[INACTIVE][FUN/ADMN] VoidMage v3.0.3 - silly admin plugin [617]

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    VoidMage - the goofy admin plugin

    Version 3.0.3

    Download at the bottom of the post.

    VoidMage is the perfect plugin for any server Op that gets sick of their users while potentially benefiting themselves. This plugin offers a few spells, with more coming, for the Op to amuse themselves with.

    -Plummet - pl - Vault your target skyward and watch them fall to their demise.
    -Decimate - dem - Your target will have a blast! (Destructive)
    -ArrowVolley - av - a volley of 40 arrows to show you mean business.
    -ArrowStorm - as - a blizzard of arrows to show that you don't care about your server or them ;) - (toggleable)
    -AntiCake - ac - removes cake in an area around the player. Deprive them of tasty! (not perfect - toggleable)
    -AntiFire - af - Helps with fire removal (toggleable - not perfect)
    -DowZee- dz - prevents the player from placing - (toggleable).
    -slay - sl - kills the target.

    Spells waiting for reactivation
    -Void - v - Like plummet but with a different sort of love.
    -Cakewalk - cw - lots and lots of cake. (does not despawn, be wary) - toggleable

    How to use:
    /vm [Spellname/shortcut] <TargetName1> <TargetName2> <TargetNameN>

    Now supports multiple targets!

    /vm pl darknesschaos //This will send the player darknesschaos on a sightseeing trip.
    /voidmage plummet darknesschaos //as will this
    /vm pl jim sue bob, //This will cast plummet on jim, sue, and bob!
    /vm //this will list spells that are currently available for (ab)use

    First, make sure you are an op of the server. Then, simply enough, for spellname/shortcut all you need to do is put in the spell name (spell it correctly or you will suffer) and for target put the target player name, be careful with putting in your target name or the spell will backfire. The shortcut can be used instead of the spell name if you wish. The shortcut for /VoidMage is /vm.

    Permissions Support (*Not required!*)
    • Permissions by @TheYeti supported (Version 2.5.3 tested)
    • Note: There are a bunch of permissions plugs going around. I don't want to keep track of them all, so if you have one you want me to support please request it with a link to the plugin page.
    • voidmage.anticake - for anticake spell
    • voidmage.anitfire - for anitfire spell
    • voidmage.arrowstorm - for arrowstorm spell
    • voidmage.arrowvolley - for arrowvolley spell
    • voidmage.decimate for decimate spell
    • voidmage.drowzee - for drowzee spell
    • voidmage.plummet - for plummet spell
    • voidmage.slay - for slay spell
    • Make it so that the spells are individual plugins. (prio: low)
    • MOAR SPELLS (prio: med)
    Problem Solving

    If you have an issue, don't panic! There are a few steps I would like you to take before posting.
    1. Type "/vm" and go through the pages of spells to find the one you wanted to work.
    2. Type "/vm [spell] (player)" replace [spell] with the long name or abbreviation name of the spell and (player) with the name of the player you want to target.
    3. If the spell did nothing, post what it did say along with any errors in the console if there are any (or say that nothing was said at all)
    4. (Optional) Take a picture of the console and of chat. I liek pictures.
    5. Check your permissions nodes if you are using them, also, check to see if you are op or not if you aren't using permissions.
    Any questions? requests? feel free to ask!

    Source - Download is at the bottom of the page.

    Version - 3.0.3
    • Compatibility with 617
    Version - 3.0.1
    • plummet bugfix. potentially others.
    Version - 3.0
    • Completely changed the spell system, working towards something quite nice.
    Version -2.0
    • Updated to be compatable with the new command system.
    • Added a new spell "antiblock"
    • restructured the code base
    Version - 1.1
    • Added a few new spells.
    Version - 1.0
    • Initial release.

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    HOW Retarded!
    brb..... =D
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:38 AM ---
    Actually, How do I place these files from the download? My server is set up as Minecraft>Bukkit>Plugins.
    I see a bin folder, a com folder~ How does this all work? I'm sorry for such a silly question =/
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    just put the jar into the plugin folder. the rest is if you want to mess with the source.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:43 AM ---
    oh, and I'm still working my way around github so a few things might be off and I would have to fix it tomorrow.
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    spell requests?
    Firestorm - spawns 32*32 arrows directly avove the user shooting strait down at them
    End-of-days - spawns 3 skeletons, 5 zombies and a creeper directly next to the person
    Cage - spawns a 3*3*5 hollow bedrock cage around the person (with a sunroof :p)
    Armageddon - a lava block follows the players head around despawning when they die

