[INACTIVE][FUN] SimpleShout v0.1a - Everybody can shout [670]

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    Joey Clover

    SimpleShout - Everybody can shout
    Version: 0.1b

    Basically, SimpleShout allows anybody on your server to use a '/shout {message}' command. I know '/say {message}' exists, but that is only for Ops. This is supposed to make it easier for people to announce messages. Also, SimpleShout is VERY lightweight and will not leave any messages on your console, leaving it very efficient and easy to use.

    • Everybody can use /shout {message}
    • The shout message looks nice.
    Download Version 0.1b [Latest Version]

    Download Version 0.1a [Older Version]

    Version 0.1b
    • Fixed to work with 670

    Version 0.1a
    • Released
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    Joey Clover

    Thankyou for making this a 'proper' release :)
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    So this will basically show [Server](message) ?
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    Joey Clover

    Yup :)
    But it will change the colours to make it aweshum :p
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    considered inactive

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