[INACTIVE][FUN] RaveBlox v1.2 - makes wool blocks change color[Permissions] [684]

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    Fun, customizable, color changing, wool blocks.
    Notice: Full credit goes to the original author dv90 all i did was update it.

    Version: 1.2
    Requirements: Permissions

    RaveBlox gives you the ability to place wool blocks that change colors according to custom patterns defined by the /rave command.

    Video [HD!]:

    • Supports all colors of wool
    • Customizable delay time (in milliseconds; by server admin in a properties file)
    • Fully customizable color patterns
    • Saves recent patterns for easy selection later
    • View all recent patterns in a simple list
    • Easily manage patterns with set, use, list, and del
    • Ability to sync one or all patterns
    • Easily return to normal wool blocks with a simple command
    • Supports Permissions
    • /rave set color1 color2 color3 - Sets the current color pattern; unlimited number of colors
    • /rave list - Shows all patterns with the pattern number in [ ]'s and corresponding colors
    • /rave use # - Selects the pattern with the specified id; use list to find the id
    • /rave del # - Deletes the specified pattern
    • /rave sync [#] - Syncs all patterns. If you specify a pattern id, it will sync only that one. This starts the pattern over so all blocks in the pattern are the same color.
    • /rave clear - Stops using the current pattern and allows you to place normal wool blocks again.
    1. Type /rave set red blue green - to set color pattern
    2. Type /rave list - to view all patterns created
    3. Type /rave use - to switch between patterns
    4. Type /rave sync <pattern id> - to sync certain patterns or /rave sync - to sync all
    5. Type /rave clear - to clear pattern to place a wool block normally
    6. Type /rave del <pattern id> - to remove a specific pattern
    Permissions Info:
    • raveblox.set
    • raveblox.clear
    • raveblox.sync
    • raveblox.del
    • raveblox.use
    • raveblox.list
    • Add persistance to placed wool patterns on server restart.
    • Updated to work with RB684
    • Only changed what i felt was needed but all functionality is the same as original
    • Tested and should be fully working
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    Thanks m8, will of course try this plugin at a later time :)
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    God dam it i have been designing and building a custom dancefloor using the pixel chip in redstone chips to do something very simalar to this. The circuitry i have so far takes up a huge cavern and then i find a plugin that can do it with just one block :mad:
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    Well currently there is no persistence so after a restart they stop.
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    can u uppdate this for the newest build?
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    when are you adding persistence to the build? id love to get this when its added.

    also can you do only 1 color? like purple or red or gray? im using this to change the color of my "carpet" but my izone doesnt allow me to fill with anything other than white wool and since my room has 1600 blocks per floor, it would take me a year to do 20 floor levels and putting carpet in all of them.

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    This plugin is amazing but i can't add it until you add persistence. PLEASE DO SOON! I MUST MC RAVE!
    Add Persistence!
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    Persistence is definitely needed, but the fact it's not there at the moment doesn't break just how cool this plugin is. I love making tunnels with this and just raving across the world.

    Awesome little plugin, but it will be an Amazing plugin once it has persistence ;)

    Thank you!
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    Ive started work on persistence but i have limited time to work on my plugins currently but ill try to get a new release out asap.
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    Thanks so much! I will love you forever after you do that!
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    I have a player that would love this so much! Count me as another person waiting patiently for persistence ;)
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    @furt, thanks for picking this up. I've decided to start updating it again as I've had some extra time lately. I should have an update out within the next 48 hours. The update should add pattern saving so you they still work after server restarts.
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    would you like my source?
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    I'm not sure yet. You didn't happen to fix the NullPointerException that is thrown sometimes when people use commands did you?


    I have updated it and added persistence along with a couple bugfixes. Check the original thread here.
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    Awesome plugin, but I have a request. I wanted to get this plugin for my players, but when they break the blocks they get the color the block was on at the time. Would it be possible to make it so it always drops as white wool (like an option in the config file)? If so that would be just great!
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    Im not working on this anymore, the orginal author has updated the official version http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/740.8268/ check it out :p
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    cb 684 - inactive

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