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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    How would I add a second database on the same server? It isn't as though there is a "world2=" in the config
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    Sometimes you have the spawngroups coming back, i fixed this through the database. Going in and deleting the Spawngroup info out of both spawngroup database entries.

    As for then bugging out, it just happens. You can restart your server and they should be fine but not 100% fix, also you can spawn a mob or pull one into them. Have them attack it and train the mob in the direction the NPC should be going, usually will reset him. May take a few tries.

    To kill an npc use Gold Weapons, and you may even need some food. I use godmode addon but it has no effect vs npcs so be careful :p.

    No im sorry but Civ is not adv to that much custom sets yet, you can either let them edit or not atm.

    If you are looking for something like that i would suggest Towny or one of the other many plugins. If you get Towny it works well with Iconomy which also works well with NPCX.
    (Just happens to be what im using atm as i just switched from Civ for more options just as you said, Plus Civ isnt multiverse friendly as any plot of land you claim, you claim on all worlds... at least from what i could tell, couldnt find an option to change or anything)

    Towny may seem a bit much (which it could be) but if you want it to work almost exactly like Civ (with the options of restricting things to only use) Then just think of Town as you. You can start a new town with /town new <name> and then you can add ppl to your land by adding friends, now you can just claim land similar to /civ buy. You just type /t (or/town) Claim, (had to connect to your first plot) or if you want separate area not connected you make an outpost /t Claim Outpost. Now you can add onto that outpost just like the first plot.

    Towny has alot more options too but it can be as complicated as you want it to be :) just read the tutorial and stuff.

    Sucks, im on Brohoster and they made a database for me, even on my $4 server (i have upgraded since then)

    Since alot of ppl dont read the readme file ill post up the FAQ and stuff here.

    Also as stuff changes he will comment on his Changelog ... like now
    added permissions support - node: npcx.fulladmin

    The following guide is intended for junior server admins and you should understand the nature
    of system administration and configuring services. If not, then you might have significant issues
    with this plugin and I would recommend you look for another plugin instead.

    If you are currently having someone else manage your server for you then do not attempt this guide,
    and certainly don't come asking us for help. Educate yourself, or refer it to someone who knows how
    to perform the very basic steps of setting up mysql for your platform.

    I'm not going to show you how to use mysql, answer the same question that is answered a three posts before
    or covering questions that you should know as a server admin - I _really_ don't find this enjoyable use of
    my free time and certainly didn't have this in mind when sharing my plugin - i just made it for my server
    and thought some others might want to use it for whatever purpose.

    Since the time I released this I have had many questions from people who seem to think they employ
    me and that it's acceptable to flame me or my plugin because of their lack of skill.

    This is not what a developer likes to read when he flicks through his thread over a coffee in the morning
    so think twice before giving someone abuse over something they provided for free.

    So in short, if you lack the skills for basic linux or windows server administration, databases, reading
    logs etc... close this plugin now.

    Finally, I am not a java developer, nor a developer by trade. I simply picked up java while messing
    around with hmod (mixxitplugin) and a bit more while tinkering with npclib for bukkit which this
    mod is extended from. Also this is a very early product, so expect many bugs (post on our github issue tracker)
    and is probably also heavy on performance. If you want an example our test server is a 2gb machine with around
    120 npcs active at once without an issue - so just keep in mind that each npc you add the more cpu/mem/swap
    the server will require.

    Q: It doesnt work
    A: Delete npcx

    Q: I'm having trouble with this plugin with Citizens, DwarfCraft etc...
    A: This plugin has only been tested with itself and a few other plugins such as Towny
    It is likely those other plugins are making use of a different version of npclib and
    sadly we don't support this at the moment, delete npcx or the conflicting plugin

    Q: Where can i get this for CB Version XXX
    A: You can't it's only supported by the RB listed in the thread topic. If you get this from anywhere
    but the official github url then congratulations you probably just installed someone elses plugin
    riddled with trojans.

