[INACTIVE][FIX] SquidLimiter v1.1 - Stop squids from taking over [670]

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    SquidLimiter - Stop squids from taking over
    Version: v1.1

    This is a fork of VicWhiten's MobLimiter, with three main changes:
    • No Permissions/GroupManager support -- didn't need it, too lazy to figure it out
    • No "mob blacklist" feature
    • Only applies to Squids
    I wrote this for a very specific purpose: I have some multiworlds that are mostly water, and the squids were spawning in massive amounts (500+), causing clients (not the server mind you) to lag to death. Like 30+ seconds between breaking a block and getting a drop and so on. All the other mob control plugins were either outdated, buggy, or didn't do what I needed. So I took MobLimiter and modified it to suit my needs. Posting it here in case others find it useful

    • Puts a limit on the number of Squids that can exist per world
    Download SquidLimiter
    Source Code

    Version 1.1
    • Initial public release

    Run the plugin once, and it'll create a config file, with a single option, mob-max. Setting it to -1 means no limit, setting it to 0 means no squids at all, otherwise pick a number that you want to be the maximum number of squids per world. 50 is probably a good number, but you can try whatever you want. Once there are that many squids in a world, it will block any more squids from spawning.


    Type '/moblimiter purge' to kill all squids on your current map. Do this only after setting the limit, otherwise there's a chance they'll re-spawn again right away.
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    This does seem like the best solution to the despawn problem, have the exact same features as this plugin, but add the ability to kill all ghasts in the world also, and limit their numbers. It seems like a very elegant solution until the spawn bug is fixed.

    I, too, want a squid farm, but I don't want them taking over my water areas. I love this solution! I can just despawn them all in the world when I want, and set a limit, so they only spawn in the farm/fishery areas. Once the despawn problem is fixed, I can let them go back to where they want to spawn.
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    I'm dying for an update to this. I was overjoyed at the prospect!
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    Seems to work with no issues on my server. Running 733 740. Thank you for the plugin! Was sort of an emergency bandaid when I installed it, as I wasn't done installing plugins yet, and someone helping me test them spawned on an island in the middle of the ocean... Took me a while to figure out why no one could log into the server after that.

    Thanks for the plugin!

    (Edit to add new RB, found it was out as soon as I posted, retested, it works great on 740, too.
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    At first this seemed to work alright, but now it seems like no other mobs are spawning at all, or the spawn rule is acting globally. This is no good. :(
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