[INACTIVE][FUN]/[ADMN] groupPvP v0.4 - handles PvP permissions between groups and their members[740]

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    WARNING: This plugin is INACTIVE and I won't mantain it any more.
    Use instead "ManagePvP": A fork created by Orcem12.


    • Permissions or GroupManager + FakePermissions.
    Version: v0.4
    This plugin allows you to:
    • Block PvP between members of a group (Friendly-Fire).
    • Block attacks from a group to players.
    • Protect a group against PvP attacks.
    Special thanks to:
    - LRFLEW:
    Plugin developer of PvP Control, i read his code to manage the ENTITY_DAMAGED event.

    • Fully customizable messages.
    • Permissions/GroupManager+FakePermissions support.
    - Download v0.4
    - Source Code

    Example config.yml:
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    deny-attack: '- You are not allowed to attack other players.'
    deny-protected: '- you can not attack %d, his group is protected.'
    deny-own-group: 'You are not allowed to attack members of your own group.'

    %g: Group
    %d: Defender

    Permissions Nodes:
    groupPvP.denyattack - Block attacks from a group to players.
    groupPvP.protected - Protect a group against PvP attacks.
    groupPvP.blockgroup - Block PvP between members of a group.
    Known Bugs:
    • None so far!
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    Version 0.4
    • Fixed for CB-670.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed for Multi-World Permissions.
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed for CB-617.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing.


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    Work with Build b818 ?
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    I just put denyattack, and .protected into one group. Supposed to stop that group from engaging in PvP at all. So far, it's not doing that. Any ideas?
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    Try to put this : groupPvP.*
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    Any other admins unable to engage in PvP, due to.. inheriting all other permissions?
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    give the admin these:
    - -groupPvP.denyattack
    - -groupPvP.protected
    - -groupPvP.blockgroup
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    Ross Gosling

    Can you take a look at my config and tell me why people in two different groups cant kill eachother

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    Cool plugin! does it work with the latest bukkit?
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    There is no Latest.
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    Works fine with cb953
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    O nos! Is this considered inactive? If it is I would be happy to take it over!
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    please tell me if your going to take this over so I know where to look for it :p
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    Could you take over? :O The dev hasn't been active since April 30th :/ it kinda sucks because this plugin would be PERFECT for my server if it allowed for distinguishing between groups, so that you could have group 1 & 2 friendly-fire turned off, but allow them to attack group 3 & 4
    If you could do that I would give you a trillion [diamond]'s :D
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    Alright lol, give me a bit I can have a copy out soon. Probably be buggy since I can't test it and I'm on my labtop lol
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    I could test if you'd like? I'm just (and by just I mean I literally just started learning a few hours ago) starting to learn Java. To test it, would you just need me to run it on my server? Or run it with some special program?
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    Thanks for the help, I'm pretty sure all you will have to do is, like normal, put in your plugins directory and just post any errors here.

    Alright so, I'm on the plane (again) for another 12 hours.. -_- have window seat tho! ^.^ I'm sure I can get this done. I don't know how well the planes upload speed or rather they will let me upload, lol. But I'll surely be done with it by the time I land.

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    Oh crap :confused: have a fun plane ride :p
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    Will this work with RB 1000?
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    omg great plugin!

    is it support mod like a WW2?
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    Sorry for not keeping the updated plugin, I had problems with my computer.

    I have seen a lots of plugins way more complete than mine and Thanks to @Orcem12 for making a fork of this plugin.

    That's why I'm marking this plugin as INACTIVE.
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    No problem great work :)
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    Could someone update this?
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    We're using ModDamage for this.
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    Orcem12 has made a fork of this, go look his up. I'm guessing it's the same thing but with new features.
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    It's inactive
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    Really? Oh, sorry, I thought all of his were up to date.
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    This. :)

    For those of you seeking this type of functionality, feel free to check out ModDamage - it's relatively up to date, and I can vouch for its usefulness.
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    Soure Code?

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