[INACTIVE][FUN] BetterMechanics v1.10 - Bridges, Doors, Gates, Cauldrons and more [1000/953/935/860]

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    BetterMechanics - The Mechanics Plugin:
    Version: v1.10

    Works on the latest RB (1000).

    This plugin is written to replace CraftBook and CraftBookMechaisms, because they lacked some features I needed on the server.

    I've also added a new feature, called the pen.

    • CraftBook-stuff (take a look at the CraftBook wiki to find out how you build these):
      • Door
      • Gate
      • Bridge
      • Lift
      • Hidden switch
      • Cauldron -> Updated the cauldron completely, now leaves non-recipe blocks intact. Using new recipe format as of 1.7
      • Ammeter
        Bridges, Gates and Doors need a chest with the items, so they're not spawned.
    • Added:
      • Small door (door with width 1, sign label is [sDoor]/[sDoor Up]/[sDoor Down])
      • Small bridge (bridge with width 1, sign label is [sBridge]/[sBridge End]
      • Pen
        you can put text in your memory and paste it on a sign. This only works if you can build in the area.
        Very useful if you have a plugin like MinecartMania running. How this works:
        • Commands:
          /pen set <text> » set the sign text (the char '^' is a line break)
          /pen setline <line> <text> » set one line of the text (lines start at 0)
          /pen clear » clears the current text
          /pen dump » dumps the current text
          /pen clearline <line> » clears the line (set to "", lines start at 0)
        • Control:
          Right clicking a sign will either place the text on the sing, or, if your memory is emtpy, load the text in your memory.
          The tool can be changed in the config, but the default tool is a piece of (char)coal.
    All these features have permission nodes, and a (Meaglin's) Zones and/or WorldGuard check is possible. Just edit the config to enable or disable these features. The permission nodes are:

    Permission nodes (open)

    And for reloading the config:

    Download BetterMechanics
    Zip: https://github.com/downloads/Edoxile/BetterMechanics/BetterMechanics_v1.10.zip
    Source code: https://github.com/Edoxile/BetterMechanics

    If you find any bugs, or if you have a brilliant new feature that should be added, please let me know!

    Credits go to sk89q for both the idea, and pieces of code that I've used of him. Also thanks to Meaglin and GuntherDW for fixing some bugs.

    Version 1.10
    • Fixed a -1 block issue.
    • Chest-searching now starts with the nearest blocks.
    Version 1.9
    • Added a /bettermechanics reload (cauldron) command. Alias is /bm, so you can reload with /bm reload as well.
    Previous changes (open)

    Version 1.8a
    • Removed redundant (debug) logs.
    Version 1.8
    • Added tallgrass to non-solid blocks, and removed cobweb from it.
    • Added /pen clearline <line>
    • Added new permission nodes/checks
    Version 1.7a
    • Fixed some bug of never-changing gates. If it still occurs, use [dgate] instead of [gate].
    Version 1.7
    • Cauldron now uses new file (YAML) and format
    Version 1.6.1
    • Implemented small bridges
    Version 1.6
    • Cauldron now supports a glass floor. Keep in mind that the recipe shouldn't contain glass, else you'll probably get an error saying the recipe does not exist, or your glass floor will disappear!
    Version 1.5.1
    • Fixed some dupe bug
    Version 1.5
    • Implemented small doors
    Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed a typo
    • Using a better comparing function for MatieralData
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed the last bugs, it's ready for the bukkit forum now.

    More details of changes can be found at github.
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    Actually, if it still works, the later is fine too. I'll double check with my code ;)

    Yep, should work, but between different columns the max height difference is 1 (so 1 lower & 1 higher), so you can't do this:
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    every time i make a gate, it says " no chest near sign!"
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    I'm making an elevator from level 70 to level 4 but I got the message "Lift is too high, or signs not aligned". I triple checked alignment (i've made shorter trip elevators that worked) and they are aligned well. So I put a floor halfway down but I get the same message. How far will the elevators travel?

    EDIT: I did a little testing and it looks like 30 levels will work. Do you know if there is a specific number?
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    It says with big fat letters in the OP:
    Bridges, Gates and Doors need a chest with the items, so they're not spawned.

