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    Mark Lohstroh

    EasyRPG - Version: v0.9.7

    I am now going around and visiting public servers with my plugin. So if you want me to visit your server and get ideas from your people on your server please message me! I love doing it.


    This is an easy RPG plugin (hence the name). There are currently four classes. Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Archer. For each class there are two stats. A primary stat and a secondary stat. Each class has their own skills. Skills and stats will be explained below.

    • /rpgstats - Displays your level, primary and secondary stats and current mana
    • /points - Displays your points that you can distribute
    • /class - Lists classes you can chose from or displays your own class
    • /class [class_name] - Chooses your class
    • /points [1 or 2] [points to add] - Adds points to your primary [1] or secondary [2] stat
    • /xp - Displays how much XP you have left till your next level
    • /skill - Skills you've unlocked and lists their mana requirements
    • /skill [skill_name] - Switches your skill to that skill (Skill names are case sensitive)
    • /changeclass [class name] - Changes your class but cuts all your xp and stats in half!
    • /reloadrpg - Reloads all the constants and properties files
    • /resetplayer - Removes the player from the database allowing him to start over
    Download the Plugin

    Download SQL Lite Put in the same directory as bukkit.jar

    Requires Permissions,

    Nodes: 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users and 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's

    Source Code

    Admin Info:
    The plugin creates a EasyRPG.config file where it includes customizable xp values when you kill or break blocks. For now, don't add in any extra blocks because I haven't put in any block ID recognition yet.

    Stat Info:
    When you attack, the damage dealt to the mob/player goes like this.

    initial damage * 1.03 ^ firstStat

    And defense goes like this

    1.06 ^ secondStat

    Very Simple

    When you level up, your mana will go up also. It goes up as much as your first stat.

    Mana regenerates every second and more regenerates when you add points to your second stat.

    All mage skill are used by a right clicking when holding stick (Wand or Redstone Torch). Archery skills work when you shoot an arrow. Depending on what your current skill is thats what will happen. Warrior skills are mostly passive. Leeching health is the only thing thats not passive. And it happens when you hit someone.

    Configuring Skills:

    To configure a classes' skill, you need to open up their config file. In there, you'll find the default skills. To make your own skills, you'll need to follow the format. The format should be included in the config file but here it is for reference anyways.

    The format goes like this [level of skill]:[skill name]:[skill effect]:[skill effectiveness]:[mana needed]

    So and example for a weak fire ball would be. 1:Weak Blast:fire:1:20

    [level of skill] is just what level the player needs to be.
    [skill name] is the name that the user will have to type in to switch to that skill
    [skill effect] is the effect that the skill will have on impact. They are pretty easy to figure out.
    [skill effectiveness] is basically how hard the skill will hit. You can currently only put 1 or 2 in here currently. But a 2 will have more effect than a one basically.
    [mana needed] is just the amount of mana needed to cast a spell.

    Skill Effect List - These are the exact effects that need to be put into the config file
    Show Spoiler

    Warrior - Can only use swords
    • att_up - Passively increases warriors attack
    • resist - Resists any skill effect cast on the warrior. The mana for this should be decently low to make the warrior a more appealing class. Note: Skill effectiveness will not change the efficiency of the skill.
    • leech - Leeches health
    Mage - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • fire - Casts a fireball at the user, only catches on fire if the spell hits
    • heal - A healing spell. Note: The efficiency if this spell should be set to 1 and the priests heal set to 2 just to make the priests a bit nicer.
    • lightning - Casts one or five lightning bolts on the entity if the spell hits
    • explode - Creates an explosion if the spell hits the entity
    Archer - Can't use above an stone sword
    • fire - Same as mage, only if the arrow lands
    • lightning - Same as mage
    • poison - Right now, catches the user on fire for so long. So less powerful than the fire arrow.
    • explode - Same as mage
    Rogue - Can use bows and swords
    • vanish - Lets the user vanish from sight and do anything he likes. Until he reappears. Used by sneaking
    • trap - Traps the user in a spider web so the rogue can finish them off
    • poison - poisons the hit entity
    Priest - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • cure - Cures the user if the user is on fire.
    • group_heal - Heals everyone in the priests range. ALSO HEALS OTHER PEOPLE ALSO
    • heal - Recovers a certain amount of health. Note: Efficiency should be set to 2
    • barrier - Puts up a 3X3 barrier of cobble stone for protection. Note: Skill efficiency has no effect on this
    • passive_heal - When this is the priests current skill, and mana permits, the priest will regain health over time
    • cure_all - Cures everyone in the priests range of fire

