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    Mark Lohstroh

    EasyRPG - Version: v0.9.7

    I am now going around and visiting public servers with my plugin. So if you want me to visit your server and get ideas from your people on your server please message me! I love doing it.


    This is an easy RPG plugin (hence the name). There are currently four classes. Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Archer. For each class there are two stats. A primary stat and a secondary stat. Each class has their own skills. Skills and stats will be explained below.

    • /rpgstats - Displays your level, primary and secondary stats and current mana
    • /points - Displays your points that you can distribute
    • /class - Lists classes you can chose from or displays your own class
    • /class [class_name] - Chooses your class
    • /points [1 or 2] [points to add] - Adds points to your primary [1] or secondary [2] stat
    • /xp - Displays how much XP you have left till your next level
    • /skill - Skills you've unlocked and lists their mana requirements
    • /skill [skill_name] - Switches your skill to that skill (Skill names are case sensitive)
    • /changeclass [class name] - Changes your class but cuts all your xp and stats in half!
    • /reloadrpg - Reloads all the constants and properties files
    • /resetplayer - Removes the player from the database allowing him to start over
    Download the Plugin

    Download SQL Lite Put in the same directory as bukkit.jar

    Requires Permissions,

    Nodes: 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users and 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's

    Source Code

    Admin Info:
    The plugin creates a EasyRPG.config file where it includes customizable xp values when you kill or break blocks. For now, don't add in any extra blocks because I haven't put in any block ID recognition yet.

    Stat Info:
    When you attack, the damage dealt to the mob/player goes like this.

    initial damage * 1.03 ^ firstStat

    And defense goes like this

    1.06 ^ secondStat

    Very Simple

    When you level up, your mana will go up also. It goes up as much as your first stat.

    Mana regenerates every second and more regenerates when you add points to your second stat.

    All mage skill are used by a right clicking when holding stick (Wand or Redstone Torch). Archery skills work when you shoot an arrow. Depending on what your current skill is thats what will happen. Warrior skills are mostly passive. Leeching health is the only thing thats not passive. And it happens when you hit someone.

    Configuring Skills:

    To configure a classes' skill, you need to open up their config file. In there, you'll find the default skills. To make your own skills, you'll need to follow the format. The format should be included in the config file but here it is for reference anyways.

    The format goes like this [level of skill]:[skill name]:[skill effect]:[skill effectiveness]:[mana needed]

    So and example for a weak fire ball would be. 1:Weak Blast:fire:1:20

    [level of skill] is just what level the player needs to be.
    [skill name] is the name that the user will have to type in to switch to that skill
    [skill effect] is the effect that the skill will have on impact. They are pretty easy to figure out.
    [skill effectiveness] is basically how hard the skill will hit. You can currently only put 1 or 2 in here currently. But a 2 will have more effect than a one basically.
    [mana needed] is just the amount of mana needed to cast a spell.

    Skill Effect List - These are the exact effects that need to be put into the config file
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    Warrior - Can only use swords
    • att_up - Passively increases warriors attack
    • resist - Resists any skill effect cast on the warrior. The mana for this should be decently low to make the warrior a more appealing class. Note: Skill effectiveness will not change the efficiency of the skill.
    • leech - Leeches health
    Mage - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • fire - Casts a fireball at the user, only catches on fire if the spell hits
    • heal - A healing spell. Note: The efficiency if this spell should be set to 1 and the priests heal set to 2 just to make the priests a bit nicer.
    • lightning - Casts one or five lightning bolts on the entity if the spell hits
    • explode - Creates an explosion if the spell hits the entity
    Archer - Can't use above an stone sword
    • fire - Same as mage, only if the arrow lands
    • lightning - Same as mage
    • poison - Right now, catches the user on fire for so long. So less powerful than the fire arrow.
    • explode - Same as mage
    Rogue - Can use bows and swords
    • vanish - Lets the user vanish from sight and do anything he likes. Until he reappears. Used by sneaking
    • trap - Traps the user in a spider web so the rogue can finish them off
    • poison - poisons the hit entity
    Priest - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • cure - Cures the user if the user is on fire.
    • group_heal - Heals everyone in the priests range. ALSO HEALS OTHER PEOPLE ALSO
    • heal - Recovers a certain amount of health. Note: Efficiency should be set to 2
    • barrier - Puts up a 3X3 barrier of cobble stone for protection. Note: Skill efficiency has no effect on this
    • passive_heal - When this is the priests current skill, and mana permits, the priest will regain health over time
    • cure_all - Cures everyone in the priests range of fire

