[INACTIVE][FUN] JumpBlock v0.9.3 now with (beta) Minecart Jumping [535]

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    Version: v0.9.3

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    This plugin takes wooden slabs along with a sign and allows users to walk over it and sail into the heavens above.


    NOTE AS OF 0.6:

    This plugin no longer requires Permissions, all commands etc will work if you're an OP.

    This plugin is best used with the latest Permissions plugin.


    All must be placed on the same level.

    x = sign can be placed
    o = wooden plank


    If you have two signs adjacent to a wooden slab one will take precedence over the other. (considering a better solution in the future)


    You can now place a sign DIRECTLY undernearth the slab you have. This will allow jump blocks to be placed beside each other without sharing data.

    Note: If you place a sign below a jump pad, it will take precendence over any signs placed on the same level as the pad.

    Sign Usage:

    First Number: This is your Y value. It will dictate how high you jump.

    Expected values: 10+

    Second Number: This is your "force" value. This will dictate how far a user is shot in the given direction from which they hit the jump block.

    Expected values: 0+

    A value of zero will make the user shoot straight up no matter what.


    Located in plugins/JumpBlock/config.txt

    enable: This will allow the plugin to start automatically when server starts (Default=false)

    invincibility: This will allow jump invincibility when the server starts (Default=false)

    maxheight: This sets the max height a user can set their block to. (Default=50) To negate any height limit, set this -1.

    force: This sets the "force" to which the user is shot in the direction they're walking when they hit the JumpBlock. This will supply a sign with a default force if none is given on the sign itself.

    Permissions: This sets whether or not Permissions will be used. (Default=false)
    NOTE: It is recommended that you use Permissions as you'll be able to set individual groups to use Jump Blocks. Otherwise only OPs will be able to create and use JumpBlocks.


    NOTE AS OF 0.9.2:

    All previous commands will remain to work until the next big iteration in this plugin.

    JumpBlock [on]/[off] - Turns on/off the Jump Blocks (Default=Off)
    @new - JumpBlock [immune] [on]/[off] - Turns on landing invincibility (Default=Off)
    @new - JumpBlock [max] [integer] - Sets the max height that a player can use on a sign
    @DEPRECATED - JInvincibility [on]/[off] - Turns on landing invincibility (Default=Off)
    @DEPRECATED - JSetMax [Integer>0] - Sets the max height that a player can use on a sign


    NOTE AS OF 0.9.2:

    Old permissions will continue to work until next big iteration of this plugin.

    'JumpBlock.State' - This will allow the user to turn off and on the Jump Block
    @DEPRECATED - 'JumpBlock.Invincibility' - This will allow the user to turn off and on landing invincibility
    @new - 'JumpBlock.Immune' - This will allow the user to turn off and on landing invincibility
    'JumpBlock.Use' - This will allow a user to use the Jump Block
    'JumpBlock.MaxHeight' - This will allow a user to set the max height a player can use on the sign
    'JumpBlock.Create' - This will allow a user to create or remove Jump Blocks

    @new - Minecart Jumping (0.9.3):

    This feature is currently really buggy so I've submitted it as a seperate .jar file to the normal builds so that people have the choice to use this.



    1. Represents areas you can place signs (you can still put it anywhere around the wooden slab but it must be on the level above the wooden slab)
    2. Represents a wooden slab (You MUST place two on top of each other for it to work)

    * Wooden Plank used as jump pad
    * Sign used to dictate vertical/horizontal velocity
    * Landing Invincibility
    * Minecart jumping


    Version 0.9.3:

    * Added support for minecart jumping (buggy at this point)

    Version 0.9.2:

    * Changed all the commands to begin with /JumpBlock for consistancy

    Version 0.9.1:

    * Implemented fixes for the new Recommended CraftBukkit Build.

    Version 0.9:

    * Fixed an issue where jump pads would become unusable with invincibility off

    Version: 0.8:

    * Created a new field in the config file to dictate "force" (See config notes)
    * Allows users to put second config line on sign to dictate force (See sign config)

    Version 0.7:

    * Fixed issue with game throwing error if you didn't have permissions while permissions:false

    Version: 0.6:

    * Implemented the ability to not use Permissions (You must be an OP to use JumpBlocks however if you do not use Permissions.
    * Added new variable in config.txt to set Permissions (Default=false)

    Version 0.5:

    * Implemented a configuration file for defaults. Located in plugins/JumpBlock/config.txt
    * Added another Permission, stopping users from building Jump Blocks


    * Some users are reporting the plugin not creating the config.txt file. If you have any information please post your OS and your CraftBukkit build.
    * After using a Jump Block with invincibility on, you can no longer take fall damage
    * Using commands without proper arguements throws a server error (will not crash)
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    Awesome dude!

