[INACTIVE] [FUN/MECH] Door Shield v1.3 - block attacks with an iron door [1000]

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    Door Shield!
    Version: 1.0

    The Door Shield does exactly what it says. When an iron or wooden door is held in your hand, you will block a hit from other players or mobs with a certain probability (default is 1/3 of the time, can be changed in config). The probability of blocking is doubled when you sneak.

    * Extremely simple, lightweight plugin.
    * Have a use for that extra iron!
    * Configurable with any probability (uses doubles, so you could have 1/3.14159256535 if you wish)
    * It's a door. That blocks hits for you. You can't ask for anything more in life.
    * Permissions! Add 'door.shield' to enable door shielding.
    * Shielding with wooden and iron doors!
    * Configurable breaking probability!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source code coming soon.

    Version 1.0
    * Release

    Version 1.0.1
    * Permissions

    Version 1.3
    * Fixed a glitch where the user would be healed
    * Added wooden doors
    * Updated config file to reflect probability that doors will break
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    Any chance that the crouch to double miss chance could be removed, or maybe there be a setting for the ratio... like...


    So I could set it to something lower like CROUCH_RATIO=1.2 (or just 1.0 to turn it off)?
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    Unlikely. I've stopped development of this- should probably mark it inactive.
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    Any chance of releasing the source then? I could do it myself for my server then.
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    Here's the source: link
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    Thanks. Looks like it is time for me to learn Java. Not like it's so terribly different from C++, but this should be a relatively easy project to learn on. I'm just going to add the variable. Thanks again for uploading. Also, I am not sure if it is just me, but it looks like the .class files are already compiled. Like I said, I've not done java before, but if it's like C++, that should be like the header where I define new functions. I guess I'll figure it out, but if that's the case, could I get the class source so I can add in getSneakRatio()?
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    Everything should be in there. You shouldn't need to import anything for getSneakRatio because the methods are in a package together- by default, all the methods have package access (and I specified them to be public too).
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    Ah yeah. After a little bit of looking into it, I figured out those .class files are just created after compiling, and I don't really need to worry with them. Thanks for all of this. I have managed to get it added in, and now I am just working on getting those libraries and changing the paths to where I saved them.
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    Don't be inactive please it's getting harder to even find you anymore =( please update.
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    There is a chance you could set the Shield to left hand using spout. Not sure but its probably worth looking into. Sounds cool though.
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    I think the plugin is inactive. I've updated it, but not in any official means, just for my own server. Question, exactly what needs updating on your end? It should still work perfectly with the latest CB.
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    Can you support this plugin again? It was phenomenal :)
  13. will this ever be updated? it looks cool. :)
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    It's a very simple plugin, maybe another developer could do it.

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