[INACTIVE][FUN] BetterMechanics v1.10 - Bridges, Doors, Gates, Cauldrons and more [1000/953/935/860]

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    BetterMechanics - The Mechanics Plugin:
    Version: v1.10

    Works on the latest RB (1000).

    This plugin is written to replace CraftBook and CraftBookMechaisms, because they lacked some features I needed on the server.

    I've also added a new feature, called the pen.

    • CraftBook-stuff (take a look at the CraftBook wiki to find out how you build these):
      • Door
      • Gate
      • Bridge
      • Lift
      • Hidden switch
      • Cauldron -> Updated the cauldron completely, now leaves non-recipe blocks intact. Using new recipe format as of 1.7
      • Ammeter
        Bridges, Gates and Doors need a chest with the items, so they're not spawned.
    • Added:
      • Small door (door with width 1, sign label is [sDoor]/[sDoor Up]/[sDoor Down])
      • Small bridge (bridge with width 1, sign label is [sBridge]/[sBridge End]
      • Pen
        you can put text in your memory and paste it on a sign. This only works if you can build in the area.
        Very useful if you have a plugin like MinecartMania running. How this works:
        • Commands:
          /pen set <text> » set the sign text (the char '^' is a line break)
          /pen setline <line> <text> » set one line of the text (lines start at 0)
          /pen clear » clears the current text
          /pen dump » dumps the current text
          /pen clearline <line> » clears the line (set to "", lines start at 0)
        • Control:
          Right clicking a sign will either place the text on the sing, or, if your memory is emtpy, load the text in your memory.
          The tool can be changed in the config, but the default tool is a piece of (char)coal.
    All these features have permission nodes, and a (Meaglin's) Zones and/or WorldGuard check is possible. Just edit the config to enable or disable these features. The permission nodes are:

    Permission nodes (open)

    And for reloading the config:

    Download BetterMechanics
    Zip: https://github.com/downloads/Edoxile/BetterMechanics/BetterMechanics_v1.10.zip
    Source code: https://github.com/Edoxile/BetterMechanics

    If you find any bugs, or if you have a brilliant new feature that should be added, please let me know!

    Credits go to sk89q for both the idea, and pieces of code that I've used of him. Also thanks to Meaglin and GuntherDW for fixing some bugs.

    Version 1.10
    • Fixed a -1 block issue.
    • Chest-searching now starts with the nearest blocks.
    Version 1.9
    • Added a /bettermechanics reload (cauldron) command. Alias is /bm, so you can reload with /bm reload as well.
    Previous changes (open)

    Version 1.8a
    • Removed redundant (debug) logs.
    Version 1.8
    • Added tallgrass to non-solid blocks, and removed cobweb from it.
    • Added /pen clearline <line>
    • Added new permission nodes/checks
    Version 1.7a
    • Fixed some bug of never-changing gates. If it still occurs, use [dgate] instead of [gate].
    Version 1.7
    • Cauldron now uses new file (YAML) and format
    Version 1.6.1
    • Implemented small bridges
    Version 1.6
    • Cauldron now supports a glass floor. Keep in mind that the recipe shouldn't contain glass, else you'll probably get an error saying the recipe does not exist, or your glass floor will disappear!
    Version 1.5.1
    • Fixed some dupe bug
    Version 1.5
    • Implemented small doors
    Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed a typo
    • Using a better comparing function for MatieralData
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed the last bugs, it's ready for the bukkit forum now.

    More details of changes can be found at github.
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    That's not my fault, it's bukkit/server not updating the redstone. Unfortunately I cannot help you with that.
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    Does this not include light switches? Can it?
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    does the redstone work with netherack (i mean can you have a live stream for fire?)
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    make a video!
    ill try it but i wont know all the right commands.
    do u have a wiki or website .
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    seems to work well.
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    Don't know, I did not really saw the purpose for this, so I did not implement it. If many people want it, I could always still implement it.

