[INACTIVE][FUN] LazyRoad v0.6.2 - Make roads - GUI EDITOR [860-1085]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by adreide, Jun 9, 2011.

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    not a massive deal but would be nice to fix this:

    Problem Description: when using fly mod/speed hack the road seems to be pasted every other block that is passed - probably something to do with frame skipping or something.
    Console Spam: nothing to paste - no errors as such
    Plugin version: 0.6.0
    Bukkit version: 1000
    Repeatable Problem: Yes
    Plugin List:ChairCraft, ColoredSigns, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsXMPP, HeroicDeath, InstaBreak, LazyRoad, mcbans, MineBackup, Minequery, MotherNature, nSpleef, OpenInv, Permissions, PermissionsSql, pvparena, VanishNoPickup, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, XcraftGate, Zombebanner, dynmap, BlockAlarm, MobArena, NoCheat

    If you cant fix this its no big deal - just would make it a lot faster/easier to paste roads
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    Thanks. Works well. Only issue I've seen so far in Beta is that the "BigBridge" road doesn't show up in the list for some reason, but you can still use it!
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    thanks a lot for reporting the bugs. I'm going to look deep into all this soon.

    And I've just had an idea from @pucky 's bug. Why can't LazyRoad continue to build when you teleport using the compass or flying? Won't it be a super lazy plugin if it could continue to build until it reaches the player's foot? I'll try to add all these features.

    As for now, I've spoted a few easy bugs in the beta version that should be quick to resolve. As for the corners, I still can't figure a way for all roads to have a descend corner making thing, still some work to do on that. And for the new features like protection, I'll implement it in the next release. I have in mind making a wizard for the editor.

    And the online template list will take a while since I really hate doing PHP :)
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    Hello, bug report with 0.6.0
    "You don't have the permissions!"
    With permissions 3.1.6 and the permission * and LazyRoad.build
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    @Zehir_ it's not a bug, beta only supports built-in bukkit permissions atm.
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    This would be amazing! MY server is currently having a vote on who's road to use, and i think it'd be awesome if i could just make them in-game !
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    Materials are taken from the Player's inventory

    like to see that get added. and have it so we can customize what gets taken away
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    @adreide the GUI isn't letting me make stairs, i can't edit the box! Please help! The tutorial video wouldn't let me either :p
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    @Andrew1431 There's a bug in the editor... click again on "show stairs" to change values. When you click on a roadpart and after that you click on show stairs you have to click it twice to change.

    I've got some headaches trying to get a protection feature done. It's currently working but it does not have some crucial features and I ended up messing up the code. So I'll have to resolve some issues and clean up the code before posting an update.

    I'm going to migrate this project into bukkit dev as well.
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    Donald Scott

    Very nice. I can honestly say It's refreshing to see a plugin this through and useful. However, why is the title not updated for RB 1060?
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    Donald Scott

    Ok I have a question. How can i get a different design every other? I can only get one every 2 blocks.
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    When i do /road i get this error:
    An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.

    Any Help?
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    @adreide is there an ETA on adding the 1.8 blocks to the designer?
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    When will there be an update?
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    Don Redhorse

    lol... just WAIT... let him fix bugs first, let the bukkit team release an RB and than we can talk about this..
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    Your plug-in version 0.6.0 beta is working fine with CB #1123 and MC 1.8.1. YES :D
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    Anyone have any cool roads they have made?
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    Guys, i've worked hard on the next release. Corners are really nice and works great with all roads.

    As for the upcomming features, I had to clear it a little bit. I'll perhaps make an extra plugin instead of having tons of features in one plugin.

    Hope you will enjoy it.

    Moving to: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lazyroad/
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    In your dev.bukkit there's no way to download the designer :(
    The first link, "LazyRoad Designer 0.2.2 Windows" gives an error
    The second one "LazyRoad Designer 0.2.2 All Os" gives a zip with everything but the editor :'(

    Thanks, fixed :D
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    Hey! I got a problem D:... I have '*' permission but it doesnt work :s
    I got the latest & everything. But it don't work :s
    "You don't have the permissions."
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    When will an update for MC1.8.1 be out
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    moved to bukkit dev, there is already a 1.8.1 version, as well as the editor with the new blocks
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    I like the new update to this. But i figured out in your GUI you miss the brick slabs? I would like those. ;D
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    this plugin is really good! but the problem is someone used the road command and completely messed up the server. is there a way to undo all roads?
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    why u delete a Rainbow Road ? and i dont have Wall what's wrong ?

    and make lava like water xD

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    Wait, what? 1085?
    Ah whatever :p
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    SUper EPIC !!!!! TY !!
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    How do I redo? I'm so used to doing stop and undo in sequence that I accidentally did undo on a good road.
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    Don Redhorse

    you should keep this updated here.. otherwise you loose a lot of people using this plugin

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