[INACTIVE][FUN/ADMIN] FoundDiamonds 1.6 - Alerts for finding Ores! (Anti-Xray Mod too!) [860]

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    NEWS: OH HAI THUR. I am really not going to update this, but someone made new versions of this:

    FoundDiamonds - PvP inspired/Anti-Xray
    Version: v1.6

    This plugin sends a server wide alert when someone finds diamonds. It is then disabled for 30 seconds s0 that
    there won't be chat spam when someone finds a vein of diamonds.
    Also, theres a 10% everyone else will get something when someone find diamonds too. 5% to get 1-5 of something, and another 5% to get 6-10 of something. The default is 1-5 iron ignots, and 6-10 Coal, but it is changeable in the config!
    I just made this as my first plugin to use on my own server, to hopefully make people want to PvP someone who finds
    diamonds, so its not very advanced :p

    Use '/settrap' to create a diamond vein at your feet (need FD.admin permssion or be in ops.txt)
    Just make sure to put this in a spot where someone would obviously have to use Xray to find it, and when they do find it, It will log it, display a message, and kick the player (Optional)(I'll add and option Ban later)

    Heres a quick video:

    Video of the /settrap usage

    * Server Wide Message
    * Logging when diamonds found!
    * Gives good reason to kill
    * Permissions! add - 'FD.admin' too see all ore breaks. (or less, configurable)
    * Configurable message, colored by type of Ore
    * Ability to set traps designed to catch X-ray Users

    Download Jar- <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Another DL if the mediafire doesnt work for you
    If you dont want the /settrap command, <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source Code - https://github.com/itsatacoshop247/FoundDiamonds

    Config Settings:
    Set the ones with 'true' to 'false' to disable them.
    diamond=true //determines whether diamond alerts are shown
    showmmessage=true //determines whether any messages are shown at all
    redstone=true //determines whether redstone alerts are shown
    kickontrapbreak=true //kick the player when they break a trap? (cant ban yet, sorry)
    thirtysecondwait=true  //determines whether the plugin waits 30seconds to show another maessage
    gold=true //determines whether gold alerts are shown
    item1=263 //declare the item to give
    lupuslazuli=true //determines whether lapis alerts are shown
    item2=265 //declare the item to give
    randomitems=true //decide whether the random items feature is active.
    iron=true //determines whether iron alerts are shown
    [email protected]@ just found @[email protected]! //change what is said when someone finds an ore
    chanceitem1=5//chance to get item one (out of 100%)
    chanceitem2=5//chance to get item two (out of 100%)
    redstone\ admin=true //all of the ones with 'admin's change whether someone with
    gold\ admin=true //the permission 'FD.admin' sees all breaks of this block
    lupuslazuli\ admin=truee //be warned, all admin set to true can be very annoying in chat
    iron\ admin=true
    diamond\ admin=true
    logging=true //do you want it to log when someone find diamonds?
    Version 1.6
    * Traps!
    * Chance to get the random items!

    Version 1.5
    * Logging added finally!
    * Option to turn logging on/off

    Version 1.3

    * Works better with Permissions, defaults to OP list if no Permissions
    * Configurable message
    * Beta 1.4 Compatible

    Version 1.2

    * Permissions!
    * 'FD.admin' to see all block breaks

    Version 1.1

    * Added more to config
    * Added ores, options for each to be on/off
    * Turn server message on/off
    * random item give on/off

    Version 1

    * Release

    * Suggest things!

