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    Mark Lohstroh

    EasyRPG - Version: v0.9.7

    I am now going around and visiting public servers with my plugin. So if you want me to visit your server and get ideas from your people on your server please message me! I love doing it.


    This is an easy RPG plugin (hence the name). There are currently four classes. Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Archer. For each class there are two stats. A primary stat and a secondary stat. Each class has their own skills. Skills and stats will be explained below.

    • /rpgstats - Displays your level, primary and secondary stats and current mana
    • /points - Displays your points that you can distribute
    • /class - Lists classes you can chose from or displays your own class
    • /class [class_name] - Chooses your class
    • /points [1 or 2] [points to add] - Adds points to your primary [1] or secondary [2] stat
    • /xp - Displays how much XP you have left till your next level
    • /skill - Skills you've unlocked and lists their mana requirements
    • /skill [skill_name] - Switches your skill to that skill (Skill names are case sensitive)
    • /changeclass [class name] - Changes your class but cuts all your xp and stats in half!
    • /reloadrpg - Reloads all the constants and properties files
    • /resetplayer - Removes the player from the database allowing him to start over
    Download the Plugin

    Download SQL Lite Put in the same directory as bukkit.jar

    Requires Permissions,

    Nodes: 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users and 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's

    Source Code

    Admin Info:
    The plugin creates a EasyRPG.config file where it includes customizable xp values when you kill or break blocks. For now, don't add in any extra blocks because I haven't put in any block ID recognition yet.

    Stat Info:
    When you attack, the damage dealt to the mob/player goes like this.

    initial damage * 1.03 ^ firstStat

    And defense goes like this

    1.06 ^ secondStat

    Very Simple

    When you level up, your mana will go up also. It goes up as much as your first stat.

    Mana regenerates every second and more regenerates when you add points to your second stat.

    All mage skill are used by a right clicking when holding stick (Wand or Redstone Torch). Archery skills work when you shoot an arrow. Depending on what your current skill is thats what will happen. Warrior skills are mostly passive. Leeching health is the only thing thats not passive. And it happens when you hit someone.

    Configuring Skills:

    To configure a classes' skill, you need to open up their config file. In there, you'll find the default skills. To make your own skills, you'll need to follow the format. The format should be included in the config file but here it is for reference anyways.

    The format goes like this [level of skill]:[skill name]:[skill effect]:[skill effectiveness]:[mana needed]

    So and example for a weak fire ball would be. 1:Weak Blast:fire:1:20

    [level of skill] is just what level the player needs to be.
    [skill name] is the name that the user will have to type in to switch to that skill
    [skill effect] is the effect that the skill will have on impact. They are pretty easy to figure out.
    [skill effectiveness] is basically how hard the skill will hit. You can currently only put 1 or 2 in here currently. But a 2 will have more effect than a one basically.
    [mana needed] is just the amount of mana needed to cast a spell.

    Skill Effect List - These are the exact effects that need to be put into the config file
    Show Spoiler

    Warrior - Can only use swords
    • att_up - Passively increases warriors attack
    • resist - Resists any skill effect cast on the warrior. The mana for this should be decently low to make the warrior a more appealing class. Note: Skill effectiveness will not change the efficiency of the skill.
    • leech - Leeches health
    Mage - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • fire - Casts a fireball at the user, only catches on fire if the spell hits
    • heal - A healing spell. Note: The efficiency if this spell should be set to 1 and the priests heal set to 2 just to make the priests a bit nicer.
    • lightning - Casts one or five lightning bolts on the entity if the spell hits
    • explode - Creates an explosion if the spell hits the entity
    Archer - Can't use above an stone sword
    • fire - Same as mage, only if the arrow lands
    • lightning - Same as mage
    • poison - Right now, catches the user on fire for so long. So less powerful than the fire arrow.
    • explode - Same as mage
    Rogue - Can use bows and swords
    • vanish - Lets the user vanish from sight and do anything he likes. Until he reappears. Used by sneaking
    • trap - Traps the user in a spider web so the rogue can finish them off
    • poison - poisons the hit entity
    Priest - Can't use a bow or above an stone sword
    • cure - Cures the user if the user is on fire.
    • group_heal - Heals everyone in the priests range. ALSO HEALS OTHER PEOPLE ALSO
    • heal - Recovers a certain amount of health. Note: Efficiency should be set to 2
    • barrier - Puts up a 3X3 barrier of cobble stone for protection. Note: Skill efficiency has no effect on this
    • passive_heal - When this is the priests current skill, and mana permits, the priest will regain health over time
    • cure_all - Cures everyone in the priests range of fire

