[INACTIVE][Fun] Cloth v0.1 - A cloth spawner with configurable names [544]

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    Cloth - A cloth spawner, with color's name entirely configurable:

    Version: v0.1
    This is my first plugin, it is just a cloth spawner, but, for a better language support, I decided to add configurable names. It use the default right system (op).

    • Spawn colorful cloth
    • Color's names entirely configurable for a better language support
    [Download Cloth]
    [Source Code]


    Version 0.1
    • First release
    /cloth <color>
    Each color must be specified in Cloth.properties which will be generated in plugins/ after the first launch. You can also keep the default color configuration which is the English colors' name.

    • Make a Cloth version for each permissions management plugin.
    • Replace the default stack system by an argument in the command which will allow you to have the exact number of cloth you need.
    • In the confirmation message, use the same color as the wool for the color's name.
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    I havnt used a cloth plugin before but im willing to test it out for you :)
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    It's my first plugin, and you're my first comment. Thanks you ;)
    I hope you'll enjoy.
  4. can you make it give an amount?

    and what are the color names?
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    Don't worry about the amount, it will coming soon.
    The color's name are generated automatically on the first launch of the plugin. It's easy : the color's names are in English. But you can configure them after the first launch, in the file which was generated in plugins/Cloth.
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    Thanks alot dude! :D Awesome plugin!
  7. Do you use CraftBukkitUpToDate?

    BTW I really like this plugin
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    As I've just said, i'm new with Java and particularly Bukkit. With your message, I discover CraftBukkitUpToDate. Maybe it will be added in a next release.
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    Thank you! This is a sweet plugin :)
  10. You should make /cloth [blank] give white cloth instead of saying /cloth color
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    Keep saying "You haven't got the right to use /cloth" ;(
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    @battlefielder128 : It's a good idea, I will implement that feature in the next release :p
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    Real easy cloth spawner, Thanks so much :D
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    please update to RB, considered inactive (and I'll give you the developer tag after you update)
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