    Q: Why does /reload duplicate my npcs
    A: Its not supported yet

    Q: Do you support uquest, pluginx, pluginy etc...
    A: Is it written in the readme?

    Q: How do I set permissions?
    A: You don't! You just give OP access to anyone you want to use the NPCX command. Why? Cause it's still
    early in development and we don't want anyone but skilled server owners from using this on their server

    Q: Any chance of sqlite in the near future?
    A: No sorry, no plans to implement this at all

    Q: How can i choose the exact skin I want to use for my npc?
    A: You can't, however - if the skin is already attached to a same named minecraft player then it will use it

    Q: How do i remove Npcs?
    A: You use the npcx spawngroup delete command

    Q: How do I see help for a command like how do I change npcs armour and weapons?
    A: See /npcx npc

    Q: How much land is claimed by the /civ buy command?
    A: 16x16

    Q: My npcs dont show weapons but I have given them one
    A: You need to give the npc a helmet, this is a bug

    Q: Can i set unlimited items on a merchant?
    A: Yep! Set the /npcx merchant category to nolimit

    Q: Does this plugin work with iconomy?
    A: If it's the version we built with and it's currently installed, it will use it. If not it will fall back on npcx's economy

    Q: How do I enable civs?
    A: Open NPCX.PROPERTIES file and change nations=false to nations=true

    Q: How do I wipe my database
    A: The correct way is to delete the npcx folder

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    Thanks. Also, can npc's drop iConomy money?
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    Atm i havent had them give me money, for Civ or iconomy, when i kill themeven though i have coin set in database also changing the npc HP and dmg doesnt do anything either. This is coming in the future im sure. as i beleave mixxit said that Hp and dmg are hardcoded atm. so im sure the money is aswell.

    as for Multiworld, yes for Npcs but no on Civ land claim.. that i know of...
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    Looking forward to this for raidbosses
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    Small gripe, some input checking would be nice on pathing, so you can't mistakenly use duplicate path IDs.
    Guess the same would be useful for NPCs. Aside from that, an "unknown command" would be nice when someone typos an input, rather than spamming my console with severe errors :p

    Aside from that, great plugin, and was very easy to set up. I've never used MySQ(uirre)L before, but it was easy as pie if you follow the readme.
  8. Hey There - first of all - AWESOME plugin, super easy to install. Followed the readme and got it working the first time. Two questions....

    1) Is there a way for a user to check their money balance? I keep getting asked to check balances for people - Can you make it so the balance shows when a person engages with an NPC?

    2) Every time I reboot my server - the item quantities in the shop reset. Are they supposed to do that? or are they supposed to stay at the amount at the time of reboot?

    3) one more small note - after a while the money part of the system takes a dive. Buying and selling work fine but when I check a balance or give money it says "an error occurred" and I get a bunch of crap on my server console. I will copy it next time, I forgot but I though Id mention it incase it was a common easy fix.
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    I posted on page 37 a client side mod that allowed there to be a skin overrider.
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    Will send as soon as I can :)
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    1. /civ balance to check your money

    2. Every time i restart my server it does this as well im sure it is just temp until he works out other bugs.

    3. the givemoney part of Civ has some bugs, possible due to getting it to work with Iconomy but i dont know, you can edit money in the database just fine though.
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    You can display balance with npc interaction by putting it in the default response.


    /npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(number) default playerbalance blah blah blah
    Will display the player's balance and then blah blah blah or wtf else you want the bot to say, instead of [Hello]
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    can you please get someone to make a tutorial to install this for mac?
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    When i run the start.bat.. it is trying to initialize the npcx database.. and it doesnt do anything.. what could the problem be?
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    You haven't set up your SQL correctly, Jpmeman. Go over the readme again.
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    Not sure if this exists or if it can be added:
    I'd like a way to force npcx to update and reload all data from the database, I am currently using external php to edit my npc's and I have to do a full script reload to make them show up.
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    Just wanted to say thank you to the author for a fun plugin :)
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    Hey I love your plugin its working great on my server however I only have one problem.

