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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    hello plugin maker =)
    the plugin loaded in great no errors but i followed ur "how to" on makeing ur first npc and haveing it spawn well it didnt spawn i /save-all stoped then restarted the server, still wont spawn :/
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    i think perhaps you didnt follow the guide?

    can you list the commands you typed exactly i bet they were wrong!
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    Hi there, I'm by no means a server admin normally, I've been toying around with this, and when I tried to use it with the new version (1.4) with the new release of craftbukkit, I'm thrown a bunch of sever errors, shown here:

    It said I should past the error log.. so, there you go. Anything else you may need, I'll happily add.


    I Simply manually edited the file, and changed the db version from 1.02 to 1.03, this fixed my problem!

    New problem, it's now updating it to 1.04, and it seems to be having trouble somewhere again:
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    Anyone have older versions?
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    yes i can and here thay are.
    /npcx spawngroup create myfirstgroup
    /npcx npc create Guard
    /npcx spawngroup add 1 1
    then i tryed this one
    /npcx npc spawn name
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    hey , is ur server down now ? ( because of the 1,4 update) well , if not , is it the same ip ? or how can i log in ?
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    This in the craftbukkit.jar? Don't think I recalled seeing a lib directory in there.

    Nvm, the formating for the readme confused me a bit.
    Just getting a table '' doesn't exist now.
    Updated again and now it's finally proccessing everything properly.
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    What are the id's for the spawngroup and the npc?

    There is no command called /npcx npc spawn name

    The db is currently 1.08! You should delete your db and rebuild it (remove the npcx folder)

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    I need help with MSQ installation, I cannot find the server administration as the guide describes
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    Now that I'm finally comfortable with MySQL, this is incredibly easy to mess around with (A lot easier to set up the config in MySQL than ingame, at least!) And the /reload thing isn't even a problem anymore. Naturally, it exists, but if you set up NPCX last you're pretty much set anyway.

    The skinning seems to work - "Rufio" pulled up a Piccolo/player skin it looks like. Haven't had a chance to drop *npcname.pngs anywhere to test deeper for customs.

    Beyond being able to color the keywords as you have the merchant keywords, and perhaps remove some of the tutorial/help text which accompanies talking to NPC, and perhaps being able to optionally remove the ("Sorry, can I [help] you?") that accompanies (that is: 'along with', emphasized - the default message 'is' changed) each default message, there's not much else I can complain about. Couldn't find the prewritten messages to rewrite them.

    Of course, I didn't really come to complain, or suggest. Just really, praise. As much as I love a few of the common plugins, and the hard work put into them, you seem to work with a similar fervor I try to, if not more so. You really churn out some amazing progress! Half the entertainment of this is just seeing how revolutionary each couple of days become for this mod. Really. amazing job. I've been teasing my tiny server repeatedly with it, afraid to commit to the full npc villages I planned, they seem just as enthusiastic.

    Edit: Actually, is there a way to reset the MySQL table row numbers? If I make an entry I want removed and delete the row it just skips that number when a new entry is made (1,2,3,5,7, etc). Not a big deal, and not really related to the mod, but.. ;)
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    (sry for gram.)
    Will this plugin support SQLite later?
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    This section of the mod is a toggleable option that allows players to purchase areas of the game and protect it for themselves. My hope with this extension is to allow players to buy town guards, shops they can load with items and also other features like a research/tech tree that players can work on to unlock new features.

    Because this mod has always been about bots it's important to note that this option is false by default. Protection is a big thing for any server admin and I am currently only running this on my server. If you want to try it out feel free but by no-means don't drop your tried and trusted protection system for this one.

    This option is enabled via the file

    This enables players to purchase areas of the world for themselves and grant other players to build in it.

    If you do not have iConomy installed, it will fall back on the internal NPCX economy that the bots and banker events use

    To compliment this area of the mod you may find the following settings useful
    nocreeper=true - no creeper explosions
    nowild=true - no building in the wild <-- needs to be tested
    nospread=true - no fire spread or lighter usage

    /civ buy - buys a land area for 25000 coin
    /civ add playername - adds a new player to your land area
    /civ balance - returns your iconomy balance or npcx balance
    /civ here - returns the name and location of the area you are standing in
    /civ abandon - abandons the area returning 5000 coin
    /civ pay playername amount - pays playername amount

    Op Commands
    /npcx civ givemoney playername - adds money to player
    /npcx civ money playername - returns playernames balance
    /npcx civ unclaim - unclaims an area
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    Hi there

    i NEED an older version of npcx, comp with CB 556 can someone provide this? im too stupid to find it on github

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    Thank you! I made it update, and such, works fine now.
    May I say thanks again for a wonderful plugin, regardless of it's development stage, it's a truly powerful addon.