    Known Issues:
    • People can work around the weapon restriction. (will be fixed in v0.9.7)
    • Fishing rods have the same effect as a arrow if the player is an archer
    • Switch from sqlLite to mySql

    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.9.7 - MORE BUG FIXES!

    • Permissons support has been added! 'easyrpg.canrpg' for normal users 'easyrpg.canreload' for OP's​
    • Stat names now change along with the class​
    • Invisiblity issues are fixed​
    • The book scrolling is finally fixed, NOTE: In order for this to work correctly, in the config file, you must line the skills up going from lowest level needed to highest level needed.
    • Leech SHOULD be fixed.​
    • Monsters are nastier and you can now defend against them​
    • Block xp should scale now.​
    • Fixed the stats disappearing and reload issues. You can now use /reload all with my plugin!​
    • Fixed the healing players when you attack them. (Thats probably why you couldn't kill anyone :p)​
    Version 0.9.6 - Mainly just a bug fix update
    • Hopefully fixed the disappearing info for the players NOTE: Not completely
    • Priests' barriers only last for 30 seconds
    • The stat system has been redone.
    • Monsters are now more powerful and you will now have defense against them.
    • Added more commands, allows for my plugin to reload my constants
    • CHANGED THE .CONFIG FILES TO .PROPERTIES YOU MUST SWITCH THE STATS OVER. This change was made due to some ftp clients not being able to handle .config files.
    • Changed /add to /points
    • Fixed the healing issues and mana draining NOTE: Nope...
    • Group xp now hopefully working ;)
    • Half step disappearing when lit on fire SHOULD not happen now.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Fixed the rogue reappearing bug
    • Xp now scales up when you are a higher level
    • Fixed stupid typos in my source
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added priests and rogues
    • Added skill effects for priests and rogues
    Version 0.9.3
    • No more sneaking for mana. Mana regens every second
    • Heal actually heals
    • Effect group_heal has been added, not tested yet.
    • Inventory null pointer fix
    • mcMMO compatible
    • changed /stats to /info
    • A redstone torch now acts as a wand
    Version 0.9.2

    • Bug fixes!
    • No more negative mana
    • Fast skill switching via right clicking while holding a book.
    • Found bug that i was surprised that no one complained about...
    • You will find a rouge.config, but don't screw around with it, it won't get you anything and you can't choose it yet. Thats in v0.9.3
    • I toned down the attacking a LOT. So all damage dealt is now multiplied by 0.2 so we don't have someone how just boosts his first stat a ton.
    Version 0.9.1

    • Fixed issues with fire destroying non-air blocks.
    • Fixed the calculations for damaging mobs.
    • Removed the weapon just disappearing and reassigned it to another empty inventory slot.
    • All skills are customizable and scalable! They are in their own config files in the EasyRPG directory
    • All you need is the jar file to run the plugin now. The plugin will take care of the rest.
    Version 0.9
    • Published the plugin

    This plugin may not be worth donating towards yet, so thats ok. Don't feel obligated.

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    That it does!
  3. can someone help me i wanna know how to use rogue abilities
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    I remember what I was trying to think of before now about when you said u fixed arrows doing spell dmg..