    That's not CraftBookMechanisms, it's CraftBookCircuits; run that next to this plugin and it'll work.

    I've thought about making a video, but I haven't found the time to do that yet. As for the wiki/website, most things are the same as CraftBook, and the other feature (the pen) is documented in the OP (this is the only mech that uses any commands at all). Small bridges and doors work the same as the normal ones, the only difference is the width (normally 3, with small 1).

    Of course! It's been tested by a load of people ( it runs on a well-known dutch server I play on normally, so it should work well ;) )
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    I too would like the light switch, but in keeping with the chest thing I could see this working as a block switcher instead.

    So, for example, if you wanted a block to toggle from soulsand to glowstone with power, you would need a chest with glowstone in the same circuit. Alternatively, you could use the same system to toggle any other blocks too. For example, have a traffic light that toggles between red wool and green wool. The plug in would just swap the block with whatever is in the chest.

    Also, make sure you update your title with the latest version supported, I almost skipped this plugin thinking it was dead (still shows [860] which was before 1.7 was supported)
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    Jan Tojnar

    Is it possible to make some workaround?
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    First of all, my title says 860+, because that is the case (any build above 860 works). Second of all, the idea for toggling blocks you have is a nice one, only it is difficult to implement this in a good way. How would I know what block to toggle, and to what? This is something that's difficult to implement, so I'd rather not do this, unless you have a very solid layout for the setup that can't interfere with other setups. I'll think about it, but I can't promise you that I'll implement it (soon).

    This would include forking CraftBukkit and changing the code to the same as the native Minecraft code. It can be done but it's a load of work. I'll look into it as soon as I find the time (I agree that this should though).
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    The easiest way to set the toggle would be with a sign. Not much different than bridge or door. The sign could be on the back side with the keyword [switch] followed by the blocks to change.

    You can choose to not update your title, but some admins will skip your post as it looks outdated. I don't want to argue about it, I'm just telling you how I saw your post.
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    And if you want an entire region changed? You'd have to make 9000000 signs? See, the sign thing is a must-have (performance wise), but the region to be changed, and the blocks to change from & to are the most difficult thing to set up simple and efficient (both for the server and the user). I'll think about it, but I still can't promise you anything.
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    this seems like an improvement to craftbook and falsebook. ive been using falsebook alot, but wondered if switching to this would keep my existing gates or will it throw errors at me. i dont mind redoing the gates in any case.
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    @Zerafas I switched frm craftbook and it was a simple change...just add chests to your gates and bridges and you are good to go.
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    doors won't work 4 me
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    This depends on how you built your gates, but as fatmarley stated it should work fine (after you've added chests of course).

    What does the console/chat say if you right click a sign? Is it properly loaded?

    Also, I've updated for a reload command, I'll edit the OP now.
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    I've never seen someone try to use falsebook to change a region. A resonable middle ground would be to only change the similar blocks touching the one with the sign. Since this would be a recursive search i would also limit it to 15 blocks away, much like redstone current fading after 15 blocks.

    Then in you example, you would need about 200 signs to change 9,000,000 blocks (and a crazy good server and connection to prevent lagging out on such a large area)

    The code wouldn't be that hard, though a recursive search has risk if not done right.
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    issue reported from users that multiple bridges near each other interfere with block chests, blocks disappearing from chests after bridge toggled, attempting to verify etc.
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    First, I did not mean region as in WG region, I meant it as an area of blocks. Second, I want to avoid recursive searches as much as possible, because they cause a lot of overhead and are very slow.

    Now, as for the issue of the [switch], I still don't know why you'd need this? In what situation would this be useful? It's a lot of work for something most people will probably never use, so I don't see the value of it. Now if you could give me multiple examples of situations where this is useful, I'll reconsider implementing it.

