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    Hey! whan i tame a pig for example , and i drop my slimeball , and it sais i released my monsters ? i can only set /follow pig ... but i cant disable it coz it sais "you dont have any monsters yet" also when im typing /ms help or /monsters help it just say with white text /ms or /monsters ... is my build wrong or sumthin? :) awesome plugin otherwise !!!
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    When the mosnters go hostile, they're pretty much detached from everything. You cant tell them to do anything. I guess it happens with pigs as well. Instead of going hostile (lol angry pig) they go wild again. When they go wild, all conection seems to be lost. SO atm, if you want it to stop following you, you have to type in /follow cancel pig very quickly before the connection is lost.
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    OK... think I've figured out the problem now (if this works, it was sorta bukkit's fault). Could you guys see if redownloading fixes the problem?
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    i think it works ... the command works.. but if i do /ms it sais you dont have any monsters yet ... but i can live with tht.. so long the follow,wait and such works !! and once i tamed a creeper.. and my friend joined the server and my creeper attacked him n blew my house up ... and i tamed a creeper again and i was walkin home n my creeper attacked a zombie n blew up... so , what i wanna say is it would be good with like a /passive command.. so your pet will only follow you , or wathever ! Thx !

    well ... "the connection" hold longer ... but at the end it stopped working :(

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    OK. How about after redownloading now? Can you post the specific point where (or if) the connection stops working after redownloading?
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    Thanks for the update fullwall. I caught a creeper and he followed me around for 5 minutes with blowing up. I even whacked him around a few times to see his response, and he stays loyal. Good work! :) Now it's just those few commands that don't seem to work, but to me it's not a big problem. Everyone on my server loves this plugin.

    Yup, I can confirm the hostile-bug is gone. I just caught a creeper again and he followed me for 20 minutes before he fell to his death on the highway I built. Poor Wilson...
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    OK - looks like it was that persistence in monsters feature that was messing around with the hostility bug... Anyway, will look at those commands now.
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    My monsters seem to automatically go for other players. Is it possible to prevent this?
    Thank you in advance :3
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    I'll stop that now.

    Try redownloading.

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    Really? wow that was fast :3
    TYVM. I will redownload it now and see how it goes :)

    Excellent mod fullwall.


    Redownloaded and hey, mr creeper isnt' bothering others :D
    but he needs to respect personal space.. maybe 2 blocks would to it.. he keeps nudging me :p


    Now I feel like a complainer, but when I use /wait it isn't recognized, but that's minor :)
    Also I was under the impression that despawning was fixed? I teleported away from my pet creeper and he was not there on my return :(
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    okay still having the same problem:( basically it as if i didnt even have the plug in at all. hitting all kinds of mobs produce no effects or text. however 1. i did everything like put it in my plugin folder 2. no errors were logged 3. i used the command /plugin list and monstertamer came up and was loaded. what am i doing wrong? :/
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    Despawning was causing issues, so it's disabled for now. Can you post your complete server log shozzum on pastebin? Also, what craftbukkit build are you using, and do you use Permissions? @inviktus - /wait works (forgot to register command >.>), monsters stay 2 blocks back now. DL 1.23 (wait a second if it's not there :p)
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    like i said, no problem on serverlog. but when i used /monsters in game it says i dun have permission. i assumed that being a op wouldnt require permissions. im sure i have permissions in my sever, just cant seem to use it

    found smth called fake permissions (.jar file) but it doesnt have a folder. should i just download Permissions again?
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    It defaults to everyone can use everything if you delete the fakepermissions.jar file. Else, yeah just get Permissions again.
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    fullwall /wait now works, thank you.
    If I may offer a suggestion though, it would be that,
    using /follow after /wait cancels the last /wait command issued on that mob type.

    One other little thing is that my creeper that was told to wait, ever so slowly crept off quite a ways away from his original position :)

    Keep up the good work dude. Love this plugin.
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    Will do :).
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    so for the 3rd time or so id like to paste this error which always locks up my server. CB 556

    In dire hope Fullwall actually reads it this time. Cause my people love the plugin but there is no point if it locks the server shortly after. :(
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    Try redownloading.
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    I have been using bedrock to capture mobs like sheep and cows and when i type /monsters i see them there but where do they go when you capture them? ive been trying to use like /follow cow but it says couldnt find any monster of that type. please help me. im not sure if i just dont get how to use it or what.
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    Try dropping one of your bedrock.

    Edit: By pressing Q, don't place the block.
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    I have to say I'm impressed, Fullwall, both by this plugin and the speed at which you're updating it. Keep up the good work, and I'll be waiting eagerly for any features you might add in the future.
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    REQUEST: could you add a configurable timer to the /release command? (so.. when a mob is released it stays friendly to you for some odd time, then turns on you as a normal mob would when time is reached) ..maybe even for every day/night cycle equals 10-sec of time mob stays friendly during release. (as if trust was build) :)
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    when i try to click on a monster nothing happens i am using the mobrider plug in it wont work too
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    I downloaded the plug-in and it doesn't work. When I start the server up it says that the plugin needs to be updated though I downloaded the latest updated. ((Sorry, spell fail.. My bad..))
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    Can you post the full error please. Sounds like an error with the server, not the plugin.
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    any word on when this will be compatible with newest version of minecraft?
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    yea sorry about that assumption i had that all plugins will be broken when ever there is a minecraft update
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    Working on wand system right now.

    Updated to 1.3.

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