[INACTIVE][FUN] LazyRoad v0.6.2 - Make roads - GUI EDITOR [860-1085]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by adreide, Jun 9, 2011.

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    @Xx7Wilson8xX you are using a prior version of Bukkit than 1000. Please, update Bukkit or switch to LazyRoad 0.5.1
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    Hi. I watched a vid. LOOKS amazing! but when i try to run it (with permission nodes in the correct spot) it says noPermission message not set. any help? thanks!
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    make sure your permissions, it is LazyRoad.build (cap sensitive). If you are using 0.5.2, it uses bukkit built-in permissions. If you are using 0.5.1, use Permissions.
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    Hey, I'm going to sound a little silly asking this but, im having an issue actually putting these two files (LazyRoad.jar + snakeyyaml.jar) into it's destination . The problem is, I don't know where to place either file:eek:! To be honest I've been scouring the web looking for a tutorial on where or how to place these two files under the lib folder. And with no luck I've come here to try and put an end to my problem. Let me give you a break down on what I've done. I've tried placing both of these files into the Plugins folder of my server, no luck. I've tried placing just the LazyRoad file in said folder, no luck. I've tried doing the same with the snakeyyaml file, and still no luck! I'm very anxious to get down to work with building fantastic worlds with this mod, and would very much appreciate any sort of response. Thanks!:D

    Oh, and one last lil tidbit, I am not using Permissions (Forgot to add the little bugger into my speach above --^)
    Permissions gives my "untrained in the Arts of Plugins" brain a headache so i decided to tackle this only using Ops. I've read almost a good 75% of all reply's to this thread and decided that I should add this just in case. :)

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    If you're not using Permissions, download this file:
    Unpack this archive inside your plugins folder.
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    @Smidds and a lot of other people:
    LazyRoadDesigner is just a tool program, NOT a bukkit plugin ! Do not touch the /lib directory or try to put the .jar or .exe into the Bukkit plugin folder ! Download the plugin, 0.5.2, unzip ALL the files into Bukkit plugins directory, That's all !

    You do not have to include some jar files in the lib folder or anything !

    Is it that difficult to realize there are two download links and one of them is just a tool ! A tool, not a plugin. Do you go into NotePad++ installation directory and try to copy files into bukkit because someone said you had to use it to edit yml files? Same thing.

    I'm going to try to make it clearer.

    @RGadelha What you said is not correct.
    Be it 0.5.1 or 0.5.2 if you don't have a permission plugin it will be op by default.

    If you do have a Permission plugin and you use PermissionsBukkit or any other that relies on the new Bukkit built-in permissions, use 0.5.2. If you use Permissions 2.x, 3.x, PermissionsEx, GroupManager or another, use 0.5.1.
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    It's pretty clear for me now, I was just trying to help here :rolleyes:
    Sorry :(
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    @RGadelha you don't have to be sorry ;) I wanted to make it clear for everybody, do not take the bold font for you, I know you wanted to help. Sometimes I forget that people who use plugins aren't developpers.
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    We now have too many roads to list and it's not displaying them all when we type /road I request that you change the display to anymore then 10 add a new page like the help systems and most info plugins do.

    Oh and update this to the 5.1 versions as well as I refuse to use bukkits inbuilt permissions its not even close to mature enough to be used on production its a terrible move as I really don't like the way it works at all. I'm quite happy with permissions 3.x and its * nodes I don't want to go adding things to a group node that's just one more freaking node I need to give out as bukkits permissions rely's on other permissions to function I think it's just a total waste of server operators time to use it. "bukkit take it back"

    Anyhow if you could please add that request id be more than thankful.
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    I haven't actually tried this plugin myself, however for creating corners and nicer looking roads couldn't you force the road to continue in a straight line even if the player moves to the left or right by a few blocks, but when they move far enough it will attach a pre defined corner piece to the road. You would have to define two types of corner for a left and right hand turn, then rotate accordingly. It's just a suggestion ;)
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    saving doesnt work for me, im on plugin version 0.5.1
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    how and what do you install to make this work i do't know where the jar file goes since you told me not in the plugins folder please help me
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    I'm a programmer [or developer if you prefer] and being like that I have users too and dealing with them is... whatever :rolleyes:
    The difference in this particular case here is that you're doing it for free, so I understand you totally, you don't have to explain yourself.
    Like I've said before, your plugin is one of the best I know and if I knew more about Bukkit and Java, I would help you more. :D
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    @ledhead900 @samp20 thanks, I'll try to update the display as soon as I have free time. For the corners I have thought about it. I'll try to implement it. As for the straight line, I will perhaps include an option on the road structure but I won't restrain it to all the roads.