    Known Issues:
    • People can work around the weapon restriction. (will be fixed in v0.9.7)
    • Fishing rods have the same effect as a arrow if the player is an archer
    • Switch from sqlLite to mySql

    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.9.7 - MORE BUG FIXES!

    • Permissons support has been added! 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's​
    • Stat names now change along with the class​
    • Invisiblity issues are fixed​
    • The book scrolling is finally fixed, NOTE: In order for this to work correctly, in the config file, you must line the skills up going from lowest level needed to highest level needed.
    • Leech SHOULD be fixed.​
    • Monsters are nastier and you can now defend against them​
    • Block xp should scale now.​
    • Fixed the stats disappearing and reload issues. You can now use /reload all with my plugin!​
    • Fixed the healing players when you attack them. (Thats probably why you couldn't kill anyone :p)​
    Version 0.9.6 - Mainly just a bug fix update
    • Hopefully fixed the disappearing info for the players NOTE: Not completely
    • Priests' barriers only last for 30 seconds
    • The stat system has been redone.
    • Monsters are now more powerful and you will now have defense against them.
    • Added more commands, allows for my plugin to reload my constants
    • CHANGED THE .CONFIG FILES TO .PROPERTIES YOU MUST SWITCH THE STATS OVER. This change was made due to some ftp clients not being able to handle .config files.
    • Changed /add to /points
    • Fixed the healing issues and mana draining NOTE: Nope...
    • Group xp now hopefully working ;)
    • Half step disappearing when lit on fire SHOULD not happen now.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Fixed the rogue reappearing bug
    • Xp now scales up when you are a higher level
    • Fixed stupid typos in my source
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added priests and rogues
    • Added skill effects for priests and rogues
    Version 0.9.3
    • No more sneaking for mana. Mana regens every second
    • Heal actually heals
    • Effect group_heal has been added, not tested yet.
    • Inventory null pointer fix
    • mcMMO compatible
    • changed /stats to /info
    • A redstone torch now acts as a wand
    Version 0.9.2

    • Bug fixes!
    • No more negative mana
    • Fast skill switching via right clicking while holding a book.
    • Found bug that i was surprised that no one complained about...
    • You will find a rouge.config, but don't screw around with it, it won't get you anything and you can't choose it yet. Thats in v0.9.3
    • I toned down the attacking a LOT. So all damage dealt is now multiplied by 0.2 so we don't have someone how just boosts his first stat a ton.
    Version 0.9.1

    • Fixed issues with fire destroying non-air blocks.
    • Fixed the calculations for damaging mobs.
    • Removed the weapon just disappearing and reassigned it to another empty inventory slot.
    • All skills are customizable and scalable! They are in their own config files in the EasyRPG directory
    • All you need is the jar file to run the plugin now. The plugin will take care of the rest.
    Version 0.9
    • Published the plugin

    This plugin may not be worth donating towards yet, so thats ok. Don't feel obligated.

