of language. (Google translate my post :D Not translated plugin with Google)

      skyblock: Pouzi "/skyblock help" pre viac informacii.
      stopping: Zastavujem Skyblock...
      playersInSb: Hrac na Skyblocku. Skyblock nieje zamietnuty!
      isNowOffline: SkyBlock je teraz offline.
      isOffline: SkyBlock je offline.
      errorOccured: An error occurred.
      starting: Startjem SkyBlock...
      isNowOnline: SkyBlock je teraz online.
      mustBeOffline: SkyBlock musi byt offline aby mohol byt restartovany.
      reseting: Restart Skyblocku...
      isNowReseted: SkyBlock bol resetovany.
      configReloaded: Config bol reloadnuty.
      languageReloaded: Jazyk reloadnuty.
      languageChanged: Jazyk zmenený.
      languageNotChanged: Jazyk nebol zmeneny.
      languageFileNotExists: Jazykova zlozka nebola najdena.
      notAuthorized: Nemas na toto prava!
      statusOffline: Je offline
      statusOnline: Je online.
      numberOfIslands: 'Pocet ostrovov: '
      numberOfPlayers: 'Pocet hracov: '
        join: §6/skyblock join§7 - Pripojit sa.
        start: §6/skyblock start§7 - Ziskat novy ostrov.
        leave: §6/skyblock leave§7 - Opustenie ostrova.
        tower: §6/skyblock tower§7 - Teleport spat na vezu.
        newIsland: §6/skyblock newIsland §a[player]§7 - Vytvoris si vlastny ostrov.
        setOffline: §6/skyblock set offline§7 - Deaktivuje SkyBlock.
        setOnline: §6/skyblock set online§7 - Aktivuje SkyBlock.
        towerReCreate: §6/skyblock tower recreate§7 - Znovu vytvori ostrov.
        setLanguage: §6/skyblock set language §c<language>§7 - Zmeni jazyk.
        setGameMode: §6/skyblock set gamemode §c<option>§7 - <build> alebo <pvp>
        setClosed: §6/skyblock set closed§7 - Zastavi pripajanie sa hracov na Skyblock.
        setOpened: §6/skyblock set opened§7 - Spristupni skyblock pre pripojenie.
        setOwner: §6/skyblock setOwner §c<island number> <player>§7 - Zmeni majitela ostrova.
        reset: §6/skyblock reset§7 - Restart Skyblocku.
        reloadConfig: §6/skyblock reload config§7 - Reload Configu.
        reloadLanguage: §6/skyblock reload language§7 - Reload jazyka.
        status: §6/skyblock status§7 - Status hracov.
        home: §6/skyblock home§7 - Teleport spät na ostrov.
        homeAdd: §6/skyblock home add §c<player>§7 - Pridat hraca na ostrov.
        homeRemove: §6/skyblock home remove §c<player>§7 - Odstranenie hraca z listiny priatelov.
        homeJoin: §6/skyblock home join §c<player>§7 - Teleport na priatelov ostrov.
        homeList: §6/skyblock home list§7 - Ukaze listinu priatelov.
        homeSet: §6/skyblock home set§7 - Zmeni spawnpoint.
      wrongArgs: Zle zadany prikaz. Skontroluj ho.
      welcome1: 'Vitaj na Skyblock servery'
      welcome2: ' islands and  '
      welcome3: ' players. Use "/skyblock start" to get an own island.'
      welcomeBack: 'Vitaj spat '
      welcomeBroadcast1: 'Hrac '
      welcomeBroadcast2: ' sa pripojil do skyblock hry.'
      toNewPlayer: Vitaj na ostrove, skus nevytvorit hned na zaciatku Obsidian.
      showIslandNumber: 'Tvoje cislo ostrova je '
      leftSkyblock: Opustil si Skyblock.
      wrongPlayerName: Nieje taky hrac s takym nickom.
      newIslandPlayer1: 'Hrac '
      newIslandPlayer2: ' ma novy ostrov.'
      gotNewIsland1: 'Hrac '
      gotNewIsland2: ' si vytvoril novy ostrov.'
      sign1Line1: Welcome to
      sign1Line2: SkyBlock-
      sign1Line3: Multiplayer
      sign2Line1: For more
      sign2Line2: information use
      sign2Line3: /skyblock help
      sign2Line4: Good luck!
      playerDied1: 'Jeden hrac mrtvy.Tyto hraci '
      playerDied2: ' zostavaju.'
      playerWinBroadcast1: 'Hrac '
      playerWinBroadcast2: ' splnil vsetky challenge. Gratulujeme!'
      betterSpecify: Je tu viac hracov z rovnakym nickom.
      gameModeChanged: Styl hry bol zmeneny.
      friendRemoved: Priatel odstraneny.
      friendAdded: Priatel pridany.
      notFriendFromYou: Hrac nieje na listine priatelov!
      playerAddedYou: ' si ta pridal do priatelov.'
      isNowClosed: SkyBlock je teraz zatvoreny.
      isNowOpened: SkyBlock je teraz otvoreny.
      isClosed: SkyBlock je zatvoreny.
      areaBorders: Protected area or borders.
      onlyInBuildMode: Iba na Build mode!
      backOnTower: Vitaj spat na spawne.
      spawnTowerReCreated: Spawn budova je znova vytvorena.
      noMoreLivesAndIslands: Koniec!!!. nemas viac zivotov!
      invalidIslandNumber: Zle cislo ostrova!
      changedOwnerTo: 'Vlastnik ostrova po novom je '
      spawnLocationChanged: Tvoj Spawnpoint je nastaveny.
      changeOfHomeLocationOnlyInOwnArea: Zmenil si spawnpoin v regione.
      noIslandTeleportImpossible: Nemas ostrov, nemozes sa teleportovat.
      areaOfSpawnTower: Arena spawnu.
      onlyOnTower: Tento prikaz je mozny iba na spawne.
      onlyOutsideOfSb: Tento prikaz je mozny iba na Spawne.
      onlyInsideOfSb: Tento prikaz je mozny iba mimo Spawnu.
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    I have another request. Can u make in config limit to replace newislands?