    So yeah, that's correct :p

    Config-able: just change the config (lift ->max-search-height) to the desired max-height, or 128 for no limit.
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    i have a minor request. Been using this with towny and the mayors have been requesting that only they can make the large gates, but if i allow them to do it no one else can open or close them.

    Can you add a bettermechanics.use permission?
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    everybody can construct them at the moment, because I'm not checking if a player has permissions to place a sign. That would be handy though, so yeah, I can implement that. I'll update in a few minutes, together with the tallgrass fix :+.

    Updated! See OP for changes.
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    Jan Tojnar

    What exactly is ammeter?
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    You can see what the current is in a redstone wire [0-15], so you know how far you can extend it for example.
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    Jan Tojnar

    I thought so, can you add how to use it please?
    PS: how can i enable using of all mechanics but not creating (like permission bettermechanics.*.use)
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    Removed debug lines. Still supports latest RB (#935).​
    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for this. If you want your users to be able to use everything, but don't want them to build anything, use these permissions:

    Permissions (open)


    I might add a global use flag later (bettermechanics.use); but not now, since that would mean I have to rewrite pieces of code.

    With the default config, you can just right-click a redstone wire with some coal, and it'll show up in your chatscreen.
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    Jan Tojnar

    Ok, thanks.
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    Is it possible to let certain gates. i.e AdminGates. not require a chest to be used. So maybe if you had the permissons like these ones:


    You don't need a chest :D

    Thanks :)
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    Bridge dont with Lwc it says bridge build but right clicking it nothing happens
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    I'm sorry, but I'm not going to make this. For two reasons:
    1) I'd have to rewrite a major part of my code
    2) This plugin was written for the usage of chests.
    If you'd like to use black-holes because you don't want to mine your stuff, spawn it (/give, /item).
    If you just want to use blackholes , just use CraftBook's plugin.

    Whut? In English please?
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    I was saying idont think bridge work toghether with Lwc plugin becouse when im right clicking on the sign nothing happens or am i wrong maby i failed?
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    Ok, thanks anyway :D
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    Hey i have been having minor issues with lifts. I set the permissions like so.

    bettermechanics.lift.use bettermechanics.lift.create

    But it still says that the user has no permissions
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    i like the plugin but it is conflicting with my chestshop plugin it thinks the gate is supposed to be a chestshop. could you please try to fix this? Or if anybody knows a solution here please tell me.
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    are you using the iconomy chestshop? Cause i am as well and it is not conflicting for me.
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    Jan Tojnar

    Is hidden switch working for wall levers? Lever is switching but redstone isn't powered. When i try to switch it manually it works.
    EDIT: I did more research about it and it happens only if redstonewire isn't directly next to lever but connected through block.
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    Can I still use Craftbookcircuits.jar? I like the lift, bridge, etc from this plugin but I like the IC's from sk89q.
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    Nevermind but redstone won't trigger any of the gates/bridges
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    Redstone does trigger it, you probably forgot the chest and/or the materials. I'm on holiday atm, but I'm 99% sure.
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    @PatrickFreed I use bettermechanics along side Craftbook Common and Craftbook Circuits.

    Also, in order to make gates and bridges you need to have a chest (with the proper items inside) within a one block radius of your sign. It is very easy to wire it with redstone, you just need to wire it directly to the sign -not above and not below.
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    Edoxile talk to gemo of falsebook maby u 2 can work together
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    I got the redstone to work :)

    One request, a /bettermech reload command to reload the config.
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    /bm reload is on the to-do list, but I'll do that when I'm at home again.
    Falsebook is not my kind of thing (programming-wise), and atm I'm woring on 3 other plugins that haven't been released yet, so I'm quite busy :)

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    Jan Tojnar

    @Edoxile You probably haven't noticed my post. Here is scheme of my system (more in original post quoted bellow):
    # = block
    ~ = lever
    _ = redstone
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    I don't see a hidden switch sign there, it has to be close to the switch. As of the redstone: redstone + lever works as it normally would, I can't test this setup now (still holiday), but I'm sure it should work. So your setup should look like this:
    #~ |#

    where | is a sign with [x].
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    Jan Tojnar

    Hidden switch is behind lever:
    Layer 0:
    Layer 1:
    Layer 2:
    % = hidden switch block
    # = block
    ~ = lever
    _ = redstone
    x = hidden switch sign
    As i said: Lever is switched but redstone isn't powered. It is powered if i switch the lever manually.

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