    Known Issues:
    • People can work around the weapon restriction. (will be fixed in v0.9.7)
    • Fishing rods have the same effect as a arrow if the player is an archer
    • Switch from sqlLite to mySql

    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.9.7 - MORE BUG FIXES!

    • Permissons support has been added! 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's​
    • Stat names now change along with the class​
    • Invisiblity issues are fixed​
    • The book scrolling is finally fixed, NOTE: In order for this to work correctly, in the config file, you must line the skills up going from lowest level needed to highest level needed.
    • Leech SHOULD be fixed.​
    • Monsters are nastier and you can now defend against them​
    • Block xp should scale now.​
    • Fixed the stats disappearing and reload issues. You can now use /reload all with my plugin!​
    • Fixed the healing players when you attack them. (Thats probably why you couldn't kill anyone :p)​
    Version 0.9.6 - Mainly just a bug fix update
    • Hopefully fixed the disappearing info for the players NOTE: Not completely
    • Priests' barriers only last for 30 seconds
    • The stat system has been redone.
    • Monsters are now more powerful and you will now have defense against them.
    • Added more commands, allows for my plugin to reload my constants
    • CHANGED THE .CONFIG FILES TO .PROPERTIES YOU MUST SWITCH THE STATS OVER. This change was made due to some ftp clients not being able to handle .config files.
    • Changed /add to /points
    • Fixed the healing issues and mana draining NOTE: Nope...
    • Group xp now hopefully working ;)
    • Half step disappearing when lit on fire SHOULD not happen now.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Fixed the rogue reappearing bug
    • Xp now scales up when you are a higher level
    • Fixed stupid typos in my source
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added priests and rogues
    • Added skill effects for priests and rogues
    Version 0.9.3
    • No more sneaking for mana. Mana regens every second
    • Heal actually heals
    • Effect group_heal has been added, not tested yet.
    • Inventory null pointer fix
    • mcMMO compatible
    • changed /stats to /info
    • A redstone torch now acts as a wand
    Version 0.9.2

    • Bug fixes!
    • No more negative mana
    • Fast skill switching via right clicking while holding a book.
    • Found bug that i was surprised that no one complained about...
    • You will find a rouge.config, but don't screw around with it, it won't get you anything and you can't choose it yet. Thats in v0.9.3
    • I toned down the attacking a LOT. So all damage dealt is now multiplied by 0.2 so we don't have someone how just boosts his first stat a ton.
    Version 0.9.1

    • Fixed issues with fire destroying non-air blocks.
    • Fixed the calculations for damaging mobs.
    • Removed the weapon just disappearing and reassigned it to another empty inventory slot.
    • All skills are customizable and scalable! They are in their own config files in the EasyRPG directory
    • All you need is the jar file to run the plugin now. The plugin will take care of the rest.
    Version 0.9
    • Published the plugin

    This plugin may not be worth donating towards yet, so thats ok. Don't feel obligated.

