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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    MIXXIT posted back some pages ago that he is TAKING A BREAKING.
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    Yes, but there's "taking a break" and ignoring a widely used plugin which people are waiting on post release.

    Without meaning to sound ungrateful, it's poor form to not update or even just say it's inactive- logging in and posting's not hard to do.
  4. so this isn't updated?
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    .... you're joking, right?

    It's not like there are pages upon pages of people asking for an update. Cmon man, at least go back a page before asking something like that.
  6. lol, sorry, i noticed after i posted...
    you should update it @mixxit
    break or no break :p
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    le sigh
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    Man, as someone who just had his server royally screwed up (momentarily) by Citizens... I was really hoping this would function. I would love to see the dev come back and give this a fix, it sounds phenomenal.
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    It's a dam shame that no other dev has tryed to fix this great plugin for us yet! Since the main dev isn't around anymore.
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    Can anyone help me set up a mysql database and get npcx working? There's 10 bucks in it for you.
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    If you're running 1.5, NPCX will not work.


    Just logged into your server, you are running 1.5

    No NPCX for you
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    Haha I realised that after spending an hour getting the database set up and stuff. Any idea when it'll be back?
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    I don't think it will be- Mixxit's been MIA for quite some time now :(
    He said he was taking a break, but eh...
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    Hi guys,
    I'd like to offer my services freely as a relatively experienced java programmer to try and fix this mod. Unfortunately that is about the extent of my experience in this regard. I installed this plugin successfully on my 1.502 beta craftbukkit server today only to discover that the npcs did not appear to spawn when they should. To my the extent of my knowledge (correct me if I am wrong) this is the main bug that needs fixing with the plugin to get it compatible with 1.5
    From what I have read in the posts on this thread, it seems like the issue has something to do with skins not being loaded into the npcs... Am I correct in this assumption?
    If anyone has any level of knowledge as to 'why' the npcs do not seem to appear, please let me know. I will, to the best of my ability look into ways to fix the issue as soon as I know what the issue is. Untill then I am dumbfounded and cannot be of any real help untill I can understand what is causing the issue.
    I will look into this in my own time ofcourse... I am not lazy. I simply ask that if anyone has already figured out the 'why' of the issue, that they can pass on this information to me. Even if its just a hunch, I would be happy to look into it, and try to come up with a fix myself, which I would then post freely on this forum (or elsewhere if forum rules prohibit... I'll have to look into that...)
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    The issue of NPCs spawning has nothing to do with the skins. This plugin uses the npc spawner library, and this plugin hasn't been updated to use the new one.
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    Yeah, you need to update the lib, that's all. Also, make sure to change the net manager constructor in craftnpc constructor to return false (seems to cut down on lag).
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    No problem! Here's to hoping we'll be able to use this awesome plugin again :)
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    Lol, I'll give it my best shot... Its a pain working with someone elses code though =P... Hopefully the creator gets back and updates it before I do my head in. :(
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    Yeah I know what you mean- I'm a Computing degree student and working with other people's code, especially if it's not commented well is just horrible.
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    lol, me too... I always wondered why my lecturers kept saying 'put comments in your code for f*** sake'... This is a perfect example of why xD
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    Wasn't there also some breakage around Notch's 1.5 update, something about him changing values to obfuscate the code again? IDK...not a Java guy, so I might be talking out of my ass.
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    Each time Notch rolls out an update, the code is reobfuscated.
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    william jerome

    hi i need some help with this i have a mclawl server and obv a craftbukkit one witch is all good but when i try to do the mysql bit it screws up my mclawl server a bit but i was wandering do you have teamviewer so u could help me
    many thanks will
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    Ok, so I've been looking through the npcx.npclibfork files. I've tried simply replacing the files in that folder with the 'updated' and compiled npclib files someone had uploaded to no avail (wishful thinking lol...). I am not too sure that the npclib files uploaded were 'official' in the sense that they didn't seem to be designed to be for generic use. They seemed rather specific to me. Additionally, in mixxits version of the npclib files (root file npcx.npclibfork) there was a lot of extra coding added by mixxit to the lib files it seems. Simply replacing them it seems would break much of the plugin's functionality. So manually updating the coding of the class files appears to be the only option. Additionally, I believe that at least some of the classes in the npcx.npcx folder would also need updating.
    Just a query... Has anyone else tried messing with the classes in either/both folders that we know of?
    If anyone else has tried tinkering with the class files resulting in any amount of success, please let me know. I think if we can get the npcs to spawn, that would be a very nice start, but I think that its gonna take more then that to repair the functionality that mixxit seemed to have in place.
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    You've obviously ignored this entire thread; NPCX does not work for 15

    Can't help you there, friend. I -LOATHE- writing in Java.
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    Jake Rees

    how do i make guards with this?
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    you should make a plugin just with quests.
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    uhg I really want to use this since the kind of stupid error in Citizens but sadly my pc doesnt like MySQL and crashes the installer just as it is finishing... now I have a useless service and useless cmd shortcut... :/ Would it be possible to make this work with SQLite?
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    If the creator was here, he could probably offer a hand. Then again, none of us can get this working right now, because its not compatible with the 1.5 beta. Also, if you look through the handy readme file he provided, he actually says it will probably never have an SQLite version. This is especially true, when it may never even have a working 1.5beta version with MySQL :(

    Can't since beta 1.5 ... Mixxit hasn't been around this thread for quite a while, hence hasn't updated the plugin to be compatible with 1.5

    And with good reason... haha. Most people feel that way, but for some reason I find it easier to write and read code then all the other languages. Kind of annoying, because its the slowest language of all the commonly used ones =(
    Not to worry, I said I'd give it my best shot, and thats what I'll do! :D Though just don't expect me to turn water into wine here... :eek: haha

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    The creator said many, many times that SQLite would not be implemented, (in this thread) I'm sure there's a good reason for it (I don't know it though). I've got a feeling all the butthurt he got from people who couldn't/didn't know how/wouldn't/whatever set up MySQL caused him to rage out and take his break.

    uQuest plugin. Go find it.

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