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    NEWS: OH HAI THUR. I am really not going to update this, but someone made new versions of this:

    FoundDiamonds - PvP inspired/Anti-Xray
    Version: v1.6

    This plugin sends a server wide alert when someone finds diamonds. It is then disabled for 30 seconds s0 that
    there won't be chat spam when someone finds a vein of diamonds.
    Also, theres a 10% everyone else will get something when someone find diamonds too. 5% to get 1-5 of something, and another 5% to get 6-10 of something. The default is 1-5 iron ignots, and 6-10 Coal, but it is changeable in the config!
    I just made this as my first plugin to use on my own server, to hopefully make people want to PvP someone who finds
    diamonds, so its not very advanced :p

    Use '/settrap' to create a diamond vein at your feet (need FD.admin permssion or be in ops.txt)
    Just make sure to put this in a spot where someone would obviously have to use Xray to find it, and when they do find it, It will log it, display a message, and kick the player (Optional)(I'll add and option Ban later)

    Heres a quick video:

    Video of the /settrap usage

    * Server Wide Message
    * Logging when diamonds found!
    * Gives good reason to kill
    * Permissions! add - 'FD.admin' too see all ore breaks. (or less, configurable)
    * Configurable message, colored by type of Ore
    * Ability to set traps designed to catch X-ray Users

    Download Jar- <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Another DL if the mediafire doesnt work for you
    If you dont want the /settrap command, <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source Code - https://github.com/itsatacoshop247/FoundDiamonds

    Config Settings:
    Set the ones with 'true' to 'false' to disable them.
    diamond=true //determines whether diamond alerts are shown
    showmmessage=true //determines whether any messages are shown at all
    redstone=true //determines whether redstone alerts are shown
    kickontrapbreak=true //kick the player when they break a trap? (cant ban yet, sorry)
    thirtysecondwait=true  //determines whether the plugin waits 30seconds to show another maessage
    gold=true //determines whether gold alerts are shown
    item1=263 //declare the item to give
    lupuslazuli=true //determines whether lapis alerts are shown
    item2=265 //declare the item to give
    randomitems=true //decide whether the random items feature is active.
    iron=true //determines whether iron alerts are shown
    [email protected]@ just found @[email protected]! //change what is said when someone finds an ore
    chanceitem1=5//chance to get item one (out of 100%)
    chanceitem2=5//chance to get item two (out of 100%)
    redstone\ admin=true //all of the ones with 'admin's change whether someone with
    gold\ admin=true //the permission 'FD.admin' sees all breaks of this block
    lupuslazuli\ admin=truee //be warned, all admin set to true can be very annoying in chat
    iron\ admin=true
    diamond\ admin=true
    logging=true //do you want it to log when someone find diamonds?
    Version 1.6
    * Traps!
    * Chance to get the random items!

    Version 1.5
    * Logging added finally!
    * Option to turn logging on/off

    Version 1.3

    * Works better with Permissions, defaults to OP list if no Permissions
    * Configurable message
    * Beta 1.4 Compatible

    Version 1.2

    * Permissions!
    * 'FD.admin' to see all block breaks

    Version 1.1

    * Added more to config
    * Added ores, options for each to be on/off
    * Turn server message on/off
    * random item give on/off

    Version 1

    * Release

    * Suggest things!

    If you looking for more Anti-Cheat options, check out <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">this plugin</font> by Evenprime!
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    Awesome! :D Would it be possible to log the diamonds players find?

    As in just when a player finds a diamond, not where.
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    Hmm i installed it but no message is broadcasted when i mine diamond blocks, no error messages appears in the console. Using 556.
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    Sure, I'll look into to it.
    Weird, I tested it fine on that. Did you put it in the correct folder, and did the FoundDiamonds config folder create itself?
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    If you could make that it just make a log file not spam in server, than it would be easier to find Xray users ;P
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    I never though about finding xray, but good idea. Ill add Log=True/False and ChatMessage=True/False into the config. Should be able to do it by tomorrow.
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    Maybe make it available for other Ores too? Or any item block?
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    This looks fairly nice! Great for catching xray users :D
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    Do you want a proper FTP to host this mod? Been having some weird script errors of Mediafile as of late and it isn't in my good books at the moment.

    I've got a farm'd fileserver and don't mind giving you an FTP account for it.
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    I just finished an english essay so I'm going to spend today adding whether you want it to log the event, show the messsage, and which ores you want tracked.
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    Request: Tp to where diamond is found :D so i can ban xray users.
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    This plugin should support Permissions and have a permission node that makes it so that only admins can see the message, so we can check for x-ray cheaters.
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    +1 for a permissions-based moderator-only-see-message toggle.

    Also, colour-control of the messages would be nice. I'd like to reduce them in length and set the colours to reflect the ore found.

    "%name has found something..."
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    Kevin Forte

    A little off topic, but what plug do you use to allow the stacking of fences?
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    Quite off topic, but here: (be warned, its unsupported now)
    So many requests 0_o
    Anyways, I like the permission(or Ops.txt?) idea, and I think I can make the message configurable in the config. This is my first attempt at Coding a plugin, so be patient if I'm slow everyone :D

    I'm working on the logging, be here by the weekend rush.
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    You're doing a good job, tacoshop. No rush. :)
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    Added permissions for you ;)
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    Have you tested vs. the latest recommended yet, tacoshop? Build 600?
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    This might be a little different, but it would greatly add to and anti-xray type plugin.

    Basically what us server admins need most for anti-xray is the ability to lay traps, essentially to only log certain blocks in small areas, sort of like how Police strings work. This is how it would work:

    Admin digs a hole and hides a bunch of diamond ore or chests. Admin uses a command to start logging to access/breaking of those blocks in a small area. Admin buries the hole so only xrayers will find it.
    Example command would be something like
    /xraytrap <blocknumber> <radius>

    so /xraytrap 56 5
    would log all the breaks of 56 (diamond ore) in a 5 block radius of where the admin was when they set the trap.
    would also work with chest access.

    Perhaps the features of World Edit could help select the areas or something.
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    the problem with the ideas in this thread is that there is no way to prove stuff was found by xray mod
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    Kevin Forte

    I'm curious as well.
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    Well, build 602 now, but the question remains. :)

    Hopefully we won't get another recommended build until MC1.4 comes out!
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    Not yet, I'll do it when in about 3 hours when I get home.
    I'll look into this once I get the logging set-up for the current version of the mod.
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    Kevin Forte

    I have a small request: Can you add a config option to change the messages displayed? I think the light red is kind of lame, when I want the discoveries to be sort of exciting, you know? Instead of %player just found %ore, I'd rather have like '%player struck %ore!' and then be able to use the hMod color codes to set different colors/messages for each ore. (Red for redstone, silver for iron, gold for gold, teal for diamonds)
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    Please get the logging working soon.
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    I'm working on it, but I kinda have this thing called school too 0_o
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    Minecraft is more important than school ;)
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    Is it possible to disable the reward for others (the 10 & 5% thing)
    also a configurable message will be nice too (for language translation in my case).

    thanks for your plugin
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    I have already added this into the next update that will be out by tomorrow once I can make sure its working with 1.4

    I added the configurable message, but the colors are preset to the Type of Ore for now. Also its good for the new permissions and Beta 1.4. I'm still working on Logging [log], I have no idea how to make it write new lines, so it may take awhile :oops:

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    Confirmed to work with 1.4 and bukket #617 on brohoster

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