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    I'm noticing that when i cast Quake with my mage it does NO damage to the blocks around it, can u fix it to where it will or add a config that will make some abilities or effects optionable... can u also eventually add a confige to make this plugin changable according to admin taste

    thank you :)
    other than that and damage being OP this is a great plugin
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    I had few issues with this plugin - you dont want players doing commands, it is imho better to only present them with in game toggle or event, so a command sign solves this for me - hit sign and you'll select your class by it. what would be supercool is to add classes as a groups for permissions to extend those class specifics skills further by permissions and other modules..
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    when your a mage it says you are not skilled enough to wield a stone sword what do you have to level up to be able to wield stone+ swords
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    Mark Lohstroh

    So you're saying that the command sign plugin solves your issue? Or would you rather me implement something like that. And as for the extending the classes, I don't really care for that idea due to it getting complicated, and right now, there isn't THAT many skills to customize. If you have skill ideas please tell me.

    Currently, my plugin only restricts swords, and the current level for stone is 2. Unless the server admin adjusted that.

    Yes, of course i can fix it. earthquake is my fav skill :) And I do have a config for each class. Its in the EasyRPG directory. I have the directions to edit that config up in my first post AND in the config file.
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    the plugin work very well ^^ i like it :D i just have some question about the xp system
    #1 what's the max level ?
    #2 is it normal that after level 6-7 it take so muchhhh xp to level up (need xp 150000) o.o?
    #3 when i use the skill Zap and use it on a group of monster i win only the xp from the monster i selected (not other monster around who get killed by the lightning) oh and same for fire too like if you select a monster he get on fire but if another monster walk on the fire and die i don't win exp :c

    oh and the heal skill (Mage) work :D but i thought the first time that it was used to heal people too xD work only for the player but not if you have a half heart anyway i really like the plugin ^^

    PS: i'm not english ^^
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    Do you know about the /changeclass bug? the database dont change the stats for instance: if im a warrior and have dex and str, and go to mage, i still have dex and str, so almost everyone who changed class on my server has bugged stats. And warriors can 1 hit everything after reaching a certain point.
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    Hi Mark,
    Before i say anything. I would like to point out that your plugin, is indeed... AWESOME! I even made an account so I can post here. That being said, I actually just found out about minecraft last week. So im fairly new at this, but I made my own server and am currently using your plugin. Is there any way to specify what classes allow what weapons and change the values for spell damage/normal damage?
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    @Mark Lohstroh

    I'm swapping to this from Pwncraft this looks amazing and, Hope this is compatible with Citizens NPC plugin.

    I'm waiting for your next version with the fixes before installing but I just wanted to poste to give thanks.
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    Mark Lohstroh

    There is no max level! And this is kinda an answer to your second question, but the way I do the calculations for the xp needed for the next level (base)^(playerLevel + 1). The base can be set in your config file the default is 4. So for the needed xp for level 7 is 4^8 which is around 65K xp. Which is kinda insane... BUT in my next version, i'm adding in xp scaling where you'll get MORE xp the higher level you are. Which might make it a little easier.

    And as for your 3rd question, yes, the issue is, I can't easily detect (or at all maybe) who cause what animal to catch on fire. That would take up wayyy to much server resources. So just try hitting the animal before it dies :p

    P.S. Never strike a pig with zap... cause you'll get an army of pigmen.....

    Ok, thanks for telling me. And in reality, the NAME of the stats doesn't matter, only the values matter. But i'll fix it so it FEELS right :p

    And as for the warriors being OP, yes, they can, but have you tried hitting them? They might die faster cause they have an imbalance of stats. And hey, they are warriors. but i'll look into powering them down. Its hard to work with only the default 20 hearts.

    Thanks! And right now, there is no way to configure what you mentioned yet. I've been struggling with how to balance the melee damage and spell damage but its hard. I'm still tweaking it. I'll let you know if I ever find a solution.

