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    Farlander - Visit the Far Lands! v1.2

    This plugin will simply allow you to visit The Far Lands easily, and return if you should get lost..

    NOTE: The Far Lands are considered to be a bug by Mojang. If you visit the Far Lands, your client will behave strangely. Strange things tend to happen in the Far Lands. You have been warned! :) As far as I know, it will not corrupt your world save. The Far Lands are a mathematical-limitation bug.

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    Inside the Far Lands, looking out..

    Inside the Far Lands, looking out..

    Standing at the frontier, facing the Far Lands..

    Panoramic view of the frontier..

    Panoramic view of the Nether Far Lands frontier..

    • Visit your world's Far Lands
    • Return to your world's spawn point
    /far - takes you away to the Far Lands, in the direction you are facing.
    /return - Returns you to the location you were in when you used the /far command
              If this position is not available (e.g. server reboot or reload, or if
              the player has quit the game while in the Far Lands) - then it will
              attempt to return the player to the world's spawn point.
    Version 1.1 08-Jun-2011
    • Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #860
    • Fixed a major bug wherein I accidentally used World.regenerateChunk() when I should have used World.refreshChunk() instead - fixed now. Sorry if I broke any of your chunks. :(
    Version 1.1 08-Jun-2011
    • Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #818 (was #803)
    • The /return command now returns the player to the location where they used the /far command. If that location is not available, it attempts to return them to the respawn point.
    Version 1.0 08-Jun-2011
    • Created plugin.
    To Do:
    • Permissions, maybe..
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    Nice plugin. Gonna test it on my server.
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    If you use this then render your world, would this make the world image EXTREMELY large since the chunks are at like 1,250,000?
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    It shouldn't, as long as it's not generating chunks all the way between the spawn and the farlands... Which would cause a lot more problems than just a large world file.
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    Well, from SMP maps where we've teleported to distant locations there always seems to be a straight line drawn from the occupied area to the spot we teleported to. Now either that means we teleported out that way and someone decided to walk back to the main town or the game doesn't move you instantly from point to point, but rather moves you in a straight line at such a high speed that it seems like teleportation.
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    It seems to pull the player from one point or another, you can sometimes see them dragged to where they are located during a /home or teleport. I would guess with a multiworld server they get dragged from the coordinates in the map they are teleporting into as you can sometimes see them zip through the elevations then too.
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    Hmmm. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    The safest way to let people view the farlands is open a test server, teleport to the farlands, travel around it and then log out. open the map in MineEdit and copy the Farlands area into a new map. You'll need to limit a players ability to travel too far because the game will render normal terrain around the area where you copied in the farlands.
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    That's a great idea! Enjoy the oddity without the math/performance glitches.. The wiki page says it will eventually eat the client and cause it to crash if you wander further in. Hmmm, perhaps some kind of plugin to essentially copy the Far Lands chunks into the sane chunk range...?
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    There is clientside mods that let the manipulate seeds and biomes. Someone hacked it to work with bukkit. Look for phoenixterrain mod. You can tweak the way the world actually generates itself to create a Farlands style effect. Since only the server needs the mod because it generates the map files the users dont have to download anything.
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    does this work with 860
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    Updated to 860 and bug fixed :)
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    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler
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    Fixed. I'll just not use spoilers anymore. As someone who only looks at changelogs on an as-needed basis, I personally think that rule is a tiny bit redundant.. But that's me. I don't make 'em, I just follow 'em. :)
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    Makes two of us ;)
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    What about a "/far 320" which takes you to something like 31.999.975 (at 32.000.000 The FarLands becomes even stranger......! (no lighting effect, blocks aren't solid, no mobs)) :D
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    download link dont work
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    The nether farlands hardly lags at all. My server is keeping up fine with the nether farlands...

    Oh the link is broken though. Hopefully I don't have to re-download!

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    Deadlinks :(

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