[INACTIVE][FUN] BetterMechanics v1.10 - Bridges, Doors, Gates, Cauldrons and more [1000/953/935/860]

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    BetterMechanics - The Mechanics Plugin:
    Version: v1.10

    Works on the latest RB (1000).

    This plugin is written to replace CraftBook and CraftBookMechaisms, because they lacked some features I needed on the server.

    I've also added a new feature, called the pen.

    • CraftBook-stuff (take a look at the CraftBook wiki to find out how you build these):
      • Door
      • Gate
      • Bridge
      • Lift
      • Hidden switch
      • Cauldron -> Updated the cauldron completely, now leaves non-recipe blocks intact. Using new recipe format as of 1.7
      • Ammeter
        Bridges, Gates and Doors need a chest with the items, so they're not spawned.
    • Added:
      • Small door (door with width 1, sign label is [sDoor]/[sDoor Up]/[sDoor Down])
      • Small bridge (bridge with width 1, sign label is [sBridge]/[sBridge End]
      • Pen
        you can put text in your memory and paste it on a sign. This only works if you can build in the area.
        Very useful if you have a plugin like MinecartMania running. How this works:
        • Commands:
          /pen set <text> » set the sign text (the char '^' is a line break)
          /pen setline <line> <text> » set one line of the text (lines start at 0)
          /pen clear » clears the current text
          /pen dump » dumps the current text
          /pen clearline <line> » clears the line (set to "", lines start at 0)
        • Control:
          Right clicking a sign will either place the text on the sing, or, if your memory is emtpy, load the text in your memory.
          The tool can be changed in the config, but the default tool is a piece of (char)coal.
    All these features have permission nodes, and a (Meaglin's) Zones and/or WorldGuard check is possible. Just edit the config to enable or disable these features. The permission nodes are:

    Permission nodes (open)

    And for reloading the config:

    Download BetterMechanics
    Zip: https://github.com/downloads/Edoxile/BetterMechanics/BetterMechanics_v1.10.zip
    Source code: https://github.com/Edoxile/BetterMechanics

    If you find any bugs, or if you have a brilliant new feature that should be added, please let me know!

    Credits go to sk89q for both the idea, and pieces of code that I've used of him. Also thanks to Meaglin and GuntherDW for fixing some bugs.

    Version 1.10
    • Fixed a -1 block issue.
    • Chest-searching now starts with the nearest blocks.
    Version 1.9
    • Added a /bettermechanics reload (cauldron) command. Alias is /bm, so you can reload with /bm reload as well.
    Previous changes (open)

    Version 1.8a
    • Removed redundant (debug) logs.
    Version 1.8
    • Added tallgrass to non-solid blocks, and removed cobweb from it.
    • Added /pen clearline <line>
    • Added new permission nodes/checks
    Version 1.7a
    • Fixed some bug of never-changing gates. If it still occurs, use [dgate] instead of [gate].
    Version 1.7
    • Cauldron now uses new file (YAML) and format
    Version 1.6.1
    • Implemented small bridges
    Version 1.6
    • Cauldron now supports a glass floor. Keep in mind that the recipe shouldn't contain glass, else you'll probably get an error saying the recipe does not exist, or your glass floor will disappear!
    Version 1.5.1
    • Fixed some dupe bug
    Version 1.5
    • Implemented small doors
    Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed a typo
    • Using a better comparing function for MatieralData
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed the last bugs, it's ready for the bukkit forum now.

    More details of changes can be found at github.
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    I think I will stick to craftbook

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    If you would like to see a demo of this plugin, we're using it on tweakcraft.net, it works perfectly well and was designed as a replacement for sk89q's mechanics.
    Its primary goal was to just implement BlockBags. But he just went ahead and created his own little plugin :).

    TLDR; works like a charm.
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    A video of this in use would be nice. If not i don't think to many people will switch over.
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    jeffa, it basically is like craftbook mostly, but with working BlockBags (ie chests for now, not the black hole or admin signs)
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    So it's like Falsebook, except with less ICs and other things? I'll stick to Falsebook.

    Nice job though.
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    No, it isn't falsebook, it isn't craftbook in a whole. It only replaces craftbookMECHANICS.
    As of right now, the mechanics part of it doesn't include block bags. ie if you create a door or a gate, that gate'll have infinite blocks.
    This plugin was made to counter that part, mostly because there were a lot of gates on our server that weren't working ever since we've changed to bukkit.
    Well, they were working, but we don't want players duping stuff, so we had to disable them, to their dismay.

    I see edoxile wasn't 100% clear in his opening post.

    This plugin is just meant to "replace" CraftBookMechanics. That's the one that handles doors, gates, lifts, cauldrons, ... that kind of stuff. It doesn't handle IC's or minecarts.

    Now, all this plugin does basically is add a working chest interface to your mechanics, instead of waiting for CraftBook. That was our first plan, but Edoxile didn't want to do that because sk89q's code seemed too overly complex for this particular change.

    It also adds a handy new feature, which calls SignChangeEvent, so other plugins can just "fetch" that event and check for permission just as it would be if you were to place that sign by hand.