    Eggs do the same thing as snowballs, It appears notch uses snowball hit for egg hit. xD.
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    I killed a good friend lastnight chucking a egg at him. When will the madness end notch?!
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    Why does this reset all my players levels when i /reload D:
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    nice ;-) possible to make a file to translate all the texts? :)
  8. Heh - the way you handle the defense stat it makes people who have a high defense stat have a really long health bar on dynmap. http://pawncraft.co.uk:8123/# If you go here and click on Haux or w3pp3 (If they're online... :p) you can see what I mean.
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    When the server is reloaded, all the classes are lost.
    Build 860 MCMMO: YES

    Never mind, fixed
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    I cannot understand the XPs :(
    here is my config. When I mine gold _ore I got 9,3333333 XPs, but only in the first level. Please help me.
    Show Spoiler
    #this is a comment
    #Experience - Mobs and Players
    #Experience - Blocks
    #The level base for the exponent, the math calculation will go like this XP_needed = base ^ (level + 1)
    #These will specify the level needed to use certain tools
  11. Oh - is there a way you can register who killed someone? What I mean is... I have a plugin that notifies when someone has been killed and says who/what killed them. But if someone kills another player via a skill from this plugin, then the plugin cannot detect who killed that player and thus says they were killed by Herobrine, fire or lightning.
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    lloyd menzies

    Hi 1 of my players found a bug here's a quote

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    Hello... I have the Factions plugin... Before factions nobody would get hurt, but now even when __global__ pvp deny is set using worldguard/worldedit people still get hurt by lightning. I would love a way to keep factions and also prevent pvping in my main world.
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    I'm getting the no regen bug also, regardless if I switched classes or not (maybe it's just regening very slowly?).
    I noticed this on both Priest and Mage but I haven't bothered to test the rest (not to mention to see if the Priest's passive_heal was still buggy).
    I'm using 0.9.7 on CB860 (not updating until a few other plugins update). The particular server I threw this plugin onto also has mcMMO, Factions, LocalShop and Jobs if that helps in any way. Besides the regen bug it works fine and I consider this plugin to be great.
    On a side note, the plugin.yml in the .jar mentions that the version is 0.9.4. Don't know if that's just me being oblivious (after playing plugin roulette for a few hours) but I thought I'd throw that out there if ya want to fix it.
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    I have easyrpg 0.9.7, warriors get more health than hearts can fit on a dynamic map... I disabled all abilities of theirs, same problem... I deleted the config file for warriors, it remade it.... How do i disable warriors completely or get it fixed?

    BTW, using craftbukkit 928
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    Since 9,7 users are bitching telling me skeleton arrows are 1 shotting them even level 10 warriros are being 1 shotted by skeletons, they do apprrently 3- 5 hearts a hit.

    Anyone else getting anything like that.
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    I'm on 928 and I get no xp, tried reinstalling several times, disabled McMMO, but nothing worked. Help pls.
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    Yep there is definitely a problem with wars. Have the same thing with dynmap. I'm also getting spammed by this:

    14:39:28 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGE to EasyRPG
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Health must be between 0 and 200
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftLivingEntity.setHealth(CraftLivi
            at com.ninename.easyrpg.XPHandler.handleEffect(XPHandler.java:395)
            at com.ninename.easyrpg.XPHandler.onMeleeDamage(XPHandler.java:282)
            at com.ninename.easyrpg.XPHandler.handleDamageEvent(XPHandler.java:130
            at com.ninename.easyrpg.XPHandler.onEntityDamage(XPHandler.java:71)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$51.execute(JavaPluginLoader
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.j
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityHuman.d(EntityHuman.java:531)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:861)
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet7UseEntity.a(SourceFile:33)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(NetworkManager.java:226)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:75)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:399)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:309)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
    Not sure what the issue is but appears to be health related to wars I would assume. I'm running easyrpg along side mcmmo also. Any ideas? Asked one of our wars and his health went crazy as soon as he got the health leech ability.

    Here's a pic of it from dynmap.
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    After messing around with a 935 server things looked promising. I didn't get the regen bug up until I used the changeclass command, and then everything went downhill.
    No amount of /changeclass or /resetplayer seemed to have fixed it, and regen returned to normal after I shut down the test server to check for compatibility between this plug-in and others.
    What's really grating on me is the fact that I can't replicate it again. I did everything I could possibly think of, starting with just having easyrpg load (no other plugins whatsoever) to testing with different groups consisting of easyrpg and different plugins. Regen bug isn't cropping up again.
    I'm still throwing things around hoping I can at least get it to appear again and possibly pinpoint what's causing it but with no error and no real reason why it's happening it's frustrating me a bit. Meh.