    I have not tried to use the Citizens NPC plugin before and I haven't had anyone complain about it. I will let you know when I have fixed all the bugs. ETA should be less than a week! I'm still trying to tweak damage and such.
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    I have not tried to use the Citizens NPC plugin before and I haven't had anyone complain about it. I will let you know when I have fixed all the bugs. ETA should be less than a week! I'm still trying to tweak damage and such.[/quote]

    I have tried it with Citizens, and it works fine.
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    I have tried it with Citizens, and it works fine.[/quote]

    Awesome news pwncraft treats npcs like real player trys to generate configs for them and apply events on them ofc they dont work. and it errors in console each time u hit one. Glad if this works fine thx
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    How Do You Use Rouge's Skill?
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    Mark Lohstroh

    Which skill? vanish? just hold down shift! There is a bug with it though right now. You'll only appear if you run out of mana. You SHOULD reappear when you release the shift key. I have fixed that issue.

    Awesome news pwncraft treats npcs like real player trys to generate configs for them and apply events on them ofc they dont work. and it errors in console each time u hit one. Glad if this works fine thx[/quote]

    Awesome, I don't do anything with npcs, you'll probably get the xp of the "player" in the config file for killing them. Thats my guess. You know, I'll just do a bug fix update and then add all the features I want in the next version. Just so you guys can get those annoying bugs fixed.

    New version out. It fixes rogue disappearing, adds xp scaling. (Makes xp go up each level), fixed stupid typos in my source. Not a huge update, but for those of you who want that stuff fixed, there we go.

    In the next version, I will put in summoning for mage and maybe warrior, tweak the damage to make hitting not so OP, (If you have suggestions, shoot me a message), add a steal skill, fix the barrier issues, and add some more effects. (Maybe something to do with flooding of tsunamis' >:)

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    Awesome gonna go test this out now. Id suggestion not doing summon not really needed imo almost every server in the world has tp or some form of warp. I reakon a good one for mage would be slowfall bascily make u fall like chicken so i can glide down. Maybe some sort of temp flying every thing seems to avoid that now days but its not a big deal if its temporary lol like a good 1 - 2min cd per use and ur shweet just dont make it speed u up as well simple effective for helping or just for fun.

    Does this plung have toggle for shift I suppose would, does it remember on log outs if toggle was on or off thats a + id vote for if it dont had many complaints on other one about a toggle that ppl did not know if it was on or off maybe a friendly reminder on login or tell you if your toggle is on or off.

    More ideas I had for the other at the time but was shutdown.

    archers could make some use of the hook shot if it was possible to make some kind of grapple like in hookshot using string and bow arrows u could shoot the bow into walls and be pulled up to it.

    I dunno if this needs client mod for this next bit but it be mighty cool to have fishing line appear as and arrow attached to it lol.
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    Mark Lohstroh

    Sorry, I didn't specify what kind of summon I meant. By summon, I mean summon a pet zombie, wolf or something like that.

    Toggle for shift meaning like for the sneak? Cause thats the only thing that requires sneaking and it doesn't need to remember if you're sneaking or not.

    I can MAYBE do a teleport arrow... That'll require some more research on my part, but I'll look into it!

    And yes, that requires a client mod.
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    Ah I see summon yes TP arrow no not really ofc if it was removable I dont mind what goes in lol. Im trying to avoid excess teleporting Id rather work on movement events instead.
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    How exactly does this integrate with MCMMO? I mean, do I need to prohibit the use of combat skills on my server (through permissions, of course) in order to cope with the combat skills of this plugin? Thanks!

    Sounds amazing by the way, trying it out now!
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    id have to say best class and skill set up of any rpg plugin ive seen so far lol, and not full of other stuff i dont need nor want xD although one thing i would find helpful which is in other rpg plugins is skill binding to items, to swap between them much faster, which would actually make the plugin more "easy" to use without having to enter commands so often lol, and as im saying this i got the idea to use item commands to pretty much do what i just suggested lmao

    EDIT: neeever mind lol doesnt work but it was worth a shot xD (probably because the /skill commands are per user)
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    If you run essentials try using its /powertool to bind the /skill name to different items
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    Wait so this can't use a Flat File? We need to have SQL/MySQL?
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    Is there any way you can assign a certain attack to a certain arrow stack or stick?
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    Mark Lohstroh

    There is no perfect way to integrate my plugin with mcmmo. So yes, restricting mcmmo's weapon skills would probably be the best way.