    If you looking for more Anti-Cheat options, check out <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">this plugin</font> by Evenprime!
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    How is this ANTI-XRAY PACK? :O
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    Ops/Admins can see how often user's are finding diamonds -> if someone is finding them a lot, It's likely that they are cheating.
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    Great Addon!!!
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    So it shows up for admins all the time when someone finds diamonds, but doesn't log it yet, right? hope we can get logging soon :)
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    This is an brilliant starting point, but you're going to need a major configuration file overhaul before this reaches it's full potential. Pop into #iconomy on espernet at some point and we'll have a chinwag!
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    Can you explain to me how this is anti xray mod at all? I've read the entire post and it does not explain what it does to be anti x-ray.
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    it (will) log when people find diamonds. so if you check your logs and see X person got 40 diamonds in 10 minutes, he's using xray.
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    It logs it now! It logs the player's name and where they broke it and the time it was broken. For now it only logs diamonds, but if people really want other's I'll add them to the config.
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    Cool plugin! what would be really nice is if we could change the number of items given and the chance in the config file, but I still like the idea.
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    Nice plugin. How exactly does it stop people from using X-Ray Hacks? I've recently had a hacker with it. Just curious!
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    It doesn't stop them automatically. It just displays and logs when people find diamonds. You can compare how often a person is finding diamonds compared to other people. It becomes very evident when someone is using Xray.
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    Whoah, that seems useful! I've had lots of users using the hack.
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    Yeah, just browse though the log file occasionally.
    Heres mine using xray for a few minutes:
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 10:40:07] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x--28, y-65, z--8)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:20:08] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x--28, y-66, z--9)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:20:20] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x--28, y-65, z--7)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:03] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-102, y-13, z-57)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:06] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-102, y-13, z-58)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:07] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-102, y-12, z-58)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:08] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-103, y-12, z-57)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:09] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-103, y-12, z-58)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:21:10] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-103, y-13, z-58)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:22:15] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-90, y-11, z-44)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:22:22] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop619 at (x-54, y-22, z-75)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:22:23] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-89, y-12, z-43)
    [Sat, 02-Apr-2011 11:22:25] DIAMOND_ORE broken by itsatacoshop247 at (x-89, y-13, z-43)
    Very easy to see I was cheating.
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    I'm guessing you found how to add a newline?
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    Yes, yes i did.
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    @itsatacoshop247 where exactly does it log the stuff? I can't seem to find it.

    edit: I couldn't find anything about it in the server.log
    heres my config file:

    #===FoundDiamonds Main Configuration===
    #Sat Apr 02 22:23:19 EDT 2011
    lupuslazuli\ admin=false
    redstone\ admin=false
    gold\ admin=false
    [email protected]@ just found @[email protected]\!
    diamond\ admin=true
    iron\ admin=false
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    Do you have the latest version, 1.5? It creates a logs.txt in the FoundDiamonds Folder. Looking at your config file I see no Log_ores?=true so I'm assuming you have the old version
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    Alternatively or at the very least even just having the ability to log all chest accesses (with the playername and location of the chest) would be super helpful with the fight against xrayers, since the other thing might be harder.
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    can I get an update on this feature it would be great for helping me to find x-rayers instead of setting a trap and then waiting for them to burrow in. I could just set the trap then go do something else till it triggers then go back and investigate.
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    This is difficult to do, it may be a few days, I'm not going to be home till Sunday.
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    If it'd just be easier to have an alert based on a worldedit cuboid area that's cool with me. Thanks for the update.
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    How can i turn of the random item giving? Do i have to delete the item number or did i miss somthing in the config?
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    Set that in the config, you musta missed it.
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    I thought it is just random item false/true ...if false it gives a defined item.
    Thanks for the fast answer and this awsome plugin ...i love it :)
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    Thanks, I now changed how it is explained in my main post to be more clear too.
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    GREAT plugin, I love it. Is there a way to add more items to be logged? Another thing that would be cool is if there was a way to change what is logged so that if someone only wants diamonds logged they can shut off the gold logs. Just something for a update down the road :)
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    Nice plugin. It'd be great if we could have more configuration though. For example, the random item messages. I noticed a typo on one of them (can't remember which as it's pretty rare) but instead of "some" it said "somme"

    It'd also be great if we could set the % chance of the random items happening too.
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    Dave Wright

    Great Addon, really liking it, is there any chance it could be integrated to 'CraftBukkitUpToDate' so it makes my admin side of the job easier ? :)
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    I'll look into it, I'm working on the trap suggestion right now though.
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    After taking a few looks at the APIs (long time programmer but i'm just getting started with programming bukkit mods) I figured out an easier way to implement the traps if your interested.

    Basically all you would need is a command to turn on/of trap placement for admins.

    Such as:
    /placetrap on -//Now any block I place will be logged (use the location of the placed block)
    /placetrap off -//No longer logs any blocks placed here after

    Not sure if there is an override for chest access and what not, but essentially on chest access and block destruction all the plugin would have to do is check against the location of the blocks that are being logged/watched, if they find a match log the player who does it to a file, if not do nothing.

    So it would work pretty much the same but would probably easier to implement than the whole radius stuff.

    Example use:
    I dig a hole down to somewhere hidden.
    I use /placetrap on and place a few chests, the plugin will get the location of each block i place while placetrap is on and add it to a list
    I use /placetrap off and fill up the hole and go about my business waiting for an xrayer to fall for the trap.

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