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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    Yes, I figured it out last night, thanks, and it works Perfectly!

    Your right, the workbench is much easier to use, in fact, it's even easier to use then setting triggerwords ingame. Well this pluging was the main reason I set up a server. It is actually the heart of the entire server. I hope the admins read my post, I would really like to help them out. I would even be willing to donate from time to time. I know Mixxit has a TON of work to do, and if there is anyway to make things easier or give ideas, I am all interested. I have been playing rpg's for years now, and this pluging, I think is essential.

    Well, as I can see in the database, quests and the like are already being planned, so we will just have to wait for that, but I wonder if Mixxit will be making a ToDo list soon, so we can see the new add-ons and watch each one as it is added.

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    Hey grats on the mod. Sounds awesome from what I've read.
    I want to install this mod on my server that im renting from BroHoster. Is there a tutorial on how to install the plugins and database through TCadmin?
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    The plugin itself is easy to install via any reputable VPS host, providing they give you SSH or FTP access. You drop it into the plug in folder like any other plug in. For Brohoster specific questions like how to set up MySQL via their service, honestly your best bet is to contact them. They are a cheap (not necessarily a bad thing) and may not allow MySQL due to added load on needed resources.
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!
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    I'm using Brohoster and I have a MySQL database all set up and am currently using this awesome plugin.
    Just ask and they will set up your MySQL server and give you connection details.

    You can use MySQL workbench and connect to remotely instead of the hostname they give you.
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    this sucks i have no idea how to get this to work i just get an error and idk how to get the mysql and all the lib stuff :/
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    Quick question:

    Is there anyway (or will there be) to turn off auto attack on the NPCs? Its a little annoying when my NPCs go run after a zombie when they see it..
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    Has that been included yet?
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    Sure it has, check the autor telling how to create quests a few pages ago, he shows it, and it did work when I tested...
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    Awesome. Thanks for informing me!

    Is there any tutorial out a little more detailed than the readme? Or one directed at users new to using SQL?

    After hours of fiddling, I have succeeded. AHAHAHA! Now I go to bed :D

    ....cant sleep..... mods TOO AWESOME

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    I wrote a clientside plugin to override skins for certain usernames, which allows you to customize the skin of each person by their name. If anyone is interested I would be willing to fix it up for cross-platform and write a web UI for it. Unfortunately, it would require a website hosting account though, with PHP installed.

    Not to mention it will still use the default skins if they don't have my patch installed. It's a two sided sword... Who says yes though?

    (I hope mixxit doesn't take this as a thread jack)

    Download Skin Overrider! :D
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I got a little excited, and I tidied up the code and am releasing V1 of it. It doesn't have a WebUI, but I included a Readme for how to install it both on the (web)server and client. As far as a WebUI, I'm currently using to create accounts to manage the ability for my users to be able to upload skins and add it to the override. It doesn't have all the nifty safeguards, but it gets the job done. :)

    Source is included, just in case people don't trust me (I'm new! I know! :p, this is actually my first venture into modifying Minecraft)

    @mixxit, I hope you like this enough to incorporate it somehow into NPCX. For me it has made my server a lot more fun (My bankers look like bankers! haha). I kinda didn't like NPCX without it. (No offense though! Your plugin is great!)

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  14. Wait, so this is ONLY for MySQL? Or can we also use SQlite? @mixxit
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    only MySql that i know of
  16. Oh darn D: Add SQlite support? Please!?
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    Also have a quick question. When I create an NPC, can I add it to more than one spawngroup and have multiple NPC's of the same kind, but also update them to give them weapons?

    Think I can manage that through WorkBench right?

    Is it possible to have two different factions attack each other on sight?
  18. Oh thanks. DIdnt see that.
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    I too would love to see warring factions implemented - and potentially the capability to have NPC's follow the player while not otherwise engaged... we already have pet wolves - Mercenaries, anyone? ;)

    Excellent work on the plugin, mixx :D loving it already :)
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    Just wondering...

    Is Iconomy supported? It's pretty much the base of the economy and I would love npc shops to run off of iconomy.
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    NPCX has its of economy built in but it also will work with Iconomy
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    can u add that a player can interact with chests in an civ area that is not bought from him?

    also i build some dungeons and protected them whit /civ buy that im the owner
    so players cant build and open chests/doors etc
    if i add them to members they can build but thats not that what
    i need that they can only interact with doors and chest (if not locked by lwc) but no build rights

    sry for my bad english ^^
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    Do you have to have mysql for this?
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    YES YOU NEED MySQL, no other way around it, he has posted many times that you NEED MySql.

    I finally figured out how to get this installed properly. But now im having an issue. I tried to remove the weapon on one of my NPC's , and it crashed Minecraft. But server was fine, tried this on several other PC's. Same problem, I edit the database and put the sword back on the NPC, and it works fine. Anyway around him not having to have a weapon? He's suppose to be an old nice man.

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    Okay, i wont be getting this mod then.
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    I was looking through the thread and I can't seem to find info on whether this plugin has multiworld support. Would I need separate databases for that? Would I need separate databases for using two separate configs (with different world names) on two different servers? Thanks
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    I just tried it out and it does seem to have multiworld support without needing a separate database
  28. @mixxit Could you PLEASE add SQlite support? Please... this is the only NPC plugin which supports paths to walk etc. Please man... that would make so many people get this. This plugin would be the next big thing for Minecraft. I mean... this plugin looks so good! It's killing me that I can't have it since I'm with server providers! Argh! D:
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    Hey can I have some help here.
    I have installed NPCX, made a spawn group and a few NPCs, added them to spawngroup, added spawngroup to a pathgroup I made with 3 points. It looks like it is all working well, then I came back after 20 mins AFK and the guards were all patrolling in a triangle shape about 2-3 blocks wide and continue to do so, is there a fix?

    Also, I cannot kill the NPCs?

    EDIT: Also when I close server and restart, deleted spawngroups appear again
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    You should make a part in the manual where people with external MySQL databases can go :) Just saying, even though i figured it out pretty easily.
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    You have to take his hat off, he will still have a weapon but it wont crash, you wont see the weapon (Armor and weapons make no different to the HP or dmg the npc does)

    To see a weapon put hat on, want no weapon take it off

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