[INACTIVE] Flow Switch v1.4 -original dev returned [740]

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    I no Longer support this. space rules has returned.

    FlowSwitch - this Plugin allows people to start and stop the flow of water and lava:
    Version: v1.4

    You do not need a file to save because the map saves the data for this plugin!

    This plugin Allows the following placements from the Lever:

    • down and to any side
    • 2 blocks above (redstone sand and water works)
    • 2 blocks down
    There are 4 ways to Control The Water!:

    • Button - with redstone only. works but VERY finicky!!
    • Pressure Plate -with or w/o Redstone
    • Switch - with or w/o Redstone
    • Minecarts! -with redstone only

    Download 1.4

    Future updates:
    • lava dissapears faster from the change in power (I hate waiting a while to get rid of the lava)
    • Make Pressure plates & Buttons control water w/o redstone
    Current Issues:

    • Rare Occurrence that the redstone wont work to control the water. its like a 1/1000 chance. it seems lag causes the issue :oops:
    Change log:

    Version 1.4
    • Updated To CB740/B669
    Version 1.3

    • reversed the switch so people can have water when the switch is on
      • fixes water showing up after you brake the circuit
      • fixes the cannon limit (water is not there when circuit is off)
    Version 1.1

    • code update
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release of the plugin
    Teasers (open)
    Teasers (open)

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    Not sure exactly what this does. Does it delete water/lava source blocks when the switch is flipped?
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    yep exactly. but when you flip the switch again it will bring back the water. what you can do is when you setup a lever with water surrounding it and flip it twice the water will disappear break the lever move then the lever a few blocks away and flip it once more it will show the water up. it stores the water in the lever without needing any files!

    EDIT: same with lava!!! :D
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    able to do this with Detector Rail too? :)
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    ? could you explain more :p
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    just wanna start and stop the flow of water while passing a detector rail
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    hmm sounds interesting ill look into that :D
    lol i wonder if it will work as is?

    yes this will work only when i can fix the redstone issue :/. ill post a video

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    Very nice plugin.
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    yeah, thx for this :D
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    your welcome. but i also had the idea of adding permissions would it be sensable? this plugin could be an issue if a griefer decided to use it :p. but heres the thing. if your server is always being hit by griefers please use Plugman :D. you can turn this plugin on/off if needed :p
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    mh, dunno. We do not have any problems with griefer's. Good fortune seems to be with us :)
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    When i turn the lever my water is deleted, but after i turn it again it dont comes back ~.~

    cb 740#

    Edit: This problem only occures on sand lol
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    You have to have external download link for non-members
    I also suggest to use a SPOILER tag for those big videos
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    lol thanks for the info, ill see whats causing that.

    ok sorry about that, ill fix it right away

    here i uploaded a video. the switches/plates work with both water and lava. but anything that requires redstone only cooperates with lava. im still looking to whats causing this.

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    IT happens to me too as you can see and when i turn it back on nothing comes the water or lava is just gone..

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    -_-. this plugin wont work well on sand.
    as this video shows sandy environments are very finicky. i only have issues with water not working. lava works fine.

    please could you tell me CB Version? Operating system *vista/7/centos/etc*
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    it dont work on dirt or sand
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    wow, ok. it works fine on CB740. the videos show up there show they work. but do you have any other type of water control plugins? it sounds like something is interfering.
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    Nice. Installing/testing tonight.
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    post a .jar link please?
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    i appreciate you updating the number from 1.2 to 1.3 and 1.4 but the source code is the same from when i first wrote it, the number still needs to be updated to 1.3 but that's it. also thanks for the video's. This one works with no change from 490 to 766. except the change that reversed the way it works. you can still use it on any version.

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