    You can fast switch skills via a right clicking when holding a book.

    Yes, you need SqlLite. Text files are wayyy to unstable.

    Like have a special fire arrow, and a special explosion arrow? No, that requires a client mod.
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    Skill ideas ? For sure, i'll search, but the first thing i think is... A teleportation skill for the mage..!
    You know, like the compass for Admins'.
    It would cost some mana points sure, or maybe a maximal distance of teleportation ?
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    i feel noob but not really its cuz ive never been a forumer xD so i have no idea how to quote what you said but anyways, @Mark really? sorry didnt see anywhere that you could do that lol thank you ^^

    i have another suggestion or bug report lol when using trap it should have a duration then auto break after a certain time, and also cant be broken by a player except by the user (so someone hit by it cant just break it and get out)

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    Mark Lohstroh

    I like that idea. I'll put it in.

    Yes, I may have taken it out accidentally but I'll make sure its in there. And to quote someone, hit the "Reply" button on their post.

    Well I don't think that it should be able to be broken by the trapped player cause the other player is trapping them. But i'll think about putting in that suggestion.
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    i know lol so you agree with what im saying xD because at the moment they can break it and its not very effective
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    Question can i stack effects onto new spells in config like

    3:FlashFire:fire:lightning:1:30 that would be nice!

    Moved my other ideas here >< I cleaned up my other posts first ofc :p

    Things id like to see/Ideas


    Giant's get added to the kill list some servers can see giants spawn normally using other mods.


    Reduce the spam from out of mana big time please.


    New ability

    • Sprint - The Rogue masters the fine art of highetend reflexes and increased stamina allowing him to move at a slightly faster pace when not vanished then normal folk.
    • Safefall - Rogue has mastered the art of being nimble and such takes reduced falldamage
    • Backstab - Rogue learns to use vanish to his advantage and such gains a critical strike when attack from the rear causing slightly more dmg and leaving a bleed effect on the target.
    New ability

    • Cripple shot - His skill as marksman give this cunning archer the skill required to shoot the target in a critical location with deadly accuracy crippling the target to a slowed state of movement for a short duration.
    • Leap - Being passively nimble has its advantages the archer gains slightly increased jump height.
    • HookShot - The archer has the ability to scale walls by shooting arrows into them and pulling himself towards it.

    New ability

    • Slowfall - mage gains the ability to glide down even the steepest terrain like a chicken flapping its wings
    • Thereisnospoon - this wizard realizes there is no spoon and world is not flat and he has no body mass and such gains the ability to temporarily take short bursts of flight draining mana each time.
    • Chill - This mage has lived in hidden away practicing magic in even the coldest of placed and can now passively freeze the ground beneath him for short periods of time allowing him to walk on water
    • Drain - The mage has practied many things and now can effeciently drain targets of mana and energy
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    ledhead --> I love your Rogue skills ideas !
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    This plugin plays up bad not errors just the Sqlite stuffs up and it resets ppl and shit somtimes
    Taking a look at the sql file shows I only reset my class once but it retained my archers stats Dexterity and strength

    while the mages have intelligence and luck

    I have attached the sql file so u may see for yourself.


    My players report its happend again it appears to be common among Magei so far I have noticed any other classs being reset.

    what I did notice was odd in the sql file is that it appeard to forget it has there old name on file and goes ahead and re adds there name again with fresh stats effectively creating a dupe in the sqlfile.

    More alarming then not is I manged to actually reproduce this by doing a server reload all and that triggered the same thing I been doing some shutdowns lately for updates and its been more frequent during those times - Issue on restarts with saving looking up player ids maybe i'm just stateing what I am able to find out.

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    Did you plan to add Permissions Support ? Currently working on a dedicated RPG world, and I would love to restrict EasyRPG to this world.

    Thx :)

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