[INACTIVE][FUN] DiscoSheep v0.3 Uninvited guesssts! (Permissions and source code) [522]

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    DiscoSheep - The party plugin:
    Version: v0.3

    All alone in the darkness? Nobody that supports you? Well now you can give your self a party like no tomorrow! Introducing DiscoSheep. An all new plugin that brings the party to you! Never fall asleep again counting sheeps.

    • Spawn a small disco at each player in the server.
      It includes several discomembers with that drunken sexy look.
    • Now includes uninvited guests!
    • Option in DiscoSheep.properties if you want the uninvited guests to explod.
    • DiscoSheep.properties that gets automatically created.
      For all you twiddly knobs out there. Open it in notepad! Yeah!
    • Reload DiscoSheep.properties in game. No need to quit server to change settings.
    • Option in config to select if players can loot items from spawned creatures and blocks.
    • Toggle so that all sheeps in game will randomly change wool in the colors of the rainbow.
      And some other shades too.
    • Support for Permissions plugin. If no Permissions plugin is found it uses ops.txt. Good times!
    • "/ds color" To make all sheeps swap colors. It's a toggle to turn it on/off.
    • "/ds party" To give all players a small partytime according to settings in config file
    • "/ds party time:30 sheeps:10 creepers:3 distance:4" To give all player a partytime according to given parameters
    • "/ds john dave t:30 s:10 c:3 d:4" To give all john and dave a partytime according to given parameters
    • "/ds stop" To stop a party asap.
    • "/ds reload" To reload config file with new settings. If config file is deleted a new one will be created.

    Permissions settings
    • - 'discosheep.debug'
    • - 'discosheep.party.one' //Player can only spawn party at one place
    • - 'discosheep.party.many' //Player can spawn party at several places
    • - 'discosheep.mob.sheep'
    • - 'discosheep.mob.creeper'
    • - 'discosheep.stop'
    • - 'discosheep.color'
    • - 'discosheep.reload'
    • - 'discosheep.help'

    Download jar file

    Version 0.3 - Uninvited guesssts! edition
    • More Permissions settings added.
    • Added creepers
    • Added setting for creepers to explode or not
    • Added block protection for spawned blocks
    • Added new system of calling party settings.
    • Example: "/ds john dave s:30 c:3 t:50 d:4"
      This will create a new party for john and dave each, with 30 sheeps and 3 creepers. It will last for 50 sec and they will be spawned within a distance of 4 blocks from the player.
      You can also use" /ds creeper:30 john s:30 dave spawn:4 time:50" and get the same result.
      You can add "party" or "all" to give all online players a party.
      You can add "here" to set a party at your location.
    Version 0.2 - Solid groundwork made! edition
    • Support for Permissions plugin added.
    • Config file with lots of config added.
    • Option to select a specific player to get party.
    • Config option to disable damage on spawned sheeps.
    • Rewritten main loop. Solid as porose rock as long as you keep it under 1000 sheeps.
    Version 0.1 - Time to party with sheeps! edition
    • Plugin added.

    Feedback is welcome
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    Please update to latest RB.
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    yay it worked.... sry i spazed out when it didnt work then found out it wasnt up to teh date
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    this plugin was absolutely amazing. where is he hiding!? we need it updated lol
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    Please r disco sheep? :/
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    I am new at this plugin stuff can I still use this on a multi-player server and if I can would someone please ..... please provide some instructions on how to install it! PRETTY PLEASE!
  9. [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/DiscoSheep.jar' in folder 'plugins':
    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:620)
    at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(SecureClassLoader.java:124)

    Anyone know what I should do?
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    It seems that the Java runtime is unable to read the plugin because it was made with a newer version of Java. You might want to update Java.
  11. I have the latest version of java.
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    It gave me a different error about non-existent events. Try the updated fork. It loaded for me with Java 1.6 and Bukkit #1000.
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    How do i get the permissions to work, I keep getting the internal message as an error
  14. Sorry, It has the same error even with the updated fork.
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    loveit! always get this...just wish it was a mod for my singleplayer games

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