    I have created 'Guards' with factions and it seems that when a player is killed by the guard and comes back near the guard, the guard no longer targets the player. Sometimes on my server log, I get "Can't find PLAYERNAME in the directory". Did I by any chance installed it incorrectly? Thanks!
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    Is there a command to make npcs look at a player when they come near?

    EVENT_CLOSE what?
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    can i get help i have no idea how to do mysql :/ and can i get a lead on where to go for things the video doesnt help me with mysql and idk where to get that file that goes with the npcx folder
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    No, only Citizens allows npcs to look at the player when they come near, but docs out many functions that npcx does.
    EVENT_CLOSE is the triggerword where npcs will say when a player goes close to him.

    Search up the plugin BigBrother and you will know how.
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    ok i solved the problem with worldguard

    if anyone protect a dungoen (or special place) with worldguard and wants that a player only can open chests or use doors,pressureplates,levers etc
    than you need only to add the flags to the region
    like "chest-acces allow" or "use allow"
    but didnt work with civ are into it

    some flags that gives permissions into a civ area would be very nice
    i love your plugin
    thanks for the help
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    Hey there!
    When I transferred the plugin to the server and rebooted(im on dedicated linux host) i got this message:

    CONSOLE: npcx : load settings (0.464) begun
    CONSOLE: npcx : initialising database connection
    CONSOLE: npcx : loadsettings() ended
    CONSOLE: npcx : registering monitored events
    CONSOLE: npcx : Checking for DB Updates from DBVersion:1
    CONSOLE: * Problem during update to version 1.01 *
    CONSOLE: * Do you have entries in merchant_entries? *
    CONSOLE: * Your DB is currently out of sync with your *
    CONSOLE: * version of NPCX *
    CONSOLE: npcx : Error loaded research.
    CONSOLE: CraftIRC - Joined channel: #MemoryBlock
    CONSOLE: npcx : ERROR - spawngroup loading cancelled!
    CONSOLE: npcx: Matching players
    CONSOLE: npcx version 0.464 enabled.
    I thought I had the "mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar", but I may not. Is it what is most likely to cause this problem?
    Because when I look in the mysql db(I use the same db for all mysql plugins-iconomy and LB) there is no files created by npcx.
    Or is this a problem that I just can ignore?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    @mixxit it would be nice if we could change the default "sorry can I [help] you" said by merchants- I put my own default message in, but the merchant says it every time it's given a command like list :/

    Still, great plugin, and to the people whining about MYSQL installation and configuration being too're clicking buttons. You're doing near to zero databasing yourself. Look up some tutorials, or use some common sense.
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    It's almost Identical to the linix setup I can help you if you want (start a conversation)
    I saw some other plugins change the default damage or at least modify it larger and smaller than original and for health well the changes I've seen use a different health system to increase health or change incoming damage so I don't think that health changing is a viable option.
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    I was talking about the Database values in NPCX for the npcs, they Var are there they just need mixxit to implement them... which since they are there means he plans on it once he has finished messing with other more important issues
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    I have created 'Guards' with factions and it seems that when a player is killed by the guard and comes back near the guard, the guard no longer targets the player. Sometimes on my server log, I get "Can't find PLAYERNAME in the directory". The NPC does not seem to target the new player respawn....
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    DL link down :/
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    Care to share your black magic with me? I got BigBrother hooked up to my external MySQL server in 5 seconds...NPCX, on the other hand, refuses to connect to the database I create in PHPAdmin, no matter what I do.
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    I was having a little DB trouble, connection issues, until I droped the DB and user I had created using phpmyadmin and ran the SQL from the readme file:

    CREATE USER 'npcx'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'p4ssw0rd!';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON npcx.* TO 'npcx'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;

    I'm using the MySQL server from an XAMPP ( install and it is working great.
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    hey I like this mods i've used it alot for i have like made heaps of Trading NPC's for my friends to buy their stuff that they mined and stuff but I just want to know... When will we be able to make QUESTS with the NPC's? in the next update? if so is there a date that will be out or something? :confused:

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