    and finally... VOIDPORtAL (yes with only a lowercase t) - creates a 8*8*infinity hole where the player is, dropping them into the void. Replaces the blocks after... what? 20 seconds?
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    voidportal is in planning, I just need to work out the logistics of it.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:46 AM ---
    oh, and the other ones sound like fun.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:46 AM ---
    Oh the void spell is what made me call this voidmage.
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    really? I kinda thought it was a Dark Templar reference *geekmeter explodes*. can't believe I had to nerd up a simple thing so much :p
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    haha, no worries.
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    I can't seem to get it to go~
    I typed /vm d NAME and /vm decimate NAME and nothing =(
    Unknown Server Command, Odd.
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    you need a "-d" (hyphen+"D") not just "d"
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    there is no hyphen

    strange, it should work fine. I did not test it with the latest build though.
    Are you the/a server OP? That is neccessary
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    Oh crap... nvm... read your first post wrong... never mind me *walks away going "lalalalalalala..."*

    I need to stop finding these plugins I like and then sticking my nose into it :p especially when I'm falling asleep :p
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    The novelty of this can fall quickly, thats why I shall add a random function!
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    Yep, I'm the OP. Maybe it is the latest build that's doing it then =(
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    I will check it out tomorrow, could be a problem with my code :(
    Sorry for the issue.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 4:17 AM ---
    works for me on the latest.

    what happens when you type "/vm"?
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    Oooh, just the kind of thing I would have fun using on people. Here's a couple ideas:

    Rime (r): Creates a 5x5x5 block of ice around the target, making them die to suffocation or drowning if they try to break out. Despawns on death.
    Inferno (i): Creates a hollow 5x5x3 block of netherrack around the target with them inside and sets it on fire. Despawns on death.
    Hourglass (h): Traps the target in a tall hollow 3x3x10 pillar of bedrock, and starts dropping sand into it from the top until they die. Despawns on death.
    Ghastly (g): Creates a nether portal (despite the fact they don't work) in front of the target, then spawns a Ghast out of it. Both Ghast and Portal despawn on his death.
    Orbit (o): Sends the target up to the max height possible. Wave to them on the way down!
    Cacti Cage (c): Turns the ground around a target excluding the block their standing on into sand, then spawn a 3 block high cactus on each of them, trapping them in a cactus cage. Despawn on death.
    Slimed (s): Creates 20 slimes in a circle around the target. Despawn on death.
    Arachnophobia (a): Same as above, but with spiders.
    Volcano (v): Creates a 5x5x3 block deep bedrock pit beneath the target with a hole on top so they fall in. The bottom layer is filled with lava, and flaming arrows periodically spawn in midair above them. Despawns on death.

    Note: I've created every single one of the above in one form or another.

    Edit: Another really interesting one I thought up:

    Temptation (t): Replaces whatever block the target is currently holding with a block of diamond. If they place it, it turns into TNT and ignites.
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    LOL. THis plugin should be renamed as "MindPhuck" XD
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    Basically, what sort of mind raping deaths can you surmise for your enemies >:D
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    This plugins is so beautifully sadistic. It's a work of art.
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    lol awesome.


    me: /voidmage -p noob

    Ahh, relief.
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    This plugin is so awesome, it's almost scary
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    plugin loads but has no effect on Cbukkit114. commands just give no response at all.
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    will test it out. just to be sure, you are doing the commands as an op and as a player in game right?

    edit - I may have found the issue. will need a bit of time to fix.
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    Problem neutralized.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 4:15 AM ---
    Now: Version 1.0 (this just means that it has all the original functionality that I wanted for it)
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    Would it be possible to make a version of this that can be used on targets (with the reticule)? It would go great with NathanWolf's Wandmin plugin if you did.
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    I'm sorry, I fail to understand what you are asking. Do you mean something like putting the crosshairs one someone and clicking a button?
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    Er, basically yeah. Putting the crosshairs on a target and typing the command in with the console. If it had that functionality, it would be easy to use it with the Wandmin plugin, which allows you to alias console commands to the left click of a stick.
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    um...what's the best way to remove the cakespam you get after using cakewalk on someone? they don't disappear on death of the target O_O...even after dying and respawn it continues to make cakes.
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    lol it doesnt dissapear. sorry. i probably should make a removal function XD
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 3:34 PM ---
    however, cakewalk is a toggleable function like arrowstorm, just put their name through it again and it will stop "following" them
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 3:36 PM ---
    oh, I should mention nothing stops on death due to the problem of death triggers not being perfect yet.
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    So uhh... is the only way to make it stop to restart the server? xD I accidentally placed it on myself, lol .

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