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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    Added variables playerbalance (alias for bankbalance) and playerhealth (returns health)

    sorry was making a joke at my lack of error handling for most of it

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    lol XD at least you have more than most and hopefully it cuts down on the number of error reports
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    created spawngroup: hej
    spawngroup [2] now active at your position
    created npc: GuardID:[2]

    hmm :S

    /npcx spawngroup create myfirstgroup
    Now create an npc called Guard
    /npcx npc create Guard
    Now add guard's id to your spawn group number
    /npcx spawngroup add 1 1

    Guard should now spawn permanently at the spawngroups location.

    Right clicking will begin (T) chat with him. Moving out of range or right clicking him again will end chat.

    To have him respond to words or change his default response, see the sections below.
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    the id changes from 1 to 2 for you because you already have an existing spawngroup and npc with those ids

    /npcx spawngroup add 2 2 - would add the npc to that group you just made
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    Look I had no intention to argue with you about it, I just did not find the methods currently available im happy to wait but to me it just seemed liked you were avoiding the request.

    Understanable you have more important CORE! things to worry about right now I get that, Also I was not reapeating it over and over in a wierd loop I gaveup asking and when u came on and banned me I was chatting with the MrMagic guy that was on as we were discussing issue currently present and talking about what plugins we had as well as ways to improve dynamic market and overall just chatting.

    Thats when you came back on and before I had chance to change subject or voice my other ideas I was kicked and banned.

    I can deal with the fact it does not have that feature for now.

    I would have stopped if the discussion went a little more like this and maybe I should have worded my reasons better with more though my self. Instead it was almost a 5 word reply.

    " Me - Hey just letting u know it be cool is such and such was a feature in the next 10 builds or so.

    You - Um yea alright I have some other important things to take care of before I worry about the finer details.

    Me - Yea alright"

    With that being said I rather just drop it and be unbanned so that I can at least come on there if I get stuck with something.

    Other disccussions below

    What kind of method are you using to Npcs to move ect are they entity? would it be possible to hook into how the monster entity moves around for patrolling npcs.

    Maybe it could be possible into using a player entity in this case the creating player as the postion block, what I mean is by having the plugin go into some sort of postion checking state and track the players movements and save coords and directions to file and attempt have the npc mimic this movement.

    I'm not sure what is capable when it comes moveing npcs by other means other then current method but thats what I can come up with right now.

    Another thing that might come in handy faction rep like a player annoyes a group but and after this they all want to attack that player on sight, but they can quests for sister group if u will that could in time redeem them selves with that group making them no longer hostile.
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    ok thanks will try :)
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    22:38:53 [INFO] npcx : reestablished 1 dead players.
    22:38:53 [INFO] Freed 466.67586517333984 MB.
    22:38:54 [INFO] Freed 32.694122314453125 MB.
    22:38:56 [INFO] -------------- logged in with entity id 319674
    22:38:57 [INFO] npcx : FAILED establishing dead player
    22:38:57 [INFO] npcx : FAILED establishing dead player
    22:38:57 [INFO] npcx : FAILED establishing dead player
    Console has this INFO every few lines not sure what is causing it. I'm using your latest release with CB 560.
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    mixxit@ <3

    what can you do to shop things from him?
    how to do that he must go?
    thanks for all the help.
    Forgive me for taking up your time.
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    Why not use CB #556 (last promoted build)
    see if it works with that
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    Evan Melvin

    Is the ability to configure what shops buy and sell going to be implemented? It somewhat ruins the immersion of having a town with multiple shops for different purposes when you can just sell all of your stuff to one vendor.
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    I have the same issue on CB #556 and CB# 560.

    The reason I run CB #560 is we have plugin developers who run custom plugin builds on our server. The changes between 556 and 560 shouldn't cause an issue.

    I'm just looking for some insight on what it means.
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    can someone help me? im getting errors with npcx and i think it has to do with npcx. any help would be appreciated.
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    You need to copy the connector into the bukkit/lib folder, see the install instructions
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    What do you think about my other ideas about possible ways to handle pathing? *couple posts up*

    Also would it be possible to get a spoiler tab on op with change log from now on " until a replacement changelog is created, I assume u intend to form a wiki or something when you consider porject out of testing or completed."

    Could you tell me how to add items to a shop and if NPC currently can wield weps.
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    You know what, I have been waiting for NPCs to port to bukkit and NOW this AWESOME plugin arrives.
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    Version 0.166 - changes to npc pathing!
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    Did you forget to upload the new 166 jar

    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : load settings begun
    11:57:12 [INFO] jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/npcx
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : loadsettings() ended
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : initialising database connection
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : registering monitored events
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : loading factions
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : Loaded 0 factions.
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : loading pathgroups
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : Loaded 0 pathgroup.
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : loading loottables
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : Loaded 0 loottables.
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx : loading spawngroups
    11:57:12 [INFO] 0 spawngroups loaded
    11:57:12 [INFO] npcx version 0.165 enabled.

    There we go took a little bit longer to come thru on the link I guess!, Disregard the above posting.
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    Ok just a question why are the npcs invisible now? They were working fine but right now they just attack on sight and they are invisible lol I had to change their faction to because it was getting annoying
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    sorry to repeat a post but its been kinda skipped (posted on page 10 so its been given enough time that i feel its not rude to repeat it) over i have searched each page for the same problem and nothing

    we created our first npc

    created the group
    created the npc
    added the npc to the group
    and he apeared
    we right click him and he speaks in riddles
    "your name is right but your player is wrong"


    the npc group is called registeredspawngroup
    the npc is named RegisteredHelper

    the npc is there
    right click and he says the phrase above no chat window pops up or anything
    i added a default phrase "ask me about a plugin or say plugin list to hear them all" (added with out the speach marks as per the readme
    right clicked him and he said the "your name is right but your player is wrong" soo i then presed t and tried hi ...nothing happened so i tried pressing t and saying "default" nothing
    i left clicked him he chased me (looked wierd though as he was half in the floor when moving)

    we are stuck until you can tell us what could be wrong ?
    any details u need ask away ill check back here later
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    167 now
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    will that fix the
    "your name is right but your player is wrong" error?
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    any plans on making this multworld compatible?

    when the npc's move it spamms the hell out of my log with movement info, how do i shut that off

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    Possibly found a bug
    When a player dies to an NPC, sometimes the NPCX plugin will establish the dead player without kicking HeroicDeath messages, or Tombstones (if tombstone disabled, nothing drops on the ground); so they lose their stuff - and it isn't broadcasted. Is this conflicting with those plugins or a bug itself?
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    Maybe in the future you could add it so you have to complete one quest in order to be able to take a quest that you should have later on in the quest story.
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    @mixxit OMFG, I AM GOING TO JIZZ! I AM LOVING THIS! BEATS CITIZENS BY A MILE@32?$@#?$#@?$#@?$#$$?# Do we still need MySQL?
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    Is there a command to clear my world from those NPC's?

    Note: Little Kids don't like Herobrine ...
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    Yes you need MySQL
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    I am such a noob at this stuff, I just host a private server for me and friends and I got to step 3 and I do not know what it means by create a bukkit folder, I have craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar and craftbukkit.jar in my server folder. I do not know what to do or where to make/put a bukkit folder or what to name it, ect. Can someone make a video tutorial?
    Please Help! Thanks!
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    step 3 assumes your root folder for your server is called Bukkit (like mine is :) ) But it doesn't matter what it is called. for you that would be the plugins folder inside the server folder (don't have a plugins folder? make one!) Also You shouldn't have craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar it should be renamed to craftbukkit.jar and you only need one of that file.
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    How do you delete an npc?

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