[INACTIVE][FUN] NeoMeteorites 0.4 - meteorites falling from the sky [798]

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    This plugin will spawn meteorites falling to the earth. On collission with the ground they will explode and leave a random ore covered by obsidian.
    The default spawning rate is a chance of about 8% per minute (one player online).
    Version: v0.4
    Supported builds: 740, 766, 798


    • Randomly spawns a meteorite
    • Allows shooting on targets
    • Generates a configurable ore on impact

    0.4 [JAR] 0.3.1 [JAR][SRC] 0.2 [JAR] [SRC] 0.1 [JAR]


    Edit the plugins/NeoMeteorites/config.yml
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: Sets the chance of a meteroite getting spawned.
    The chance is set at 1 / (likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk / chunksThatAreLoaded).
    If set to default (6000) and there is one player online, there is a spawning chance of ~8%. At 12000, it is ~4%. When more players are online (means more loaded chunks, the spawning rate will increase).
    blocks: The block ids a meteorite can consist of.
    shell: The block id of the material which covers the blocks obove.
    fancyExplosionSize: The size of the explosions that are caused when the meteorite is in the air.
    explosionSize: The size of the impact explosion. Set it to 0.0 to disable it.
    numberOfExplosions: A meteorite can explode several times on the ground (it makes more damage).

                - 'NeoMeteorites.CallMeteorite'

    /meteorite - Will spawn a meteorite somewhere
    /meteorite here - A meteorite will hit the block you are looking at
    /meteorite playername - Self-explanatory

    • You can't see meteorites, when they are too far away (explosion particles won't be displayed - When making the screenshot I was using a client mod, which disabled that). You can still hear the explosions.
    • Sometimes meorites will only fire if you come close.
    • One time for a server start you have to left click in the air to get meteorites working (I don't know why, also comfirm this please)

    Version 0.4
    • Fixed several issues
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    Version 0.3
    • Fixed spawning positions
    • Ores will spawn correctly again
    • Meteroite core is now generated correctly
    • Added WorldGuard support (experimental) - Meteroites shouldn't hit areas where creeper-explosions are disabled
    Version 0.2
    • Added options: blocks, shell, fancyExplosionSize, explosionSize, numberOfExplosions
    • Addes the possibility to force a meteorite spawning (supports Permissions)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    • Make landed meteorites looking better
    • Multiworld
    • Way better options
    • Optional Towny protection
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    Just click "Watch Thread" up the top.
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    I can see there's a bug which I cannot fix it.
    I'm sorry, we'll need to wait furekusu to fix it own plugin.
  4. I do watch the thread, it's just most of the comments at the moment are people moaning that it hasn't been updated.
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    Moan! jk cant wait to try this on my server (hope it dosent hit my wood fortress(tanks for nurfing fire notch))

    side point have you thought of a rare metor shower where it spans like 7 single blocks that rain on an area 16x16/32x32. i would not even care if it dident spawn ore.

    now you said they are like ghast fireballs. so does that mean stronger material like stone and cobble are protected / take less damage from these? or... idk i have not had a chance to see this plugin yet. im sure explosion size is the anwser im looking for but inono :confused:
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    One of the things added to craftbukkit from 903.
    "Added the abitility to spawn fireballs"

    Might be something useful for this plugin when the next RB comes out. ;)
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    I'm beginning to lose hope. ;/

    furekusu's last post here was a week ago, before that he had said he'd have it updated by the end of the week of the 6th. Bukkit support for 1.6.6 has been stable for 21+ days now and there'll probably be another Minecraft version shortly. I think there was about a month between and 1.6.6. Might get a couple days use out of the plugin if it gets updated.

    As much as I like the idea of the plugin, it's difficult for me; users really like and get used to it and then I update and take it away and have people on my server complain about it...
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    Hi ive installed the plugin but when i write /meteorite it doesnt work
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    Whenever i try to use the /meteorite here, the it says, it will spawn a meteorite, and then, the server freezes for about a minute, and crashes thereafter...
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    This plugin is currently in Inactive and Unsupported Plugin due there is bug in RB 860.
    The owner of this plugin's is re-writing the whole script.
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    So, does a lower likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk value indicitive of more meteors spawning? (So, if I wanted a meteor shower, would setting it to say, 100, work?)
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    Does it support multiworld?
    Like in one world no meteorites and in another one yes?
    Cause I have a space plugin that would make a perfect combo!
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    Yes, there's the formula in the first post, but that's how it works.

    Last time I tried, it didn't. But anyway, right now it doesn't work AT ALL, and we're all waiting for an update
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    btw 1.7 is coming at the end of summer ;(
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    I'm getting the following error on my server when ever a meteorite is spawned. I have not changed any configuration. Any Solution? I am running alot of other plugins but none that I believe would effect this one.

    Once this error happens, everyone gets disconnected and we can't reconnecct until I do a server restart. When I use the /Meteorite Here command I get a message saying a metorite has spawned and the error occures

    08:21:16 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.b(EntityTrackerEntry.java:251)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.b(EntityTrackerEntry.java:170)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.scanPlayers(EntityTrackerEntry.java:200)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.track(EntityTrackerEntry.java:59)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.EntityTracker.a(EntityTracker.java:116)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:404)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:309)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
    08:21:16 [SEVERE] Unexpected exceptionjava.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.b(EntityTrackerEntry.java:251)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.b(EntityTrackerEntry.java:170)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.scanPlayers(EntityTrackerEntry.java:200)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.track(EntityTrackerEntry.java:59)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTracker.a(EntityTracker.java:116)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:404)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:309)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
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    IT DOESN"T SUPPORT 800+ or 900+
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    when you update your plugin ?
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    I hate you because you don't read. :mad:
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    I appologise :(
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    does anyone know if he is working on updating to craftbukkit 935?
    im an amateur astronomer and i would love to smash ppl with meteorites
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    Watching this thread :)
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    does anyone know if there will be an updated version for bukkit 935?
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    Just to be sure. Meteorites WONT spawn if I dont write a comand right?
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    It. Doesn't. Work. Wait for an update, before asking config questions... But no, meteorites DO spawn naturally, but at a definable rate. Just set the likeseveryXMinute to something REALLY big, and you'll never notice.
    Just making it clear, as some people clearly can't read.​
    Not sure why this hasnt been marked inactive yet.​

    As for the developer:
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    Because threads are seemingly marked by their last thread title build update rather than whether or not they actually work, which can lead to non working plugins being listed here while working plugins are sent into the inactive bin.
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    Cool, I'll see if it works for CB 953 even though I think it probably won't.

    Of course, it didn't work. Otherwise I would have REALLY wanted this.

    By the way, if you put it in a .zip, could you please put the .jar file and the config instead of saving the zip AS the .jar file?

    By the way, the sheep looks a bit realistic. Which to me is a bit strange saying it's in Minecraft. :D

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    The download link isn't a .zip file that you need to save as a .jar file. That's just an issue that happens in Internet Explorer. Not sure why. I use Firefox and it always downloads correctly as a .jar file.
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    I cannot find any config.yml inside the plugins/NeoMeteorite/
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    If you had read the thread, you would have realised it's COMPLETELY out of date, and the author is making (maybe?) a complete rewrite. So asking these questions at this point is, well, pointless.

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