[INACTIVE] [FUN/MECH] Door Shield v1.3 - block attacks with an iron door [1000]

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    Door Shield!
    Version: 1.0

    The Door Shield does exactly what it says. When an iron or wooden door is held in your hand, you will block a hit from other players or mobs with a certain probability (default is 1/3 of the time, can be changed in config). The probability of blocking is doubled when you sneak.

    * Extremely simple, lightweight plugin.
    * Have a use for that extra iron!
    * Configurable with any probability (uses doubles, so you could have 1/3.14159256535 if you wish)
    * It's a door. That blocks hits for you. You can't ask for anything more in life.
    * Permissions! Add 'door.shield' to enable door shielding.
    * Shielding with wooden and iron doors!
    * Configurable breaking probability!

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    Source code coming soon.

    Version 1.0
    * Release

    Version 1.0.1
    * Permissions

    Version 1.3
    * Fixed a glitch where the user would be healed
    * Added wooden doors
    * Updated config file to reflect probability that doors will break
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    Well, eventually it would be nice to hold both a shield and sword in minecraft, but i don't think that's even possible. :/ Sounds like a good plugin though!
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    WOW, fastest plugin coding ever. Thanx man :3
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    problem is id rather have a fight with a sword then defend with a door......im just saying

    I think that shields would be awesome, but i think it should be like an extra inventory slot like with helmets and armour. You wouldnt actually see it but its active.
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    Yeah but then you wouldn't understand why your opponent isn't taking any of your hits. I think to be balanced you'd have to choose between attack and defense and choose between them strategically. It isn't really hard to scroll between items on your scroll wheel either.
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    Ok what if from another persons view it showed the shield. At the end of the day your other arm is useless at mo it just hangs there like a wet sausage (WTF) True you could scroll ......
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    You can hit them with your shield for 2 points of damage. As far as I know there's no way to hold an item in one hand and hit somebody with a different one.
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    U missed my point have it like helmets and armour, an extra slot :)
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    Thats still impossible.
  10. If you change the datavalue on the door, will the "health" bar appear under the item ?
    It would be nice to make it damageable, even if the bar can't be shown, a HUD message printing 75,50,25 percents of shield... but once damaged it CAN'T be used as a door ! because that'll "regenerate" it.
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    Negativity....Im sure someone is upto the challenge.
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    It is, that would require a client mod. Get over it already, there is a client mod on minecraftforums (Single player) that allows you to hold 2 swords, but it's never gonna be on bukkit.
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    This is great for strategic faction pvp
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    lol thats truee, you got the archers in the back than you got you defensive line and your warriors right back of them or something on these lines.
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    Can I have a permission node for this? The idea of the ^ guy is geat, im trying to make a class based server :3
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    Can't be done as far as I know, because the bar wouldn't be persistent. I could assign a DoorInfo object or something like that to every play but that makes it unnecessarily complicated. The point of this plugin is to be light and simple and do what anon asked in the request post.

    Permissions coming soon.

    And... permissions done.

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    Wow Ho, im pretty sure you have some kind of time manipulation device. You are.... fast.

    Thanx man :)

    What is the node I have to add?
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    Dam, didnt see that. Thank you.
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    Shields where the things I missed the most on minecraft. Now we can have tanker players!!!

    One little request, could you add some kind of knockdown power?
    Here is an idea, player is with a shield, he crounches, and then hits a player with it. Then he has a percentage of chance to trow the agressor 3 or 4 blocks back.
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    This could be done fairly easily with teleporting but would be a real challenge if you wanted them to have some sort of "knocked back" animation.
    That said, I'll do a teleport-push when I have time later.
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    Well, thats already good :D
    Also, any chance you could add wooden shields, a weaker version of the iron one?
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    Teleport push, now that I think about it, isn't really feasible at the moment. :[
    I can add wooden shields with their own config later tonight.
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    Maybe a configurable chance that the item will be broken by a hit?
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    For both or for the wooden door only?
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    Maybe this type of thing would work?
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    That's what I'm planning to do, yeah.
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    You guys read my mind. It might be simpler to reduce it to:


    But it's a purely technical issue.

    I've already proposed this as a plugin for our server, and I think it's great. Simple and effective.
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    Im getting a weard bug... It restores my life when I am hit with the shield, rather then just blocking it.

    Some of the hits pass just fine, and cause damage, but the ones that are defended restores the defender life :(

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