    I dont know how, but some of my users can duplicate items by replacing islands.
    Please answer.

    Ill post soon Polish translate if u want
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    They do that by using the /skyblock newisland command and all items will then drop on the ground. Such as those in chests (by this I meant they can break a chest and all the items will easily fall and stay when they make a new island), any sitting around will still be there, etc.
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    How do you remove the '/skyblock leave' command? I'm using PEX and adding the command to the ignore list doesn't do diddly squat. Sure users can't use anything from the real world, but most people who play Minecraft are stupid, so I'll be unloaded with questions as to why that world doesn't work and why the items don't stay in their inventory. Plus, having two worlds loaded and people exploring could cause lag.

    How do you remove islands? I was setting up my server, and there's 2 test islands near the spawn which are no longer occupied. How can I remove them so someone else can build there?

    The plugin is pretty cool, I like these puzzle games!
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    Listen. My users when falls down under island, they're typing /skyblock home, these items are on island, Then they're typing /skyblock newisland so they get New Chest items and the old one. I want make limit so they cant duplicate it forever.
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    Hi just after a bit of advice, I now use a server to server transportation solution. We host many different types of worlds and running then under the same MC instance with Multiverse is not the anwser hence moving to a server to server transportation so each world is hosted on it's own instance of MC to allow us to fully utilise the power of the server as MC is single threaded. Also the player does not need to log out and use a different address to get to the different server.

    My question is how do you run Skyblock on a intance of MC that won't have any other worlds eg the default world world be SkyBlock. The problem I can see is the you can't use the /skyblock join command from within the skyblock world. Would the only solution be to have a tiny world of say 50 by 50 which is just the standard default world and then they have could run the join command as they would in a separate world. Or is there some way not to have to do this and get them to spawn into the world on top of the tower ???? Any advice would be appreciated
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    Hey guys it is possible to do something like 3 or more type island?
    For example islands with bioms like:
    1. Jungle
    2. Desert
    3. Normal
    4. Nether etc.
    Maybe you know how to do that ?
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    ummm..........BIg problem! job of skyblock is to have no land! about 10,000 blocks from tower we found land! and a ton of it! its a super flat world man! Please fix this!!!!!!
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    They guys which is the path for schematics?
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    Make it so that when people buy stuff from a Chestshop on another world, they can use it on there island. Right now it seems that there is separate inventory's for the Island and the Tower.
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    This looks really good, im going to put it on my server, I run a cracked bukkit server so people who use mineshafter or dont have a account can play

    i have a problem, players are unable to place ice or water

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    Unable to get island number or any information with a stick as an admin. Maybe a conflict of mods? No idea. Just stating so hopefully on next release the bugs might get fixed, thanks!
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    when people teleport away to another world and then back to their island they lose their stuff
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    Yes if you saw my screenshot I hate that glich and I wish someone will fix it because this is a cool plugin
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    winter4w image /\

    how to fix it?
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    Read the post directly above yours.
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    Hey everyone,

    I don't know if the original author of this plugin has had any time to update this (I don't see any commits on Github for 25 days) or maybe they just may have lost interest and not plan to update it anymore or are busy but my players love it so I am still working on it slowly but surely and intend to commit my changes to Github this week if I can fix up the remaining bugs I have encountered.

    This plugin does in fact have a massive amount of bugs and I think it needs to be completely rewritten from scratch. I may do this eventually but for now I have just been trying to fix the bugs and am going to get it to work properly. The author does fix some of the bugs eventually but the updates are few and far between. Thanks for this awesome plugin, it's almost there but we just can't wait around for it to get fixed in it's current alpha state. Luckily it is released under an open source license so we can contribute and fix it ourselves.

    I have fixed some of the bugs so far but there are more left to fix before it's ready for people to use. I'll commit my customizations to Github very soon. I have added some new features and changed the way some things work a bit so we shall see what happens.

    If you have any bugs to fix specifically please let me know and I will try to fix them as well because I want this to work and there's no reason not to make it work for everyone else if possible. I will check what bugs people have reported already and try to fix the ones I can. Some I can't reproduce but I will do my best to fix them all if I can.

    Currently, people sometimes try to start an island and end up having island 0 somehow or other strange things happening with this. There are so many silly little bugs like this it's just not good to use the plugin in its current state. But it is an alpha and these sorts of things are often to be expected with alpha releases.

    What I have done so far:
    -fixed the world generation issues where land would appear sometimes by integrating NullTerrain generator.
    Credit goes to Elizacat for the NullTerrain generator, thank you Elizacat!
    -added random tree types
    -added ability to warp to any players home location
    -added ability to warp to any island
    -made it so players can remove their island and then replace it rather than just creating a new island which causes a lot of items to drop and remain on the island
    -fixed various other bugs and probably more things I can't think of right now

    -a way for players to do something to convert obsidian back to lava (was thinking they could craft a magic fire on top of it or something but I don't know, any ideas?)
    -fix more bugs
    -add more features
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    Wow that sounds awesome! Are you planning to release it any time soon?
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    Hello. I have an error for you. I am playing with my new players and, they try the island command[/skyblock create or whatever], and they say it spawns them on the ground, not on the island? Also, when they /skyblock home, they spawn on the ground again. Please help?

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