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    Weather Man
    Want to control the weather? Now you can! Become a weather man with this plugin. You can set it to rain on, or off. You can clear snow and even strike people with lightening!​
    /weather rain <time>​
    /weather thunder <true|false>​
    /weather thunder <playername>​
    /weather clear​
    /weather rain - doesn't need a time, without it, it makes it rain for a default set time.​
    Version 1 - Released!​
    Version 2 - Added ability to set rain time!​
    Version 3 - Added turning off lightning!​
    Version 4 - Removed reach of lightning!​
    Version 5 - fixed up the commands a bit.​
    Version 6 - now has the command /weather thunder <playername>

    Supports Multiworlds, Permissions and each feature is seperated. So your players can clear the rain while you fry sheep!​
    Requires Build 709!​
    I hate to do this, but I'm running out of money and this keeps me interested in developing this plugin. Donators may have their name published to the thread if they please.​
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  2. i have try to use /weather rain 100 /weather clear /weather thunder d2004
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    Every time I click it shoots lightning where my crosshairs are pointing :confused:
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    /weather thunder false
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    Hm.. Is there a plugin which i can set a biome? I want snow! xD
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    Ah ok! Is there any way to tell what biome you're in? Because my server is flatgrass for as far as the eye can see. NOTHING BUT GRASS? Will I have to travel some distances and just keep testing it or is there a way to tell

    I pretty sure thats the way RightLegRed made it......

    How exactly can you have two worlds? I'm new to this stuff.

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    We used Multiverse.
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    im looking for storm with thunders and rain thanks :)
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    whenever i do /weather rain I get snow only even in dessert biomes. Is it a plugon error, notch's error or is it bukkit?
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    If you would read the above posts, you would see that this has been answered more than once. Even I asked this question just earlier today! The answer to your problem is that it. You are in a snowy biome which is the reason you get snow. There doesn't necessarily have to be snow on the ground for you to be in a snow biome. Try going somewhere else and then trying the command. When you get rain, you will know you aren't in a snowy biome.
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    Could you make it where if we click on something with a certain item/tool/block it strikes lighting there?
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    Can't wait for your next release to remove the permissions dependency. :)
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    poop anybody

    Thing is the permission thing wont work i even type it in the console
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    is it possible to use this to strike down another player? minecrafts version of admin powers
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    is it possible to use your eyes to read the main post? life's version of sight.

    "/weather thunder <player name>"
    Enjoy! ;D
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    there is no one on my server to test it out on right now so thats why i was asking

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    It's still in the main post...
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    im autistic, im trying to say does it work, can you use point and click for the 'no gold for you' scenarios
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    Works for me. :D
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    good, fry a player for me lol
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    Oh, I have no players on my server right now either :p
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    a friend just signed on, doesnt kill the player sadly
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    Not right away, but it does do damage...
    It's not just some magic lightning strike, it's the same exact lightning that's part of thunderstorms naturally.
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    Is build 709 stable?
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    somewhat, i find it has a lot of lag
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    John Adams

    Just a suggestion, but is there any way to do like a lightning wand or something to just point and click where u want it to strike. j/w. I love the plugin btw, thx.
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    o man i love the thunder one, i shoot thunder, i feel like god :D
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    I. AM. ZEUS !

    Haha good job though! Is it possible to make it snow? I didn't see any command.
  31. OMG! this is GREAT. now when people disobey i can shock them, lol. i love it good job!!!

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