[INACTIVE][FUN] DiscoSheep v0.3 Uninvited guesssts! (Permissions and source code) [522]

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    DiscoSheep - The party plugin:
    Version: v0.3

    All alone in the darkness? Nobody that supports you? Well now you can give your self a party like no tomorrow! Introducing DiscoSheep. An all new plugin that brings the party to you! Never fall asleep again counting sheeps.

    • Spawn a small disco at each player in the server.
      It includes several discomembers with that drunken sexy look.
    • Now includes uninvited guests!
    • Option in DiscoSheep.properties if you want the uninvited guests to explod.
    • DiscoSheep.properties that gets automatically created.
      For all you twiddly knobs out there. Open it in notepad! Yeah!
    • Reload DiscoSheep.properties in game. No need to quit server to change settings.
    • Option in config to select if players can loot items from spawned creatures and blocks.
    • Toggle so that all sheeps in game will randomly change wool in the colors of the rainbow.
      And some other shades too.
    • Support for Permissions plugin. If no Permissions plugin is found it uses ops.txt. Good times!
    • "/ds color" To make all sheeps swap colors. It's a toggle to turn it on/off.
    • "/ds party" To give all players a small partytime according to settings in config file
    • "/ds party time:30 sheeps:10 creepers:3 distance:4" To give all player a partytime according to given parameters
    • "/ds john dave t:30 s:10 c:3 d:4" To give all john and dave a partytime according to given parameters
    • "/ds stop" To stop a party asap.
    • "/ds reload" To reload config file with new settings. If config file is deleted a new one will be created.

    Permissions settings
    • - 'discosheep.debug'
    • - 'discosheep.party.one' //Player can only spawn party at one place
    • - 'discosheep.party.many' //Player can spawn party at several places
    • - 'discosheep.mob.sheep'
    • - 'discosheep.mob.creeper'
    • - 'discosheep.stop'
    • - 'discosheep.color'
    • - 'discosheep.reload'
    • - 'discosheep.help'

    Download jar file

    Version 0.3 - Uninvited guesssts! edition
    • More Permissions settings added.
    • Added creepers
    • Added setting for creepers to explode or not
    • Added block protection for spawned blocks
    • Added new system of calling party settings.
    • Example: "/ds john dave s:30 c:3 t:50 d:4"
      This will create a new party for john and dave each, with 30 sheeps and 3 creepers. It will last for 50 sec and they will be spawned within a distance of 4 blocks from the player.
      You can also use" /ds creeper:30 john s:30 dave spawn:4 time:50" and get the same result.
      You can add "party" or "all" to give all online players a party.
      You can add "here" to set a party at your location.
    Version 0.2 - Solid groundwork made! edition
    • Support for Permissions plugin added.
    • Config file with lots of config added.
    • Option to select a specific player to get party.
    • Config option to disable damage on spawned sheeps.
    • Rewritten main loop. Solid as porose rock as long as you keep it under 1000 sheeps.
    Version 0.1 - Time to party with sheeps! edition
    • Plugin added.

    Feedback is welcome
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    It was a combination of both, server lag and video recording lag. Not a good combination, the plugin itself is smooth when not operating fraps though.
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    SweetCraft Girl

    It works equally well for a "fun spot" on an RPG server as well.

    You make a build, someplace in the mountains, and far. Add some monster spawners (using creaturebox), maybe carve a 2 block wide tunnel through the mountain and up to the location where the disco is happening. Now you have a cool fun spot, not easy to get to or safe (creaturebox can spawn pigzombies, ghasts, spiders, et. al), and they are rewarded for the adventure with a color wool grab bag party, and some probably a nearby creeper mobspawner - or ghast. Definitely a good way to let brown wool loose on the server.

    Fun times. Putting this on test server tonight.
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    So fun :)

    I don't know if it's been said, but if there's any way to make more elaborate music that would be really neat, even if it involved spawning more blocks (maybe with redstone if that's needed to do 'songs'). Just a thought :D
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    I like the way you think. good idea! Let us know how it goes
  6. Yay! Thanks!!!! This mod is awesome!
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    Lets just say I have plans. But please, do not expect anything soon.
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    SweetCraft Girl

    One of my help Gnomes is planning her construction of the dungeon now. :)

    Question, can the party time be set for 86400 seconds or longer? I am attempting to make it as long as possible - infinite would be great because no matter that the sheep are there and it may be "unlimited", it is an adventure to get there, no one can build/destroy within 200 blocks of the area, they can however PVE/PVP be creeper blown up, set afire, burned in lava, arrowed to death by traps etc...So it will make for a great permanent dungeon with a few off-shooting areas that actually have chests, quest items and quest start leads. So all in all this is a great plug-in that is literally like a ThreeFer - (1) plugin (2) dungeon crawl wool party (3) quest lead/start areas = DiscoSheep Dipped in Awesome Sauce.

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    Currently, I have not set a hard restriction on time. Unless something wierd goes on while importing the maxPartyTime value, it should last the maximum of an integer value. Which is 2000000000 seconds or above 60 years, give or take a few. Problem is that the plugin does not respawn sheeps during a disco so it's a one encounter only and then have to be manually restarted.

    If anything. It will go under this request. If I choose to implement that I will have to rewrite large parts of the program so multiple different parties will start and end at different times. I did something like that in v0.1 but I removed it since it caused multiple bugs. I am already planning to rip the code apart, (again) but I want do the job in one sitting. Thats the delay.
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    make it react to reddust :)
    Lets have a Disco Button!
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    SweetCraft Girl

    Nude Sheep + Music + People chasing them = Scary

    I am beginning to question Enedoks motives... :p
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    the most useless, stupid and idiot plugin ever...

    ..but still genious :D

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    I would love to know one thing.. how the F*CK dsid u think of this plugin lmao, like, what wer u smoking??
    Aside from that you are an absolute genius this plugin is amazing!!!
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    Can't wait to scare the crap outta my players with a creeper party!
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    Hey i raped the /ds party command... lol but I don't know if there's a special trick but by exemple if I do /ds party Spazmic creepers:3 only sheeps appear :S
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    Definitely the best mindless fun plugin I've seen yet. Now if only the sheep had hats! =D

    ... AND LAZARZ!!!
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    I miss an option to automatically enable /ds color after restart :)
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    my freaking hero....
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    Can anyone confirm working with CB531?
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    I confirm, it was working with CB531, and it also works with the newest Recommended, CB556
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    Thanks! Gonna go scare some people on my server this weekend.
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    THe properties file needs to be in the main folder, right? ANd are the creepers agressive?
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    Good idea.
    The properties file is autocreated in the plugins folder. The creepers are aggressive, make the hissing sound but will not explode unless you want to according to properties file.

    I'm currently working on rewriting the plugin. Sorry if it takes some time.

    Do you have a good idea how to "Activate" it. After the rewrite, I could make it react to a redstone torch turning on. Would that be a good solution?

    To all cool people in the thread, Thanks!
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    Hahahaha good one!
    This plugin should definitely be used for lag tests.
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    ...Theres no .jar in the .zip?
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    This is an amazing plugin. Keep up the awesome work!
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    This. I want to know too.

    Best plugin, EVAR. So hilarious!
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    Just in cause you don't know, your plugin doesn't work with cb#560+
    Maybe you can make a fix, so if a new recommend build is released your is already working with the new version.
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    This is scaring the crap out of my players and I love it. Still using 556 though.
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    can this give every player a sheep party when they log in? I smell April Fool's....

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