[INACTIVE][FUN] Quarantine v0.7 - Survive the zombie horde!

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    Survive the zombie horde!
    Quarantine lets you create special zones where mobs spawn and roam around, which players can then join to try to fight for their survival. To improve their odds, they can buy items or sell them. Quarantine has a localized economy, where players get money from killing mobs or selling items. It also has support for leaderboards backed by a Redis or MySQL database. You can lock buttons with keys (which players can buy). Also, the player's last health, inventory and locations are saved, so they can resume gameplay at any time. When exiting a zone, pre-game health is restored. This is a hard core survival game, if you die, all your data is deleted, and you loose all your score. Score is obtained by killing mobs, and can be set for each mob type.
    Requires WorldGuard, Regios or Residence to work

    Bukkit dev link: this
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    is there a plugin that makes zombie spawn alot on random nights like a 1/10 or 1/100 chance of zombie invasion at night for 1.0.1-r1?
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    I do not know of any plugin with this particular function.
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    is it a simple task to do? sorta like Terraria blood moon doubles the spawn rate of zombies. it should also double the range of view of zombie if that makes sense do you feel me? you picking up what i'm putting down? you scooping what i'm pooping? you getting what i'm shitting?
    there would be a random chance of blood moon 1/10 or so. the moon dose not exactly need to be red just the function maybe on new moons there would be the double spawn it sorta makes sense with less light there is more darkness moon reflects light u catch my drift?
    i dont want to customly set up places where zombies spawn because its gonna be a survival server not a cod blackops zombie style. i don't want the money they drop either
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    You don't have to talk to me like this....

    Yes, I understood you. If you want me to make this plugin, here's your answer: no.
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    Hello, i'm french, so excuse my english,

    So, when I saw your plugin quarantine, i was really excited to put it on my bukkitserv
    I installed the plugin on the server, then, I config the permissions (PermissionsBukkit), with the only 3 permission I saw in the BukkitDev page.
    But then, when I wanna select a quarantine region, (/qload, /qjoin, or else,) I saw this message : "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command"

    Could you help me, please ?
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    you kno any one who wouldnt mind doing so?
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    I remember the Testing server for this, very fun indeed.
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    Please post your error log.

    Plugin request section.

    I still run my test server when I need it.
  11. is there a map made for this plugin
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    can u make a infection mod? When a player was touched from some zombie become a zombie and all players zombie must kills every players, type last stand :D
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    Whenever it says, Can't Keep Up, It sometimes does not have enough RAM.
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    That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with my plugin. Try allocating more memory to the virtual machine. Also, if the subzones are two big and two numerous, you might end up with some hang time when a player enters a previously empty zone.
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    Can we get a tutorial? Or a video tutorial would be great. I am brand new to WorldGuard and WorldEdit. I LOVED Tribu and this seems like it but 10x better and would LOVE to have it on my server, but I can't really figure out how to get it to work :( help?

    EDIT: Figured EVERYTHING out and it is now working :D

    Few suggestions:

    • Vote System? I don't know if it is in there or not. I don't have more than one map made.
    • Support for custom mobs? Again, I still am not sure if it does or not.
    • Support for custom items? Once again, idk if it is or not lol.
    • Optional Wave system. Starting waves mobs have less hp, then it highers each wave.
    • A death room. When you die, you are sent to a room when you die to observe the other players as they fight through waves of enemies.
    Thank you for this awesome plugin! :D
    Is there a way to make mobs spawn on a higher level of the map? For example, I have a map with a large tower right in the middle of it. Is it possible to make mobs spawn throughout the tower? Thanks!
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    This plugin is great. i think tehcparret`s idea of a wave system would be really cool. just my 2 cents, Please keep this plugin up and running its one of a kind

    how do you make the subzones for mob spawning? thats the only thing im missing

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    Define regions across floors, 3 block high, last block inside de floor. Make those about 10x7x3 in dimension.
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    well now theres one more thing, i cant get the sell signs to work can you maybe post a screenshot?
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    Just post the test you're using here, it's quicker.
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    ok one sec

    do i have to be in the game with /qjoin or teleport there to make the sign?


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    I recently added this plugin to my server and I know how to use world guard/edit good enough to claim regions but I don't know how to make Zone1 in-game. I make a region and call it PlayArea but don't know how to add that area into the zones. Also, I don't know how to set a lobby. If anyone does know I would let them on my server to help me. Here is config code:
      enabled: false
      type: mysql
        host: 'localhost'
        port: 6379
        host: 'localhost'
        name: 'minecraft'
        port: 3306
        user: 'user'
        password: 'password'
        max_number_of_players: 100
        world: 'Zone1'
        mob_check_task_interval: 300
        soft_mob_respawn: false
        clear_drops: true
        one_time_use_keys: false
          x: 0
          y: 0
          z: 0
          yaw: 0
          pitch: 0
          x: 0
          y: 0
          z: 0
          yaw: 0
          pitch: 0
        starting_money: 35
          - '276-1'
          - '310-1'
          - '311-1'
          - '312-1'
          - '313-1'
          - 'Zombie:10-15-5'
          - 'Skeleton:15-20-6'
          - 'Spider:15-18-6'
            number_of_mobs: 0
              - 'Zombie'
              - 'Spider'
              - 'Skeleton'
            number_of_mobs: 0
              - 'Zombie'
              - 'Spider'
            number_of_mobs: 0
              - 'Zombie'
              - 'Skeleton'
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    This is an awesome plugin! Please make it 1.2.3 compatible! I built a big castle and now I'm just waiting for this mod to be updated. Thank you in advance :D

    P.S. Do zombies burn under the sun in the quarantined zone? And can we make people pay fee to enter the zone? And...can we have (a) Giant Zombie(s) as boss(es)? :p
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    Can someone make a good tutorial on how to set up like a areana for this or something or just how to set this up im really confused
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    Its not loading any zones at all..
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    No, I don't have a mic.
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    Make with no mic...
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    That would be to much of a hassle.
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    I dont understand how to configure arena o-o
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    I'm noticing that it is not loading any regions. We have the correct regions, in fact we named it quarantine and the worldguard region quarantine. In the configuration, it too is also named quarantine, although it comes up with not finding any regions to load for the main zone.

    We're just setting up, so all we have is a main zone region set up. Is this how we are supposed to work on it? Is the plugin up with 1.2.4 and WorldGuard's DEV? If you need more information, let me know.

    We are on the latest CB-RB build for 1.2.4.

    Appears to be Working now. Interesting.

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