[INACTIVE][FUN] LazyRoad v0.6.2 - Make roads - GUI EDITOR [860-1085]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by adreide, Jun 9, 2011.

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    nvm i actually figured out the problem. it was that all the road template files hadent been pasted into the folder!
    anyway awesome plugin really like it!
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    Well I wanted to try 5.2 but I might as well wait until 5.3 :p tho it will be useless if it uses bukkits API as stated Its not tha I dislike it all that much, well yea I kinda do dislike it mainly due to its timing its a bit late in the game for me to care anymore. I'm just trying to point out that it's not mature in the bukkit community only a couple of permissions systems have actually moved on PEX,superperms some other thing I don't know the name of.

    P.S [A lot of good developers think PEX is crap" I don't trust these other ones why trust it. My case is to only point out that for a long time GM and Permission 2.7 were the king of the hill so to speak of the permission world. Now Permissions 3x is the mainstream and GM is dead literally not supported not even by essentials.

    One major problem is as people learn to configure software they develop a bond to a certain type or brand and thus look more favourable towards using that one over something new that just you like said mature servers can't afford to waste time on non mature software when it comes to permissions and other vital solutions.

    I will use bukkits but only when Permissions 3x adds support for it even tho I have not used the others I don't want to move one of the other ones as I just don't want to. Tho 3x is working on its next big update to support bukkits API so should not be too much longer then month away.

    I only said what I said before as keeping 3x in is not that much a big task it would have been wiser to keep it in and wait for the mainstream to support it like most plugins have and add bukkit API method in for those who like the new and largely not tested permissions systems.

    I just want to end my view with saying you have done an amazing job thus far and I hope to see new versions even I can't run them yet.
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    HOLY FRIGIN CHRIST!!!!!!!!! however. what about making turns?
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    Whats the password for the website?
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    This Looks SOOO AMAZING! cant wait to try it out for my server I actually logged on to comment :0
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    @Buckethead will be hopefully fixed in the next version
    @Sethimine there is no password for the ftp server of Blacky
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    When I open LazyRoad Designer, it only load the material "Stone". So I´m not able to make own roads:
    Here a Screenshot:
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    It wouldn't let me in, but okay.

    Now: For the road editor, how to you get it so it builds on ground level, instead of breaking a block in the ground?
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    I'm sorry for anything I repeat, but I'm having trouble. It says I don't have permission to access these commands. I've tried putting in all the permission nodes and it still didn't work. I got rid of permissions to try it just using the OP system and it still didn't work. Can someone help me please?
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    Major bug..

    Cross World Permissions problem.

    Say you have a creative in which people can use lazy road, then you have a strict survival in which you dont allow spawning.
    I enable lazyroads in creative, then simple take portal (using multiverse) to survival, and voila, diamond roads for easy diamond.
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    Great Plugin. Makes my city shine.
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    Live or Die

    this is a great plugin.
    the only thing missing is /reload lazyroad or somthing to reload it.
    cuz everytime i make a road i need to reload whole server and its makes me mad :(
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    that's why there is a /road reload command
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    Live or Die

    :p fail XD
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    Help it say i no have permission please help
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    Don't suppose if anyone's brought this up yet... but can't seem to make the a pillar match our existing pillars.

    Basically it should be 3 wide and be (1 fence), (2 fence), (3 fence, then all blocks below this point 1 fence in the middle), (2 fence), (1 fence)

    Side on:

    Side on:
    Front On:

    Also, needs far better ladder handling :(

    But still, nice start
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    this plugin says i don't have permissions
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    I installed 0.5.1 and it works great with permissions 3.1.6
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    bump as i feel this is important for multiple server admins.
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    @freman you have a good point, I'll improve it in the next version
    @fffizzz your post has been considered and a fix will be available in the next version. No quick update though.

    Currently I'm quite busy with IRL stuff, I have made a to-do list of what I will do in the next version. Until most of the list is done I won't release a new version. I'll try to update the list when I do have free time.
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    this is an epic plugin!
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    v0.6.0 beta is out. See main post for more information.

    Do not try this in a production server. Uses built-in bukkit permissions. Please give some feedback.
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    that 1 node covers full use?
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    Only Feedback I have currently is I can't/won't be using any new version of this while it supports only bukkits permission system I'm not trying to be a pain I'm just saying it would be wise to keep supporting Permissions 3 you would get far more users interested in testing this and keeping it updated.

    I thought I made my case before about the permission systems that actually support bukkit's currently are dubious. Permissions 3.1.6 + is what most servers would still be using as even bukkits permissions system is a little dubious right now.

    I stated I had no objection with using bukkits system but I have an objection to moving away from Permissions 3.1.6+ to do so and so until such time it or something better supports bukkit's than any new version of this is out of my reach.

    Not trying to be pushy about it, It is just some advice comming from someone who has heard a bit about the current system's that do support bukkits permissions vs the age proven systems most of us still run.
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    @ledhead900 you already stated your point. See the to-do list and you will see that adding back support is listed. And I don't see the point on having an advanced permission system on a beta plugin. Just being op is fair enough.
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    I guess, I actually have staff do most of the roads and I'm not making anyone else OP. I think you point brings back a memory of a post I wrote to the last person who put " I don't see the point" and "Beta" in the same sentence.

    I told them if that was the case then there is no point in modding and bukkit existing at all for a beta game, maybe I don't see a point in bukkit coming out with a permission API now when we already have "an advanced permission system" that as far as I'm concerned out benefits any improvement in bukkits API.

    I had a look at how bukkit wants me layout the permissions and I think the parent and child true/false stuff is just extra complexity for very little difference in purpose the improvements it would bring to my server are not worth the hassle of using it.

    Anyway It does not matter anymore I guess whats done has been done and we both state our case's I don't wish to get into another one of my arguments over better or worse decision-making, at best the choice not to use it is purely based on one view of it so if everyone decided to use it then I have no choice really.

    Sorry about that been pretty stressful start to a week, I guess I can get over fact I can't give permissions to anyone if I update it for now as long the OP stuff works and I can still use it. Thanks for bothering to respond to otherwise un required nonsense.
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    i am getting an error when trying to build any bridge...the error says
    "beginBridge message not sent"

    Any idea :)
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    There is a glitch in the messages.properties. Change
    beginTunnel:%green%Tunnel enabled.
    beginTunnel:%green%Bridge enabled.
    beginTunnel:%green%Tunnel enabled.
    beginBridge:%green%Bridge enabled.
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    Hi adreide,

    I have Problem creating my Subway down-or upwards in a mountain.
    It removes me big parts over the road.
    Here a picture:

    Any idea to Fix it?
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    @Conradfreak I don't really see what you mean, upload your road template

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