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    This plugin will spawn meteorites falling to the earth. On collission with the ground they will explode and leave a random ore covered by obsidian.
    The default spawning rate is a chance of about 8% per minute (one player online).
    Version: v0.4
    Supported builds: 740, 766, 798


    • Randomly spawns a meteorite
    • Allows shooting on targets
    • Generates a configurable ore on impact

    0.4 [JAR] 0.3.1 [JAR][SRC] 0.2 [JAR] [SRC] 0.1 [JAR]


    Edit the plugins/NeoMeteorites/config.yml
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: Sets the chance of a meteroite getting spawned.
    The chance is set at 1 / (likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk / chunksThatAreLoaded).
    If set to default (6000) and there is one player online, there is a spawning chance of ~8%. At 12000, it is ~4%. When more players are online (means more loaded chunks, the spawning rate will increase).
    blocks: The block ids a meteorite can consist of.
    shell: The block id of the material which covers the blocks obove.
    fancyExplosionSize: The size of the explosions that are caused when the meteorite is in the air.
    explosionSize: The size of the impact explosion. Set it to 0.0 to disable it.
    numberOfExplosions: A meteorite can explode several times on the ground (it makes more damage).

                - 'NeoMeteorites.CallMeteorite'

    /meteorite - Will spawn a meteorite somewhere
    /meteorite here - A meteorite will hit the block you are looking at
    /meteorite playername - Self-explanatory

    • You can't see meteorites, when they are too far away (explosion particles won't be displayed - When making the screenshot I was using a client mod, which disabled that). You can still hear the explosions.
    • Sometimes meorites will only fire if you come close.
    • One time for a server start you have to left click in the air to get meteorites working (I don't know why, also comfirm this please)

    Version 0.4
    • Fixed several issues
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    Version 0.3
    • Fixed spawning positions
    • Ores will spawn correctly again
    • Meteroite core is now generated correctly
    • Added WorldGuard support (experimental) - Meteroites shouldn't hit areas where creeper-explosions are disabled
    Version 0.2
    • Added options: blocks, shell, fancyExplosionSize, explosionSize, numberOfExplosions
    • Addes the possibility to force a meteorite spawning (supports Permissions)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    • Make landed meteorites looking better
    • Multiworld
    • Way better options
    • Optional Towny protection
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    for the record, I wasn't calling those bugs, just general observations to help new users know what to expect.
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    I just cant /meteorite cuz it always fails, and i've NEVER seen the meteorite, unless i do /meteorite here at the exact place i am on i cant even get damaged
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    why does it say you dont have permission to do spawn a meteorite :S im the owner of the server :/
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    Settings file looks like this:

    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: 3000
    blocks: 14,15,16,21,56,73,87,89
    shell: 49
    fancyExplosionSize: 0.0
    explosionSize: 0.0
    numberOfExplosions: 1

    I hear them all the time near my base (about a 20 second walk from where I am on this screenshot), so I went to investigate... and I found this.

    I think, though I'm not an expert on this... that it's not quite working as intended. This is roughly one days work worth of having it installed.
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    Ok, I will check if the settings and the other stuff work correctly. Also, I will add support for WorldGuard and add a core size option (eg. min - max). There will also multi-world-support, which means you can specify in which worlds meteorites will spawn.

    When edit the options, you have too keep the formatting. (Bug: if you change the shell, it won't affect the core (still obsidian).

    Meteroites will explode, when something is in their way. If you don't want them to destroy everthing what is in their way, set numberOfExplosions to 1.
    The fancy explosions exist to make the meteorites visible. They won't make damage since there isn't anything to destroy in the air. Unless you set the size too high.

    I also like the idea with the fire, coal, glass, etc. This will be implemented in the future.
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    When making the mod screenshot what client mod was it i would really like to know. Also great mod love it.
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    How do i really make the meteorites spawn?
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    @Ticket: just a little one I made myself.

    @cr0sis: well, this seems to be the place where all the meteorites we called went instead. It is around (0|0), I will fix that.

    @Petomatick: what do you mean?
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    Hello, I have installed your plugin, because it would be great for our server, but when I tried to use it, nothing happened. No meteor spawned, unfortunately, there was no error in the files. When I try to do /meteorite, it gives the error Cannot spawn Meteorite right now. When I do /meteorite here or /meteorite <name> It says Meteorite has spawned, but nothing happens.