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    the exp systems are dramatically different. i will probably not try to rewrite this one to work with notchs...i will continue to maintain this until mark or someone else wants to take it over and keep building on it. i may add a feature or two more as well, but nothing major like an exp system overhaul...hmm maybe i could re-purpose the xp bar for a mana bar though...ill see about that later...im kinda busy working on my own rpg plugin lol :p
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    I will probably still try to make a version of this plugin that is compatible with MobStats(My new plugin that should be put on the list today). I can try to hook into the new xp system. I can also take over the plugin if you want.
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    @gamerguy14 Just looked at MobStats. This is PERFECT for keeping players close to spawn. I had a couple players decide to go adventuring and they traveled 4000 blocks away in all directions. My world is now 1gb in size. Luckily, I planned to move major builds to a new world once 1.9 comes out. But this plugin would definately help. And to hook that in with EasyRPG will be even better.

    The reason I like this plugin the most is because there is actually something happening when a skill is used. I mean VISUAL things in-game. The barrier skill for example. It actually lays out a stone barrier that disappears after a few seconds, rather than some invisible force. Things like that make the plugin more fun.

    I was thinking how cool it would be to have a spell put an electrical shield around the player, keeping him safe for a few seconds. And if another player gets too close, it zaps them. The electrified creeper effect texture could be used to show a player with this shield activated. Also with 1.9, we have the Blaze effects textures. They could be used in similar fashion. There are sooo many things that could be added. Notch has put in alot, so why not use what's already there.

    Now with Mobstats, you can determine if it is safe for you to go out further from spawn based on your level. Genius!!!! I like it. Thanks for taking up this project. We have alot of fun with it on our server. Would be a waste to see it go. I haven't found anything better yet.
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    thats funny. i made a plugin a few weeks ago that makes mobs tougher the deeper underground they are...
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    @undeadmach1ne @gamerguy14
    Maybe you two can get together and make ONE awesome RPG plugin :)

    Making mobs stronger the deeper you go would work nicely too.
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    im only planning to do a few more tweaks to it so i can use it while im working on my own rpg plugin...if @gamerguy14 wants to take over thats fine with me...i just wanted to get a working version out to all the ppl who are still using this even though the ranged spells dont work (and add in that feature i requested a few months ago lol). if there is no 'official' maintainer by the time im done my tweaks ill release them too (and continue to keep it working on new bukkit/minecraft versions should anything break in the future).
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    Sure I will take over. I am also planning on changing permissions to the built in permissions.

    I was looking at your source in NetBeans, and one spot has been causing me problems. The spot is:

    irt = (skill = getServer().getOnlinePlayers()).length; for (c = 0; c < irt; c++) { Player player = skill[c];
    it is in handleCommand. The plugin works but it gets mad when in NetBeans.

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    thats not my code...i just fixed the projectile handler in xphandler.class and i added the ability to use /commands in the configs to give ppl new spells...i cant remember what file that was in but those are the only changes i made to the file i released the other night.

    what error is that line of code causing you? in eclipse everything is 'fine' (not underlined).
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    It says a few. Expected Skill, found Playe[]. Bad use of < operator. There are others that I will check late.

    EDIT: It also says; Cannot find Symbol length. Incompatible types, Required Collection, found int. Bad operand Collection for unary operator ++.

    EDIT: I don't have the permissions API in the Library since I can't find it online. I plan on changing it to built in permissions anyway.
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    am I the only one who can't figure out how to use fireball. It's probably obvious, but i cant figure it out.
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  12. I have a Stick (wand) and i can use heal for the mage, but it seems everytime i use fireball only snowball's comes out, and when it hits a mob nothing happens. I have enuff mana and the other skills work....whats up? Also Wondering if there was any way that i could use the GHAST's Fire ball as the skill insted of snow ball
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    make sure you are using the fixed version i posted a few posts up ^^^
  14. Thanks Undead Fixed perfectlly
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    dont know how to Vanish
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    How do you gain exp? It's not working on my server D:
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    what do you mean? what happens when you kill stuff? or mine coal/iron? do you not get a blue message saying 'you gained xp'? did you use the fixed version i posted recently? the xp system in this plugin and the minecraft xp bar are not related so this plugin will not fill your xp bar (just in case that is what you are expecting to see happen).

