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    SimpleDeathmatch - Simple FFA deathmatch
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin provides the server functionality needed for simple FFA deathmatches. It's a pretty basic plugin, but creating it helped me to learn how to develop bukkit plugins!

    To use the plugin type /sdm followed by the command you want to run in to the chat window. There are 3 commands to use:
    • start X - Starts a deathmatch with the fraglimit set to X. The match will end when a player reaches X frags
    • stop - Opped players can issue this command to stop a deathmatch
    • scores - Shows the current scores to the player
    • Start/stop deathmatches
    • Set your own fraglimit
    • Broadcasts quake-style messages to all players on the server when a player is killed ("Mattahj was eaten by a zombie")
    • Kill streak messages (like in unreal tournament)

    You can download the JAR and/or the source code here: https://github.com/mattahj/SimpleDeathmatch

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    This looks extremely awesome, definitely a step up from players just running around killing each other. But 2 questions: What do you mean by fraglimit? Could you explain the killstreak messages more? (I've never played Unreal Tournament). Also, could you make it so that the deathmatch only happens on the world it's started on, and messages are only broadcast to players on that world?
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    Hey! I'm a bit busy at university at the moment (it's my final year) so I probably wont be able to make any modifications for a while. Lots of coursework at the moment and exams coming soon :( I don't mind at all if someone else wants to grab my code and modify it though.

    When I have some free time I'll take a look at adding support for different worlds as you have suggested. I might make the messages that are broadcast upon death customizable and stuff as well.

    Fraglimit: By this I mean the number of kills (frags) a player needs to get to win the match.
    About the kill streak messages, when a player scores X amount of kills without dying a message will be broadcast to all players depending on the value of X. e.g. at 5 kills you get "KILLING SPREE". If anyone played UT back in '99 then they will know what I mean :D

    Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpHI6jVQvaA&feature=related - some skill streak sounds from ut

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