    One thing I have noticed, however, is that wolves, when tamed, will attack the NPC if I do, and will be caught in a viscous circle of chasing each other around, as neither of them can be controlled directly, am I right?
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    Haha! Great that they are attacking them, i hadn't tested this! Yes they will probably constantly reset aggro

    To work around this i need to implement whats called a hate list

    If you imagine every entity in the game has an ID and this is on the guards hatelist


    Because of how much damage i'd caused (1053) - he would attack me, when i'm dead go for wolf and then deadchicken

    This allows you to have the best equipped player to try to hold aggro and 'tank' the mob while the others do least damage as possible to avoid aggro

    I just haven't implemented them yet since last looking at factions! I'll get onto that soonish
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    the commamd is in ur dam HOW TO u even tell me to type it JUST LIKE THAT!
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    keep your hair on love

    the reason i ask is that the IDs matter and if you went astray and did your own thing like most users tend to do (or any man that first opens the package) then those numbers wont be the same

    check /npcx npc list and then check /npcx spawngroup list and make sure they are both ID 1
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    oh ok , well a bit confuced.... what should i of typed?
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    Can anyone advice me freehosting with external acces to MySQL? I need it for this plugins.
    Thanks, Magie
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    An error occured
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    In your readme file i see this:
    /civ add playername - adds a new player to your land area
    But not this:
    /civ remove playername - removes a player from your land area
    Is there a remove function? (I'm guessing yes, in which case just an FYI that it's not listed)

    Perhaps a future update could include these features (just suggestions):
    -An identifier/tag appended to members of a civilization upon being added. I do not know if this is possible however something that works with iChat would be nice as that is what most servers use regularly as it is built into permissions and what most people use for admin identifiers. Please note that when I say works with iChat I mean adds a tag before or after not overwrites iChat functions, on the other hand however perhaps you have considered building a system into your plugin that could replace iChat AND add an identifier onto people's names based upon your plugin's civilization feature (I believe you could hook/refer to prefix and suffix in permissions for this).
    -Players must accept to join a civilization upon the land owner adding them and can only be a part of one civilization.

    -Concurrently you could add a command such as "/civ friend playername" where a land owner can make the civilization friendly by default (positive 1000 to the faction) to someone they trust that is a member of a different civilization.

    Factions & PvP--

    As far as NPC Faction's go here is my understanding:
    -1000 = NPC's attack you on sight as per your readme.
    What about 0 and 1000 -- is 0 Neutral and 1000 Friendly?
    The reason I ask is I am curious if a Friendly faction would rush to protect you if you are attacked. The only issue I see with this is if both players are friendly and you try to defend yourself the guards would attack you as well perhaps. If this is something you have already coded in please let me know, I did not see it specifically listed in your readme.
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    The factions are based on everquest so just take a look at that for where i'm going with it but yes in essence npcs will give you cheaper merchant prices, protect you etc based on faction level on eq it went from scowling to ally - it also determines which npcs will attack each other and who you can gain favor with

    Say for example you make a dungeon and want to put vendors in it - people cant use those vendors without attacking them so you put them all on a faction that a player can raise on (by killing their enemies) and the player will eventually be able to go into the dungeon and use it like a city

    It's pretty cool :D

    The other question - you can't use /civ remove yet as it's not in

    And finally on the permissions side im not sure where im going yet but mainly i want to focus on the tech tree/research system rather than a permissions system - i think ill keep that basic for now as it only unleashes more problems the more complex a permission become
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    Can you make this plugin without using MySQL? I don't know how to set it up. I would just like to just like put the plugin in my plugins folder and edit it and then play.
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    I guess you haven't finished most of it?
    As there is no remove for all but spawngroup, and the features you explained arent available. (Or I can't find them)
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    i typed
    /npcx spawngroup create myfirstgroup
    and got nothing the MySQL is set up
  27. I follow the readme word by word, my server see the plugin, tells me everything install right, however. When I log in and use the command '/npcx spawngroup create myfirstgroup' for the first time, it doesn't do anything. None of the commands seem to be working

    make sure your account is in the ops file in your main folder of bukkit!
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    This is a great plugin, npcs are so much fun to use now in my server. Now, as I have seen with some other posters I will follow the trend too as I have some suggestions/questions for you too xD:
    1. Is it possible for someone to charge someone money for saying a triggerword? For example, I am thinking of making a summoner in my town,however, I would like to charge players to summon these mobs. If so, I would appreciate it if more mobs would be added in the NPCSUMMON triggerword.
    2. How does civilizations work? Is like like a system where you use two points to create a cuboid area that can be protected?
    3.Can you make chances for an item to be dropped when an npc dies?
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    Since I can't change all the stuff needed for this straight away I'll give you some work arounds

    1) Setup a quest where the player uses the global npc command [give] - use an EVENT_RECEIVEXXX (where xxx is the item id) and then spawn the monster (use a diamond or something)

    2) It breaks the world up into a grid and players can buy any grid for 25000 with /civ buy (if the nations=true option is on)

    Players can also /civ pay player amount etc (see /civ menu) admins also get a /npcx civ menu

    3) This can be achieved at the moment by putting lots of one item in a loottable and few of another

    I will make changes to give better solutions to the above but they should work for now :)
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    Hi, im having problems starting this plugin correctly.

    This is my Server-log:

    i successfully created the user+pw on my windows with command line mysql. I used your Linux-commands:
    CREATE USER 'npcx'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'p4ssw0rd!';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON npcx.* TO 'npcx'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;
    my looks like this:
    with my cmd i can access mysql with: 'mysql -u npcx -p'
    passwort used: p4ssw0rd!

    Would be happy about any help :)
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    find out why its failing to logon

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