    edit - i did a quick update to remove a spammy debug msg i forgot to take out when i was testing external plugin skills. ~link~
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    u can already do that lol
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    People and it is possible to combine this plug-in with a plugins pvparena? That on arena when a class you choose it was possible to choose a class and from this plugins EasyRPG??
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    sadly i dont think that is possible without a lot of work. you can /resetplayer in easyrpg though, so you could temporarily be a class from easyrpg for a pvparena event, and then /resetplayer so they were back to not having a class after it was over, or choosing a different class for the next event. they would lose all of their progress and skills though. to counter that, you could edit the class.properties files (like mage.properties, warrior.properties etc) for easyrpg and give all skills at level 1 so that when a person chose a class they would have full access to it immediately. sorry that this is the best solution i can offer, and its not really a very good one.
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    And how to edit class.properties фаилы (as mage.properties, warrior.properties etc.) for easyrpg and to give all skills at level 1 so that when the person has chosen a class, at them was full access to it immediately.
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    easyrpg generates a .properties file for each class. they will be in your plugins/easyrpg folder. you can open them in notepad or any text editor and change the level requirement to '1' for all skills. here is an example for archer.properties:

    #This will contain all the info for the archer class
    #The format goes like this [level of skill]:[skill name]:[skill effect]:[skill effectiveness]:[mana needed]
    #The only current effects for archers are fire, lightning, poison, explode
    to change all skills to be available at level 1 just do this:

    #This will contain all the info for the archer class
    #The format goes like this [level of skill]:[skill name]:[skill effect]:[skill effectiveness]:[mana needed]
    #The only current effects for archers are fire, lightning, poison, explode
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    And then this edited class.properties where to place in паку plugins pvparena?
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    no leave it in /plugins/easyrpg. this is just a workaround or 'hack' way to get the result you want. they are not actually combining, you are just allowing people to choose a class from easyrpg to use when they fight in pvparena. unfortunately this is the only way i can think of to achieve what you want.

    people will have to use /class [class_name] from easyrpg before they start a pvparea event, and then /resetplayer after the event to go back to not having a class. if i am misunderstanding what you want, i apologize.
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    And it is possible to change plugins pvparena That classes had abilities?
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    im not sure. i have never tried pvp arena and only just looked into it because you were asking for help with it. it looks like you could set up the pvp arena config to have the same classes as easyrpg and choose the equipment they start with, and then do what i suggested above where you let players choose a class with easyrpg before the fight, and then choose the same class in pvp arena, and then /resetplayer after the battle. its a bit of a sloppy workaround to make everyone pick their class in two different plugins just to have the skills and stuff...but i think its the only way to do it. maybe ask the pvp arena dev if he is interested in adding skills to his classes?
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    can you use the magic plugin for mage
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  31. wow that could be nice! i'm testing it right now, give me some days and i will send you a mp if you want to come to my server =D

    edit: i've found some bugs on priest (the first class i've tested) with:

    1:Cure_Disease:cure:1:30 => does nothing except drain 30 mana (default config)
    1:Cure_Disease:cure:2:30 => does nothing except drain 30 mana
    1:Cure_Disease:heal:1:30 => heals 1/2 heart and drains 30 mana ("heal" parameter extracted from mage skill)
    1:Cure_Disease:heal:2:30 => heals 1/2 heart and drains 30 mana

    :\ well... i thing 1/2 heart it's a bit ridiculous


    1:Fireball:fire:1:20 => trows a snowball that inflicts 1/2 damage without setting on fire and without mana cost (default config)


    can't yeld tools with specific lvl (that's ok)

    1:Enhance_Attack:att_up:1:10 => does not cost energy or mana (can't know if boosts att)


    can't yeld tools with specific lvl (that's ok)

    1:Vanish:vanish:1:10 => does nothing


    can't yeld tools with specific lvl (that's ok)

    1:Fire_Arrow:fire:1:20 => does nothing (i don't know if i need a wand, a sword a bow.. i've tried all of them)

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