[INACTIVE][FUN/INFO] Zones v1.3 - User configured zones with custom properties & settings[740]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Adamki11s, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Nice one! Definitely going to try this tomorrow, because I really have to go now.
    But Good Job man!
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    Great job buddy, this looks great, definitely testing it.
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    You are one of my big examples.
    I want to be just as good in coding as you and techguard. :D
    Edit: Im going to sleep now, zzzZZzzzzZZZzzzz lol
  5. Added a video of the plugin in action :)
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    Like the confess plugin and I shall try this as well >D

    Good job =D
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    Can you disable the leave message? So only the welcome message will be displayed?
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    could you make it possible to define entire worlds as zones?
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    Tfs Halo

    Please make this compatible with War plugin :( i really want to use this on my roleplaying server :D
    the command that is affecting it is /zones setzone because u use /zones or /zone for the fighting arenas :O

    please ?
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    Great. i use it for setting city-limits. really cool :D
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    this would kick "townys" ass, if you could how how set protection on the zone ? possible direction of the mod maybe? also maybe the commands shorter, but this plugin is awsome btw.
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    It would be awesome if you could do what EpicZones did. Polygonal zone creation and/or zone effects. Like PVP enabled, certain mobs, etc etc.
  13. Good idea I'll do that :)
    I'm sure there are plugins that display a welcome message if that's what you're looking for.
    I know the commands are quite long but they don't have to be used that often so it's not a big deal :p. Also I don't like to tie up commands unless I really need to.

    As for protection and pvp zones I will be looking into it.
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    Hello, sorry for my english, i'm french. :)

    The custom messages doesn't work with the latest release (739).

    And is it possible to define the height for a zone ?
  15. The zones at the moment only check you X and Z positions so if you are within the zone whatever your Y value the message will be sent. I will be adding Y coordinate checks in an update though.
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    I've some ideas :

    • Replace the currents "/zones setzone (clic left and right)" and "/zones create <zonename" by "/zones create <zonename>" (no more)
    • Change the "/zones setenable... " to "/zones enablezone/disablezone/enablewelcome/disablewelcome/enableleave/disableleave <zonename>"
    • Add "/zones point1 <zonename>", "/zones point2 <zonename>", ... "/zones point8 <zonename>" for to set each point individually with the mouse, but disable a zone if all points aren't defined, but accept to superpose some points
    • Allow to translate with an external file (*.txt)
    Again, sorry for my bad english. :D
  17. I like the ideas :D

    I'm starting work on it now.
    I'm going to get Y axis checks and protection working first. Then I'll work on simplifying the commands :)

    Update - v1.0 >> v1.1
    • Updated to Build #740
    • Added optional Y axis checking to zones. Set to false by default.
    /zones checkyaxis <zonename> <true/false> - Checks the height of the zone along with the X and Z coordinates.

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    Yeah, thanks. Now, the custom messages working correctly.
    But you do not changed the number version to the link download.

    (again, sorry for my english, but no Translator© added :cool:)
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  20. Oh :p ok thanks, I'm working on protection now, should be finished soon.

    Update - v1.1 >> v1.2

    • Protection added! You can now protect your zones!
    • /zones setprotected <zonename> <true/false> - Enable/Disable protection of a zone.

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    I do have a new idea : add sub-zones. By example, "My city - Pyraah's house - (go to the line) The garden".
    Ideal for a RP server.
  22. Sounds like another good idea :p
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    hey nice work but i dont undearstand one thing how far can i put the zone and wich way does it go becus i want my zone around the house so i put one behind my house and one front but here is some pictures the area that is marked whit the black is it possible? 2011-04-29_17.16.13.png

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    Tfs Halo

  25. I'd rather leave it how it is but if you really want I could send you a version which uses /zonez instead of /zones

    You Just have to select each corner and it will calculate the height automatically.


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    Tfs Halo

    i don't think that would work either because war uses the commands /zone and /zones to list the war arenas

    maybe.. /azones ? :) for Adamzones :D?

    btw thank you for helping me out :)
  27. notice the z on the end of zone :p but tell me which you'd prefer, azones or zonez. Ill send you the file in a private message.

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