    Might have finally pinpointed the cause of the regen bug.
    When a priest's Barrier spell ends it generates an exception in the Timer thread (the number seems to change but I've mostly seen -1 and -5). Before and while the barrier is up mana regens as normal but the instant it ends and that error is generated mana on any class stops regening.
    I don't know if this affects anyone else besides myself (as it's a test server and I play on smp by myself).
    On a side note, priest's passive_heal is also buggy. I dunno what its purpose was as it's been like that ever since I started using easyrpg back on 860, but it'll just clonk you down to .5 health left. No amount of healing (food and spells) seem to have much of an effect in countering it as with the next clock cycle it'll just put you back to .5 hp left.
    Meh. >_>
  20. Suggestion for if you get around to integrating this with mcMMO's party system: A priest skill to heal all party members :p.
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    How did you fix this? I'm having the same issue.
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    Pleeeease add WorldGuard Support. It's possible to attack in an none-pvp-region :(
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    is there anyway to round the experienced gained rather then getting "58.333333" Exp?
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    My alternative and more fun way was to ditch worldguard and just use Factions :p
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    You should add a spell for the Mage's / Priests that creates a short lasting water source block to put out other players that are on fire.
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    not bad idea, I mentions somthing along the lines of ice walk that prob could be used for same ting if smashed the ice but both sound fun.
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    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but would you consider an easier way of switching skills? Maybe a book to switch skills by right clicking then we can use it? Only reason I mention this because in PVP, warriors seem like they have the upper advantage because they can basically use all their skills at once knowing that all are passive cept leech. He can activate leech, and the rest are passive while the mage for instance, has only one spell available. (in this circumstance you're not fast enough to type /spell [spell_name]) I know you could make warrior weaker to compensate but I think it would just be a better and more appreciated idea if you could switch it with another item. Just a suggestion :) EDIT: Also, another example is how if you're in PVP and you get poisoned by maybe a archer, how would you be able to switch to heal using a command in time for him to not use another arrow then switch back. I hope you see what I'm getting at on how these would all be good skills but when you can't easily switch between them, it gets a bit difficult working with one spell at a time. (also, are there going to be any differences from archer and mage other then poison and heal? and maybe a preist skill that attacks?)
  28. @nomnomnomeh Pretty sure he's already doing that (He has in fact said it quite a few times). For now you can just make macros for switching spells with the push of a button.
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    how do i use my warior skills and other sir
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    Is it normal tha the skill Leech Health doesn't work in PvP? In my server it only works against mobs.
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    Mark Lohstroh

    It shouldn't..... Did you do "/reload all"?

    Eventually... Once i get these other bugs fixed.

    Ah... I see where I made my stupid typo. >.> This stuff happens when you're up for hours on end. Sorry. Fixed now, and that should fix a LOT of the complaints.

    Cool.... Was it a problem on my end? or your?

    It probably has something to do with my math. I'll check it out.

    You're using HeroicDeath right? Yeah I might; I'll think about it.

    Ahhhhh... great... I'll fix it. Expect an update in the next day or so.

    What regen bug? Mana or health regenrating? But either way, it seems that somehow, my other thread that I run on there breaks and stops the mana or health from regening. I have never encountered any of that in 0.9.7. Just saying. Make sure you have upgraded and if you have then I will try my hardest to break that thread :p

    That .5 health only happens in the 0.9.6 version of my plugin.

    Yes, I have looked at it. I will do so sometime.

    I will make that check in the next version. It'll come out in a few days.

    Yes there is, I'll fix it.

    Regardless of the plugin, I'll fix the issue. Its my fault.

    That will be in the natural disasters part of the plugin. After the next version of the plugin. I'd rather get this plugin stable before I add more skills, but somehow it seems to keep breaking. *sigh*

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