    I know the problem and I will address it in the next update that will be released (so I won't do a separate release for this, as it only occurs in very rare cases).
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    please make a tutorial idk how to do any of this it says when i try to make a gate "no fences found to close bridge!" heeeeelllllllpppppp mmmmmeeeeeeee ppppllllzzzzzzzzz
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    Here's a wierd bug I found: if you have less than 64 blocks in the chest, but more than (64-amount of blocks in the bridge/door), when you retract the bridge/door it will fill up the stack to 64 and create an infinite block in the next slot. note: to make this bug work, the blocks in the chest should not be distributed among several stacks, keep them tight, for example, like this: [64][64][63]. When you retract the bridge it will become [64][64][64][1], and that last block is infinite.
    Also, your Pen thingy is incompartible with lockette
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    @chelben9 Here is a tutorial for you. Help is spelt H e l p. Being a spazz usually doesn't heeeeelllllllllpppppp.

    Anyways this what you do.
    1. make a doorway or entrance of some kind.
    2. fill said doorway with fence.
    3. place a chest on the ground, near to the doorway.
    4. place sign above or infront of, or near said chest
    5. on second line of sign write [gate]
    6. click gate and enjoy
    7. spazz out
    8. also if you have ANY sort of fence near to the chest it faks it up, so remove those.
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    The original request from @askreet was to include the light switches which are part of the original Falsebook set. I was trying to help you understand how it could be implemented as it seemed that you didn't see a way to do it efficiently. If you don't want to do it, then don't.

    The advantage that I see is that it closes the loop on a dupe risk in Falsebook (or at least a resource exploit) - so instead of players having to risk life and limb to obtain glowstone, they can dig up soulsand, which is plentiful, and apply redstone to it. The exploit comes in if they can then break the glowstone for resources. With your plugin, a player would have to already have mined the glowstone and would simply be using the [switch] command to put it in play. That seems to go nicely with the theme of your plug in.

    Again, I'm not trying to argue the point - it's your plugin, and your development time. I'm not going to spend more time trying to convince you that this is needed, or generating multiple examples to prove the point (as it is now, it may have been less work to just write the code than to beleaguer the point.)
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    New issue to report, if a blockbag (chest) contains the same block that is used for a bridge/door then said bridge or door is retracted/opened then the chest will produce an infinite block
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    lol ok thanks or i mean ttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssss
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    Fix'd in latest update.

    Than you can just use that (btw, FalseBook is even worse than CraftBook). But please, remove the link. If people want to have FalseBook they can look for it themselves.

    One of the things I've got on my todo-list is a modded fork of GuntherDW's SnowBalls mod. This would allow for custom blockdrops + amounts and "reward" blockdrops with a certain chance (on TweakCraft for example, birch trees drop cacao with a chance of 1/1000). I could add the option to change block with redstone to that. Mining the changed blocks will drop the original ones (this is an easy check, as I can check if a block is powered by redstone or not when it is destroyed).

    I'd suggest waiting for that, but now I'm going to work on a different plugin, which will be released on the bukkit forum as well.
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    could you add the ability to make the hidden switch also work with buttons instead of levers :D?
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    That wouldn't really fit in BM though. IMO There are plugins that are more suited for that job imo.
    All we wanted was a simple plugin with hardcoded (almost) recipes and small various other fixes.
    The name stems from way back when you its purpose was to enable people to mine snowballs just after the 1.2 alpha update, and regen snow as well.
    Boy those were the days :D.
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    This doesn't support per-recipe cauldron permissions does it? If not... could it?
    Something like bettermechanics.cauldron.<recipename>

    This would be a hugely handy feature for those of us just looking for a way to add recipes to the game, and control who can access them.

    Just a thought!
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    I like your plugin, I would like to replace craftbook on my server and use this plugin instead of the craftbook mechanics.

    I do have an issue though. If a fence is near a gate the gate does not work. It seems the fence detected as a gate instead of the real gate. Removing fences in the vicinity the gate starts to work.

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