    Future stuff? :)
    - Permissions who can make the jump-pads
    - Right click with slimeball to activate jump-pad, and set like thrust 10 all the time ie
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    The only reason there isn't an implementation for who can make them is because I didn't want to have to make a flat file to keep track of who placed what and where.

    Right now it basically works if you don't have permission to use it, you can't really do much with it. It's what I would say is the same thing as not being able to build them :p
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    I love this Plugin :3
    Thanks PurelySatanic :D
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    Thanks for the support, it's the first one I've actually released publically so I was a little nervous about all the posts being "I'm receiving this error ----" hahaha.

    But I'll be taking suggestions and intend on improving this until it satisfies everyone :)
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    Thats true! :)
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    Awesome work!

    Had a thing like that in Singleplayer and I couldn't wait for it to come to SMP! You made my day! :)
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    Codex Arcanum

    Simple, elegant, and awesome.
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    Thanks, there are probably some bugs that I didn't catch. If there are post them and I'll fix them up right away.

    And feel free for any suggestions, I'm always open to improving it.
  11. Awesome plugin! [​IMG] Are you planning to add a max-hight edit command of some sort?
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    What exactly do you mean? As in, someone can set the max height value someone can use?

    So say I only want people to enter between 10-30 you would /setmaxjump 30 or something?
    Actually, I believe I just implemented what you wanted :) Check out the change log.
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    Landing Invincibility doesnt work for me, even when it should be on
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    What other plugins are you using? Another program might be taking priority over this one and ignoring my plugins delegation of damage.
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    WEll, I am using pvp, whioch allows pvp on an off, and godmode, which i need to remove, cuz its broken, could that be the problem?
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    Quite possibly. Disable them or remove them and run the server again. If you're still getting the issue let me know. :)
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    Have you considered allowing the signs to be place directly below the slabs? Takes a bit more effort, but would look a lot neater, and allow for adjacent jump pads.
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    Hmm, that's an interesting idea. I will look into doing it tomorrow when I wake up. :)
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    Could you also make it possible to ahve the plugin work on double wodd slabs, and maybe make the sign invisble to everyone except maye admins, mods, and people that are allowed?
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    A) I have considered for a while making it possible for other blocks to have this ability. I'll consider it when looking through my code tomorrow.
    B) I'm not 100% sure if I could reliably hide the sign from other players. But again, it's something I'll look into but I'm not really keen on doing so. I'd rather just have the sign uneditable by players that don't have permission to use them.
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    doesnt work
    wooden plank is not the right its item id 5 or ? or which is the id from wooden plank ? i set a sign to the block but when i jump on it i not jump
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    Alex Nolan

    Wow, awesome plugin. Does this use the new setVelocity or similar to jump? Very cool. I was thinking of making flight plugin using the same type of method, what do you think of a joint project :D?
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    Yep, it does use the new setVelocity method. All it does it set the Y coordinate to whatever the user enters on the sign and there you go :) Really simple.

    As for a flight plugin? That'd be pretty neat. Drop me a private message and kind of run through your idea of how you're going to implement it and I'll see if I have time to join in :)

    No, the item ID is 44 (Slab, not plank) however it has a specific data value that I don't believe you can edit while using the /give command. So my suggestion would be is just make them by giving yourself planks (Item id 5) and then crafting them by doing this:

    x = empty
    0 = wooden plank


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    Would it be possible to add a config file where you can set what you would like the defaults to be so they wouldn't reset when the server resets? Also I'll make another request for a permission to control who can make them. For example I Want my users to be able to use them but not create them.
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    Alright, I was waiting for someone to ask for a config file. I'll do it later. I'm actually playing some Minecraft for "fun" right now, hahaha not my usual plugin making that I do.
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    i did it but it now work =( not work.PNG not work1.jpg
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    Oh, you're using an old version of CraftBukkit. Update to the latest and it'll work. Sorry about that. That's why in the title of this thread it says [535] That's the craftbukkit build this was tested on. My apologies. :(
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    how can i upgrade my server to the newest version ?? must i type something in my console ? or pls send me a link ;D
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    Piercing Goblin

    It doesn't seem to generate the config.txt file. I'm running CB 544
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    That's odd. I downloaded the same build as you and I have the config file created on launch... :( It's in plugins/JumpBlock/

    What OS are you running?

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