    I'm not sure how else I could help, running bukkit 740.
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    I am also having issues, whenever i use commands it says "a meteorite has been spawned" but nothing happens, no error logs, no warnings, just that.
    And for those that want to strike meteors by right-clicking with an item, try ItemCommands, it helped me alot ever since i installed bukkit
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    when i use this here
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: 6000
    blocks: 14,15,16,21,56,73,87,89
    shell: 49
    fancyExplosionSize: 1.0
    explosionSize: 0.0
    numberOfExplosions: 0.0
    is like they cant spawn at all self if i say /meteorite here or /meteorite username nothing happen
    but if i use normal
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: 6000
    blocks: 14,15,16,21,56,73,87,89
    shell: 49
    fancyExplosionSize: 1.0
    explosionSize: 8.0
    numberOfExplosions: 3.0
    can i use the comamnd but it just destory to much
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    However i try to do i never succeed in making one.
    "/meteorite" always fails, no matter what
    "/meteorite here" doesn't work, nothing happends if you target smtn more than 5 blocks away, and if I do target smtn less than 5 blocks away from me, I just get hurt/slain and nothing else happens, nothing spawns and no explosions, just damage.
    "/meteorite player" just kills player like "/kill player" would do.

    I think thats the problem

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    please add multiworld support, so we can choose what world meteorites appear in!
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    not realy for have try to set it on 1 number of explosions and explosionsize 1
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    just tested version 2. if you edit the config it doesnt let you call in custom meteors :/
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    looks like a pretty good plugin, i will try it out on my server possibly

    is there ant way to turn off random meteors? one came down and wiped out almost a quarter of town and i had to fix it mostly by my self

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    Ooookay... I tried it on my server.

    I can't see any meteor effects, only the explosions (You've a client mod, right?)

    And... meteorite chance: 5.000.... after 1 day the spawn looked like the moon, giant holes, about 10-20 meteorites crashed into it!

    Changed the chance to 500.000 now... I hope it gets better :confused:
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    This problem will be solved in the next version.

    And by the way, the meteorite only consists of explosions.
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    Will the trail effect will be available in a newer version ?
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    I decided to install this plugin onto my Towny server for a bit of fun, and decided to call a custom meteorite far away from a town for fun. [/meteorite here]

    The meteorite hit near the spawn instead. I believe it might not be testing where it's falling correctly. :<
    That, and an obsidian meteorite fell. My config states that meteorites should be made out of netherrack. (Preferrably burning)
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    Update to 0.3!

    Mainly fixed spawning positions and ores.
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    Im sorry for nagging, but i have no damn clue how to get this on my server. Please put up a video. Thanks.
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    Show Spoiler
    [INFO] [NeoMeteorites v0.3] successfully linked with WorldGuard

    That spams my console on startup :|
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    Fixed the console spamming.

    @sim: just download the .jar to your plugins folder and restart the server.
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    I love the potential of this plugin !
    Would it be possible to have a config file more like this (for example) :
    numberOfExplosions: 3
    fancyExplosionSize: 3
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: 8000
    #Composition of the shell with random blocks in the list
    shell: 49
    #Composition of the core with random blocks in the list
    core: 1,56,16
    #A one block in the center of the core
    seed: 56
    #If the ID of the seed is 54 (chest), the seeddata would be a list of items IDs for the content of the chest
    #If the ID of the seed is something else, then this value would be used for the data of the block... For example, the seed could be a specific sapple or a wool block :p
    seeddata: 0
    #Transformation of ground blocks to other one in the radius of the explosion (+1)
    #Examples: "Dirt to Netherhack"=3/87, "Rock to CoalOre"=1/16, "CoalOre to DiamondOre"=16/56
    ground: 3/87,1/4,2/3,16/56,8/0,9/0,12/10,13/10
    #Random explosion radius between 2-8
    explosionSizeMin: 2
    explosionSizeMax: 8
    #Random Netherhack in fire around the impact in the explosion radius
    netherfire: true
    #Random start of temporary fire on any surface in the explosion radius
    #The fire would spread or be extinguished depending on the block under it
    startfire: true
    That would be great because a lot people would share the config file for a lot of meteorite types. Then we would be able to create some specific world with specific meteorites. :p
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    I think he means blocks that are on the surface, in that particular case, the sandstone would be placed by people and therefore be considered "unnatural". It's all semantics really.
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    Is it possible to make Meteorites only spawn on command?
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    So, /meteorite here/<playername> is supposed to spawn a meteor in the same chunk? or is it supposed to actually hit that person?
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    Is multiworld in your ToDo list? That is the only thing keeping me from installing this plugin.
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    @compgurusteve: It actually tries to hit the highest block of the players x/z coordinates. I will change that to the players x/y/z.

    The next version will include multiworld and a config similar to Sphax'.
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