    I'll poke Edoxile when he wakes up tomorrow (he's had quite a day :p)

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    You should call the plugin CBMechanics? so people wont get confused but this is good.
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    No, I won't do that, because that would suggest that you need CraftBookCommon to run BetterMechanics. This is not the case, BetterMechanics is a standalone plugin.
    What GuntherDW says is absolutely true; this plugin was written because I wanted to implement blockbags, but didn't find sq89q's code flexible enough to simply implement them. First I made a plugin that only supported bridges and gates, but because Tweakcraft also had CraftBookMech running, it seemed a bit overkill to have 2 plugins running with an overlapping feature-set. So I decided to rework CraftBookMech, because it it doesn't only fix blockbags, but it also reduces lag (in the case of having 2 plugins which do practically the same).

    If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

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    added version to the title

    have you noticed that your post's formatting of lists is all over the place?
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    This looks cool; I've been having issues with people duping stone half steps :p
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    Thanks, I'm sure this will do!

    I am now going to implement small doors, which are single columns that can be toggled. It shouldn't take too long, and an update might be available late this night (I'm in CET).

    Wow, that only took 5 minutes :D. Uploading now

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    Thanks! It's nice to have the Cauldron part of CraftBook up-to-date because Falsebook didn't allow for more than one block of lava.
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    do you think you could seperate each function such as gates?
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    You mean separate plugins for each mech? Could be done, but I don't see why that would be necessary?
    If you give me a good reason, I can do it for you.

    If you only want a few of these mechanics, just disable the ones you don't want in the config.


    Updated to 1.5.1, because of a dupe-bug (thanks duvelke666!)


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    Can you add permissions for the use of mechanics?
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    Already did that, the permission nodes are in the spoiler in the OP. Only redstone can't be covered, because those events don't carry a player in them, so I can't know who activated it. To prevent people from activating mechanics with redstone, use something like Meaglin's Zones or WorldGuard (I believe WG has that feature too) to block pressure plates, levers and buttons.

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    Can you add support for Cauldron recipes when there is a layer of glass above the lava? I thought this was available for the CraftBukket Cauldron but maybe you ported an older version.
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    Indeed this was available, only I couldn't think of a smart implementation for this. I'll look into it tomorrow (just came back from a party, heard I passed my final exams today), and maybe I'll find a smart solution. If I do, I'll update it.

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    Sorry to probably ask one of those questions where everybody rages at me for not reading something....

    I went to the craftbook wiki and didn't see anything there on how to build the list of things you made, and I have no idea how to use the following:

    • Door
    • Bridge
    • Hidden switch
    Thanks for any help,
    No thanks for any rage :p aaha
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    I agree, the wiki isn't really helpful in these, but here are some links that are clear:
    Door [wiki - youtube]
    Bridge [wiki - youtube]
    Hidden switch [wiki - youtube]

    Do keep in mind that both the door and the bridge need a chest to store the needed materials.
    Hope this helps, if it doesn't, you can always join tweakcraft.net and ask if I'm online, if I am, I can show it there.


    Implemented the glass floor :). I strongly recommend you not to use any glass in recipes, as it might give unexpected results.


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    Very good! If you added glass as a default for all recipes and you're checking to replace the glass each time, then it shouldn't interfere if there is glass in the recipe since it will just register the placed glass as +1. I'll see what happens but it's not an issue with me. Thanks Edoxile. One idea for any upcoming revisions would be to enable an ignore list, possibly of a specific amount. This would allow the admin to set 4 glass if that's what they prefer, and possibly a number of ladders so they could get out of a large Cauldron built for massive alchemy.
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    Nice plugin! I am using this on my server.
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    Implemented small bridges ([sBridge] and [sBridge End])

    I'm reworking the recipe part of the cauldron, because I don't like the format sk89q uses (I'm including the recipes in the config.yml file). This'll take some time, as it is a difficult job, and as I ran into some problems. Will post update here if it's done.

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    Done, cauldron now uses a new recipe system.
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    I really like the look of this plugin but was having trouble making gates/etc work...
    Can you make a simple step by step guide on how to set the chests up?
    I tried my FalseBook gates and they didn't seem to work (even with a chest full of fences). Any help is appreciated! :)
    Picture of my layout: http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/4126/what12.png
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    I came across these setups too, but I haven't found the exact problem yet, though I might have a solution: try [dGate] instead of [gate], and in most cases it should work again! I'm going to test some setups this afternoon, and maybe I'll find the exact problem (I have a vague idea what could cause it).

    I found the problem, fixing it now.

    Edit 2:
    Fix'd, but in one particular case, it still gives problems:
    The sign finds the fences below the glass blocks, and those are toggled. Because there is no space below them, it thinks the gate is opened, and it'll close it, but nothing changes. In these situations please use [dgate] instead of [gate], that'll fix the problem.
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    add the lighting of netherrak with redstone? and switch of pumpkins to jack'o'lanterns?
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    Both of these are not CraftBookMechanisms, so there's a very slim chance I'll implement them, unless I'm going to port CraftBookCircuits too. But, there is no problem with running these plugins next to each other (CraftBookCommon + CraftBookCircuits & BetterMechanics), that's exactly what we do at TweakCraft, so I suggest you use that setup.

    Hope that helps,


    Tested for new RB #928, version 1.7a should work without any problems. If you come across some bug, please let me know!

    Still have to add new non-solid blocks (tallgrass etc.) to lift-list of passable blocks. Will do tomorrow because of time (3:34AM atm :p)

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    Gates have to be straight across?



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