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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fullwall, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Redownload please Anjo.
  2. Tested, monsters do not attack as randomly. No console errors. However, /wait command and /whistle do not seem to be working anymore, /follow cancel spider or spiders [only tested those mobs, others might be included] doesn't seem to be working either. Spiders will continue to follow and command states that there are no monsters currently following.

    UPDATE: Nevermind, zombies attack on /release 00
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    Will i need permissions to run this?
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    My aggressive mobs just disappear. Really weird I just summon and they disappear...
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    Uh, is monsters turned on in your server?
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    How do you get it to target mobs? I put /target sheep all but it says name invalid, also whistle does nothing
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    Redownload for a fix to /target [type] all
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    Using CB #541, this plugin stops the server from restarting, for some reason. It doesn't show any errors.
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    I cant Find the Full Version can u send me a link? Kinda of a noob at this Bukkit thang xD
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    Click on the download link that says '1.22' and be sure to download all settings files (in the zip).
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    The tamed Monsters attack me when i go outside. (Day)

    [zombie]=tame =:) [fire]
    [zombie]=tame + going outside (on Day) + /follow zombie=[zombie] =Zombie Attacks me :'(

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    To make my skeleton attack a zombie is it /target zombie?
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    I apologize if this has been brought up before but 16 pages is too many to skim through. Is there any chance of having an option for the item to not be consumed once dropped? I'd like to use slime balls but they're too rare to use if you need a new one every time.
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    No. Awkwardly, it's /target skeleton zombie. Though it should be /target zombie skeleton, the other way works. Using this, the skeleton will target the zombie, EVEN though it says in green "Targeting Skeleton".

    Reinstall the plugin. If not you didn't add permissions. If it still doesn't work let me go on your server and I'll take a see at it.

    I think for now no. You can however establish a trading shop where players can trade drops for slime balls.
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    Would it be possible to make it so tamed mobs dont burn at daynight (skeletons and zombies)?

    That'd be amazing, great mod btw.

    People on my server are loving it.
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    Friendly mobs don't?... I may add the consume setting now...

    Redownload, added the item-consume property to MonsterTamer.settings.

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    Thanks a lot fullwall! Your plugins are great.
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    Figured out my problem. Didn't have any some how they just spawned.
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    Really, is there a setting because I'm pretty sure they burn for me?
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    Try redownloading...
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    sorry but it doesnt work at all for me. i've left config alone, and put them all into the plugin folder. the monstertamer folder has everything it needs. maybe its the permission? i cant seem to do anything about it. thanks in advance for answering my noob questions

    oh and i have the latest version and there isnt a error on the console

    i was looking around and im wondering whether my problem is caused by me not having permissions?
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    Can you post your server logs from enabling MonsterTamer? What exactly is not working?
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    He said that nothing is working and that there's no errors in the console, then he asks if it's because he doesn't have permissions? Shouldn't that be info enough? An empty error log wont help much there XD
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    This is an absolutely amazing plugin and all of us on my server think it's a lot of fun. As many people have said before, some monsters will turn hostile after about half a minute of being let out. /follow works, but /follow cancel does not. /wait brings up an "Unknown command" prompt, and /whistle merely doesn't respond.

    Thanks for the plugin though and all the hard work! It's great to see the players run around with their pets and making farms. :)
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    yeah what JDBar says .... id love this plugin but i uninstalled it because the monsters go hostile again after a while , a fix for this would be nice
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    Olof Larsson

    I am usin craft bukkit 556 and monster tamer v1.22 as the only installed plugin on the server.
    If I type stop in the console the server does not shut down properly. This plugin makes the shutdown sequence hang.
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    Fullwall, you're the best man. But im sure everyone aggrees - this plugin isnt much use if they go hostile at you after you throw it out!
    I hope you can fix this bug.

    Btw im on build 552
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    OK OK :p. I will do some intensive testing right now.

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