    @fryedrice945 saving, you mean with the gui tool? do not try to type a name, just select a directory.

    @CrAzYpOnYbOy I haven't explained myself correctly or you misunderstood. Download the plugin zip file, extract all into Bukkit plugins directory.
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    When i make my own roads with the editor, they save as .ser's and not .yml's so i cannot use them in game
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    @GoSox2525 update to 0.5.1 or 0.5.2, they use .ser files.
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    oh okay thanks
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    I appreciate it I love this plugin but could you please re add permission support back as a fallback else I/ some of us cannot update to any new versions.

    I lot of us disagree with bukkits method for permissions including the essentials development team they added support for it but advised it was not a stable solution yet so it was better to ingnore it and keep your existing permissions 3 plugin.

    I had an idea to deal with the corners well more like extend the other ideas given, Instead of creating two lots of corner sections you could just mirror the placement of blocks in the template provided, Say you added a corner section to your gui tool all you would have to do is take the straight bit and modify it so that it flow correctly then you would mirror what ever was in that section for left or right. Essentially you would be creating anothe straight bit of road designed to be placed when u turn a corner so with that in mind you would paint your blocks accordingly.

    I also though that maybe in future the gui could have preview tool of what it would look like when all the parts are connected and the corner bit so designers could get a rough idea of what it would appear like in full " most time consuming I would think to impliment a quick render of some kind"
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    Apparently it seems that @lukegb hit the spot with

    I know very well what it is to have a minecraft server. Nothing is really bug-free. Bukkit is really something but it has some glitches. There are lots of plugins and a lot do the same thing, one with a special feature, one with others. All of them have a different config files with perhaps a database connected, different for all the plugins, etc... The quantity is huge, the quality isn't.

    So in the end, when you do have a pretty stable configured server, you don't want your time to be wasted on something new, perhaps unstable.

    A lot of big minecraft servers stay in old versions for months, waiting until they consider to have something mature enough to upgrade to.

    At first I didn't want to go backward and add support for permissions. Now I really don't know. I think it will be up to the mood when I do some programming on lazyroad.

    For the corners I won't make a corner template. It will magically be done by a mystical algorithm which isn't programmed yet.

    So the to-do list for the next version is:
    • road display patch. I knew the "bug" but was too lazy to make it (thanks to ledhead900 to give me some motivation).
    • corner patch and some movement restrictions:
      • new road option command. I don't know how to name it. Most likely like: /road straight. If you have better ideas, don't be shy.
      • corners will be made out of a teddy bear soul with some star dust to enhace them.
    • Easy installation and update:
      • One .jar to install it. The plugin will automatically download the default files.
      • Built-in update notifier. The plugin will prompt you if a new version is out.
    • Store undo if server restarts.
    • Permitting to undo a previous road.
    The if-I-have-motivation list for the next version is:
    • Provide an online template database:
      • Accessing it with LazyRoadDesigner. Permitting users to upload their templates and to give a note to existing ones.
    • Make a road previewer:
      • This is really hard for me. I don't have any 3d experience. Perhaps in pseudo 3d. Lot of work here so don't get your hopes high.
    • Make a protection for the roads.
    The if-I-am-in-good-mood list for the next version is:
    • Adding back Permissions support.
    • Adding some Easter-eggs.
    The if-someone-is-willing-to-help list for the next version will be:
    • A how-to installation video (as many users continues to install LazyRoadDesigner files in bukkit...)
    • Update the wiki and correct spelling mistakes.
    • Code review to enhance performance and/or spot bugs.
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    I dont mind bukkits that bad its just no decent permissions system support it YET!
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    You should do Walls
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    Is there a option that building uses resources? I do not want to get everything for free, but also not to place everything by hand...
    If not, is the source availible somewhere? So I could mod it on my own.
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    @waflija The idea is good, I'll add it as feature. As for the sources, there is a huge link next to the download link... Do whatever fork you want with it.
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    Don't want to fork it, I do not have enough time to maintain a complete fork ;) . Maybe I code it and send you my code?
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    yes with the gui tool. i didnt type a name, i put the save file into the road directory and it would not work
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    How do I get it working? There are no tutorials. -_- Is there a plugin I install. If there is you should list it in the topic so this doesn't happen again. ;P
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    Holy shit dude, awesome!
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    I am running permissions 3.0 i believe ive set up the permission correctly but
    in game it says "You do not have the permissions!"
    could anyone please help me?

    - ADMIN
    - 'LazyRoad.build'
    - MOD
    - Builder permissions:
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    I'm actually uploading a Installation and use tutorial to youtube, Ill post it on here :)

    Here you guys go, I know there is already some others but I tried to make a video with it all in one :)

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