[INACTIVE][FUN] SignDispenser v0.2.0 Right Click Signs for items [83]

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    SignDispenser allows you to make signs that dispense stacks of items when a player right clicks it. To create a sign simply place a sign and format it as follows:

    Item Id
    This would create a sign that gives the player 64 stone each time they right click the sign.

    PRO TIP: I left a "bug" in so that if you choose -1 as the amount, you will be given a creative block. Don't tell your users and if a majority want it gone I can remove it. I thought it was kind of funny.

    My hMod version was group based so that you could choose which groups can make the signs, destroy the signs, as well as simply use the signs. I have not found an easy way to implement this in bukkit yet, but as soon as I see it I will add those features back in. But for now it is just the basics.

    Sometimes after you use the sign you will place a block and it will disappear. This is because every time you click the sign if you have an item in your hand it will try and place it. I have added a simple workaround by adding a player to a list when they click the sign. As soon as a person on that list places a block (In this case instantly) it will fail to build. They will then be removed from the list. Not the most elegant way, but I have been spending most of my time on my economy.

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    Wow, seems great! I'm gonna try this!
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    That is pretty cool.
    Nice work
    Will try this when i get home :D
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Can I grant only a few ppl with this plugin? I don't want some random person joining my server getting all sorts of free stuff.
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    Sadly not yet, although that is the intended function. I am hesitant to build support for UserGroups or any other group plugin as bukkit will have its own permission system that I will use. If people want it though I can add some temporary files for that function, but that will be on a name by name basis.
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    GroupUsers support would be fantastic! In my opinion: don't waste time on a temp file but just work on GroupUsers support :D

    However if you want to use the bukkit access system you should not waste any time on GroupUsers. But i still think GroupUsers would be better then a flat-file.
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    Nice though two requests
    1) please add support for user control or make it so only ops can place
    2) please can u add iconemy support so players are charged at a rate set per sign per use

    With those two additions this would be an awesome pluggin

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    Doesn't work for me, using the latest CraftBukkit. Signs simply to nothing on rightclick,no matter what i put on them.
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    Works here (build #106).

    However most of the time when i get material's it sais: "Here you go" but the invertory doesn't get updated so it seems you don't get anything. So don't know if you can add a "player.refreshInvertory()" or something :)
    Would be great!


    Hm strange after a restart it works better, a lot better. However the problem still exists sometimes so please see if it's possible :)
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    What about names of items, like "Stone" instead of "1" or "Grass" instead of "3"?
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    Very nice !
    Hopes it suport groups in the future :)

    Keep up tha good work

    Srry for my english..
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    I would do that for creating the sign, but because the word length is limited to 14 or so on signs, I have to use some 'mashed up' versions of the names.

    And as far as the inventory goes, I noticed it to. It always adds the item but sometimes your inventory doesn't update to show. As far as I have seen though, there is no sort of update for inventory.

    Also, for some reason I can't seem to get a way of seeing if a sign is placed, and then grab the text to check if it is a sign. onBlockPlace doesn't seem to be called for signs, and even if it was I feel it would not have the signs text. So we might have to wait a bit for limiting who can place them. Only other way as of now is to only let certain people place signs period.
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    It dosent seem to work when a sign is on a wall. Only when its placed on the ground.

    Think im running #106
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    this is exactly what i was looking for! thank you so much. now i can go and build that factory i've been dreaming about...

    although would it be possible to make a plugin that let you set what a mobspawner would spawn? like anything from mobs to anyblock type? now that would be cool.
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    I like this very much. Any way to have future support for economy plugins? Having a price for each withdrawal would be great! Also redstone support would be great so dispensers could be triggered by switches.
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    ooo i like that idea even better then the spawners.
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    This is not working... I have the craftbukkit build 114...Help?
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    Found a bug:

    Try to use "Item Id 16 Amount 1" (note: 26 doesn't exists) and it will crash your client (not the server thank god ;p)

    I think this is caused by your way of 'converting' the ID's to tekst.
    String[] item = 'item1', 'item2', 'item3'


    In you code you just use this:
    item1 is the first in the list so it get's ID 01
    item2 is the seccond in the list so it get's ID 02
    item3 is the third in the list so it get's ID 03

    well, you should see it by now. Item 3 is NOT 03 but 04 so something strange happens and the client crashes.

    Good luck with a solution ;) (i'dont know a quick and easy way unfortunatley)
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    hey would you consider letting it dispense dyes by name or data value as they all share an id?
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    I can see what I can do. Names will be kinda messed for it though.... would be tricky.
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    sweet thanks. you could just put the color if you like. i don't think anyone would care
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    My dispensers only work on the ground, is there any way i can make it work on the wall?[​IMG]
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    I FUCKING LOVE YOU! if this works...
    well, i'm waiting for updates ^^
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    Voxel Box


    Very cool plugin, I love this idea and it's neat to see show-roomfriendly plugins come out for creative server use. We've added it to the list of "Similar Plugins" on the post for our item duplication / wool dye-ing plugin called VoxelMore.
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    I want to use this, however I want to make it so only ops/mods can place the signs to limit what can be spawned.

    Can you either add permissions support, or make it so it needs ops.txt for authentication? Looking forward to this plugin!
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    Thats the idea, but for some reason I still can't get sign placement working. As soon as I find a way or if they add a hook similar to onSignChange I'm going to change it to use ops

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    i really don't want to come off as rude. honestly this is one of my favorite plugins. but anyway are you planning to update this anymore? I would love the ability to use the damage modifier so we can change block types like wood, dye, and cloth blocks.

    thanks for all the work so far.
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    You don't come off as rude at all. I do plan to develop this more, I was waiting for a permissions system to be built into bukkit before I continued work on it though. I do plan on using damage though, also working that out for my economy too. School just started to get in the way of a lot of things. Diff EQ is hard ><
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    ok got it. and yeah school is kind of important. good luck with your classes and thanks for the feedback
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    Is is possibly to make it so the player can only get the item once

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