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  1. Yeah, I'm adding a lot of features to it as we speak :D
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    Hey I don't know if this is just me but when I make a zone it looks fine you know but when you step in or out it just spams Welcome to the zone or you are leaving the zone like a bunch on my server and its really annoying. This happens randomly and is a 50 percent chance it will happen.
  3. I am aware of this, I'm fixing it.
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    Can you make restricted zones? So only the creator and a few other people can go into that zone?
  5. Doing that aswell :p If you do Java then you'll understand that I need to implement hashmapping which won't happen overnight, but I am working on it :D
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    Okay :) Good luck and have fun :p
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    can you make 3 right build destroy and open the chests??
    and for the protection any idears
    set the high of the zone
    as a admin set the maximum at block that you can have at a zone
    but its a very nice plugin thx for this work
  8. Your welcome :)
    /zones checkyaxis <zonename> <true>

    Do you mean like a maximum field size?

    What do you mean?
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    In addition to Zone Build/Destroy Perms., could you implement a more advanced permission system, like Towny?
    I dislike Towny because it's so disorganized.
    That's the only reason I choose this plugin over it...
    Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Sure, I'll look into it, by more advanced do you mean, pvp setting, entry etc. If so then I'm working on it :p
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    I should've specified farther lol.
    I meant certain users have permissions that others don't.
    e.g. : Bob and Joe live in Sabinnozone. Bob has PvP permission while Joe doesn't.
    Bob and Joe can both build/destroy, but other users not added to my zone can't.
    Catch my drift?
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    hey ther is a major bug
    wen ever u make a zone if will spam wellcome to the zone 50 times
  13. That happened because I wasn't using hashmaps properly, it will be fixed in the next version don't worry :p

    I understand :p
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    i dont know if it is a bug but i make a zone and protect it and when i enter i cant destroy anything thats right, but if iam outside of zone and try to destroy something inside the zone it let me :/ can you chek it ?
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    i mean that i can give a other player the right that he can only build destroy ore open the chest
    yes example you can only have in your zone 1000 blocks
    and with the high of the zone i dont understand the command ??
  16. Yeah thats a bug aswell :p that was a hard one to fix though. I'll try to fix it but no guarantee's. It's not important for big zones but for small zones i know it is.
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    Randy Schouten

    Maybe just put in another "if" statement to check if the player is in the zone? :3
  18. It's not so easy, trust me :p
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    Even if not within Zone's XYZ boundaries, block destruction in Zone is false.
    Solution :)
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    thank you beacuse this is a realy good plugin and i cant wait for it to be fixed can u give me a estament time the new update of it will come out
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    Tfs Halo

    i will keep up on the updates of this plugin :) i really would use this on my RP server and it's just awesome :)

    hope u can fix those darn bugs :) Good luck
  22. I just finished my latest plugin : NoSpam

    So now I can devote my free time to making this awesome :D

    Can't give an estimate but read the above :p ^^

    Have some bad-ish news. Due to the way I coded the plugin originally, when I was newb :p It wouldn't be worth my time to go through, and change all the code. So instead I'm going to be completely recoding the plugin. This should only take me a day or two to get back to the level the plugin is at now. However I would rather release a fully fledged & working plugin with tons of features, instead of releasing a base then doing updates. So it may be up to a week until the plugin can compete with the other huge plugins out there, I work alone though:p

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    Is it possible to make it so when you enter a zone:

    1.You cant/can use certain commands
    3.Make the zone clear your inv. so you get a new one and you get the old one back when you leave (IE: Cuboid)
    4.get donations (I hope you can make you post html to allow a PAYPAL BUTTON!)
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    Hey i really want to use this plugin but im running on bukkit 733 can I please have a download link for the 733 version?
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    Does this plugin get a massive message error spam in console when you reload the server because if it doesnt im switching from iZone. Please answer ASAP!
  26. I do need to do that :p

    I don't think it does, I'm currently working on doing a complete remake of the plugin to improve everything :D
    No console spam when reloading the server :)

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    EDIT: i think il wait till you recode it then
  28. Yeah, it'll take about a week I reckon.

    This will work on 733 anyway I think, just update your craftbukkit build. None of your plugins will break.

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    Ahh Thank you very much
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    Tfs Halo

    haha ^.^ thanks so much adam your the best :)

    p.s. i asked the war author for a feature to not disable all war globally if u don't disable it globally it will act as if you were still in a game and you will die and lose your stuff but if you do disable it.. then you won't be able to attack no one unless in a game...

    i don't think he will ever get to it since he hasn't even updated the plugin -.- just like the author of fortress assault(which war replaced in my server) so.. i was maybe asking ONLY IF YOU COULD NOT NECESSARY BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TAKE OVER FOR WAR'S MISTAKES but to add a way to override that in certain 'regions' ^.^ but i am guessing you would need his source in order to do that.

    again i am not begging i am just giving you a heads up so you know exactly what is going on around you, like when i do something i literly need to know everything about it before i can start and also be prepared with the correct materials etc.

    oh my gosh i just noticed today is the first of may :O happy new month xD only about one more month until i get out of school :S

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